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Boston Sweeps Long Island to win Third Straight Beast of The East Title!

Image of Renegade's and Bomber's logos


Team photo with trophy after winning the Third Straight Beast of The East Title in 2012



On August 11, in Woburn, The Woburn Lions hosted a double header between the Boston Renegades and the Long Island Bombers. In what threatened to be a rainy day ended up being nice out. That sunshine was bright for Boston and helped them to 7-2 and 5-2 victories over the Bombers. These two wins crowned the Renegades as the best team on the East coast for the third year in a row. Many thanks to the Woburn Lions for hosting this game. Please see our game results links for more information about this game (Link to the 2012 Results page)

Renegades Finish 9th in 2012 World Series

The 2012 World Series was in Ames Iowa  and the Renegades entered as the 6 seed, the best seed in team history.   In its six games, the Gades were 5-1 but brought the least amount of players in team history to a World Series.  Ames would see record high temperatures during the week as teams were forced to play in temperatures exceeding 103 degrees on fields that cried for water.  Combine these conditions with a day of high winds and the scores of many games would be very high.  Boston started off slow as they blew a big lead to New Jersey and the Lightning came back in the bottom of the 6th to walk off.  The eventual champion Taiwan Home Run would mercy rule the Renegades in 3 innings of play sending Boston to the double elimination round as a three seed.  Boston would play its highest scoring game in team history losing to Chicago 31-21 but would beat Cleveland to stay alive in the double elimination bracket till Thursday. Thursday morning, the Colorado Storm would knock the Renegades into the placement round with hopes of a 9 seed being the best the Renegades could do.  With two games remaining, Boston defeated the Lone Star Road runners and Minnesota Millers to finish strong and capture a nine seed.   For box scores and game recaps for the whole year, please visit this page.


Player Avg AB PO Player Avg AB PO
Mccormick .643 28 5 Sajjad .364 33 6
Haile .600 35 9 Thayer .077 13 0
Zuccarello .406 32 36 Silver .000 3 5
Ward .406 32 11 O’Neill .000 4 0
Quintanilla .379 29 2

Avg= Batting Average, AB= At-Bats, PO= Put-outs on Defense


2012 World Series Final Results

Finish Team Record Team Batting Avg Defensive Stop %
1 Taiwan 8-1 .521 59%
2 Austin 6-2 .580 56%
3 Bayou City 6-2 .579 54%
4 Chicago 5-3 .459 40%
5 Colorado 7-2 .552 52%
6 RHI Extreme 5-3 .534 53%
7 Indianapolis 5-3 .408 40%
8 Southwest 3-4 .330 44%
9 Boston 3-4 .426 42%
10 Minnesota 2-5 .255 42%
11 Lone Star 4-5 .350 51%
12 Long Island 3-5 .345 47%
13 Cleveland 5-4 .392 51%
14 New Jersey 3-5 .311 42%
15 Wichita 1-6 .188 45%
16 Tyler 2-7 .271 35%
17 Iowa 0-7 .192 29%

Renegades Seeded 6th in 2012 World Series

Team photo of the 2012 World Series team


The 2012 Renegade team attending the World Series in Ames, Iowa was:
Front Row: Joe O’Neill
2nd Row: Aqil Sajjad
3rd Row L to R: Evan Silver, Justin Manjourides, Joe Quintanilla, Bryan Grillo
Standing L to R:  Rob Weissman, Joe McCormick, Larry Haile, John Crawford, JJ Ward, Ron Cochran, Rob Thayer, Guy Zuccarello

Renegades win the 2012 Haddonfield Lions Club Classic!

For the third year in a row, the Renegades traveled to Haddonfield and left as the champion. This year they defeated the New Jersey Lightning 8-5, the York Thundersticks 15-0 and the Pennsylvania Wolfpack 11-6. The first two games were played in wet and rainy conditions. Every player on the Renegade active roster scored in this tournament which was the first time in team history this has ever occurred. Please see our game results links for the information about the games (Link to the 2012 Results page)

Team photo after 2012 Haddonfield Lions Club Classic win!

