We need your help! Looking for volunteers to help with two events

We need your help!  We are looking for volunteers to help us with two events.  If you have a few hours to spare, we have two events where we need some help to make the event a success.

Beep Baseball Tournament – Looking for Volunteers: Umpires needed

The Woburn Host Lions are hosting six teams in the regions biggest beep baseball tournament in history.  We will have 6 teams competing to be crowned the best team on the east coast.  We will be running three different games at the same time and need at least 15 volunteers to make this work for three different time slots.  Come be a part of history and watch some of the regions most inspiring athletes! (Please note we play in many weather conditions including drizzle, showers and sometimes rain.)

Photo of the 4 teams who competed in Woburn in 2015. We are looking for Volunteers to help with the event in 2017

Photo of the 4 teams who competed in Woburn in 2015. We are looking for Volunteers to help with the event in 2017

When:  Saturday July 8 All day:  time slots for games are roughly 8:40-11:30 am, 11:10 am-1:30 pm and 2:10-4:30 pm

Where:  Joyce Middle School located at 55 Locust street in Woburn

What we are looking for: We need the following roles:

Field umpires – these volunteers will stand in the field and help the home plate umpire make the right decision on when a defensive player has made the stop.  These people must be mobile, have good eye sight and be able to stand on their feet for about 2 hours. This person will be exposed to the sun and or rain

Base umpires – The volunteers will stand in foul territory and help the home plate umpire determine exactly when a base runner touches the base.  They will also make sure the base is set up before the next play so the hitter can hear the buzzer inside the base.   These volunteers need to have good eye sight and the willingness to stand in bad weather conditions.  They can easily be seated in a chair between innings if needed

Base Switch operators – These volunteers will sit behind home plate and be in charge of setting the bases off when the ball is pitched using a switch.  This role merely requires good hearing and the ability to flick a switch consistently at the same time.  This person will also be under a canopy to protect the base switch from the elements and will be seated for the duration of the game

Sign up here: http://tinyurl.com/volunteering-for-home-game

Rock Climbing fundraiser – Looking for Volunteers: Belayers needed!

Central Rock Gym is hosting this event to help us raise money to travel to Chicago and the World Series this year:

A rock climber being belayed. We are looking for volunteers to help us belay in April

When:  Saturday April 22 from 12:30-4:00

Where:  Central Rock Gym, Watertown located at 74 Acton Street, Watertown

What we are looking for: We need help to belay our climbers.  This involves holding the ropes and helping the climbers enjoy the event.  You do not need experience but must be physically able to do the job.  We have a belay class that will start at 12:30 where you will receive training.  This is free and will also help you if you ever want to climb on your own with friends.  The event begins at 1:00 for the climbers.

Sign up here:  http://tinyurl.com/volunteering-for-rock-climbing



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