The Renegade Report Podcast visits with Christian Thaxton

Our very own Tim Syphers hosts the Renegade Report Podcast

Our very own Tim Syphers hosts the Renegade Report Podcast

Our third installment of the Renegade report features Tim Syphers talks to Christian Thaxton, the first ever Renegade to make a World Series All-Star team as a rookie and the owner of the Renegade World Series record of highest batting average (.719).  Christian joined the Renegades in June of 2015 while he found out about the game while staying at the Carroll Center for the Blind.  As a former Junior College Baseball player, he never thought he would play competitive team sports again…till a day when he spoke to one of our players, Joe Quintanilla.  The rest is Renegade history.  Listen along as “Thax” tells us about his journey and talks to us about how competitive this sport is.

If you like this one….Tim also has spent time talking to two other teammates in Episodes one and two.  Episode one was with Guy Zuccarello, a former defensive MVP of the World Series and one of the leaders of the Renegades.  Episode two is with Larry Haile, the All-time Renegade leader in runs scored and one of the most amazing visually impaired people you will ever meet.

Please follow Tim and his Journey to tell our stories!

Tim worked with us to develop this podcast to improve his radio skills and to help the team.  If you have a passion you want to pursue whether its journalism, fundraising, project management, design, Public relations…We have plenty of opportunities…just ask us at [email protected] and maybe we can partner with you!


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