Team photo from left to right:
Row 1: JJ Ward, Evan Silver, Joe Quintanilla, Rob Weissman, Joey Duggan, Aqil Sajjad, Guy Zuccarello, Dan Cotter
Standing: Laura Ward, Lisa Klinkenberg, Bryan Grillo, Joe Duggan, Rob Thayerr, Darren Black, Larry Haile, Joe McCormick


Renegades Take 7th in World Series and finish year at 12-3

The 2011 World Series came to Indianapolis, IN and the Renegades entered with an impressive 7-1 record against their east coast opponents. Boston would beat Wichita and then pull off one of the most shocking upsets in the tournament defeating the 3 seeded Austin Blackhawks. This gave the Renegades their first ever 1 seed entering the double elimination brackets. Boston would go on to defeat Cleveland and then would drop a game to the RHI Extreme. They would then beat Cleveland for a second time before losing an extra inning affair to the Colorado Storm which would knock them out of the dance. Boston would beat Austin again to claim the 7 seed. This is the highest finish ever for a Renegade team. Since the NBBA moved to its current World Series format, the Renegades have finished 9th three times (2007, 2009, 2010). They finished 10th in 2006 and 8th in 2008. Justen Cantan was named to the all defensive all-star team as he placed 3rd in the World Series with 5.57 stops per game. Boston finished the year with an 12-3 record which is the most wins and best winning percentage in team history For box scores and game recaps for the whole year, please visit this page.

Dino Vasile Running the bases in the 2010 World Series Pictured to the left is Justen Cantan making one of his 77 defensive stops on the 2011 season, which is a new Renegade single season record. Photo taken by Bill Le
Finish Team Record Team Batting Avg Defensive Stop %
1 West Coast 7-0 .463 75.2%
2 Taiwan 6-2 .379 70.3%
3 Chicago 5-3 .352 52.2%
4 Bayou City 7-2 .513 55.4%
5 RHI 6-2 .372 65.7%
6 Colorado 6-4 .426 59.8%
7 Boston 5-2 .259 69.1%
8 Austin 3-4 .397 56.0%
9 Southwest 3-4 .236 61.9%
10 Carolina 3-4 .259 55.9%
11 Cleveland 3-5 .156 60.1%
12 Indianapolis 3-6 .191 47.0%
13 New Jersey 5-6 .196 63.4%
14 Minnesota 2-5 .128 63.8%
15 Wichita 1-6 .106 50.9%
16 Tyler 2-6 .130 61.3%
17 Stockton 0-7 .067 47.4%
Player Avg AB PO Player Avg AB PO
S. Cantan .455 22 8 Quintanilla .167 12 0
Haile .333 30 5 Inkiala .333 3 11
J. Cantan .286 28 39 Silver .500 2 0
Ward .235 17 0 Duggan .000 4
Zuccarello .190 21 10 O’Neill .000 1 0
Sajjad .115 26 3

Avg= Batting Average, AB= At-Bats, PO= Put-outs on Defense

Renegades Win Philly Hall of Fame Classic and Ride 8 Game Win Streak

The Renegades travelled to Haddonfield, NJ for the Philly Hall of Fame Classic on July 9th. The opponents included the same teams from two weeks prior in Long Island. A tremendous team effort by The Renegades produced three wins as the team started undefeated for six straight games. Dating back to 2010, this is an 8 game win streak for the Gades. Boston played New Jersey first and won 8-4. The PA Wolfpack were next and in a see saw battle, Boston pulled ahead late in the game to win 7-4. In the final game, Boston jumped ahead on Long Island and never looked back winning 12-4. This win gave the Renegades their second tournament win of the year. The standings for the day were as follows

  1. Boston 3-0
  2. Long Island 2-1
  3. New Jersey 1-2
  4. Pennsylvania 0-3

Please see the results page for more details see the 2011 Season Results page.

Photo of the 2011 Philly Hall of Fame Classic Championship team
The 2011 Philly Hall Of Fame Classic Champs
First Row sitting: Rob Weissman.
2nd row Kneeling Left to right: Aqil Sajjad, Joe O’Neill, Melissa Hoyt, Guy Zuccarello, Joe Quintanilla, JJ Ward, Dan Cotter.
Standing left to right: Joe Duggan, Lisa Klinkenberg, Rob Thayer, Ben Rubenstein, Matt Nippins, Evan Silver, Ron Cochran, Joey Duggan, Justen Cantan, Laura Genikos, Larry Haile

Boston wins 4th consecutive Long Island Classic

In 2005, the Long Island Classic was born and became the first beepball tournament on the East coast. In the past seven years, Long Island, Boston, Pennsylvania, Chicago and New Jersey have played in many close games. The first three championships went to the host, Long Island Bombers. In 2011, the Renegades won the fourth consecutive championship at Hofstra University. Boston accomplished this with three straight Victories:
Boston 7 Pennsylvania 1
Boston 13 Long Island 4
Boston 8 New Jersey 7

Please see the results page for more details see the 2011 Season Results page

Photo of the 2011 Long Island Classic Championship Team