Support the Renegades and buy Superbowl Squares – 2023

Flyer with QR code to buy superbowl squares

We are back with our second annual Superbowl Squares fundraiser to raise funds for the Renegades to travel in 2023.  Most of our Renegade fans are either fans of our players and coaches or sports in general.  We have a fun way to allow you a chance to be a winner and make us a winner as well!  Please consider buying super bowl squares to support the Renegades.  Part of those proceeds go to the team and for every square you buy, you have a chance to walk away with up to $1,200.

For those who know how squares work…here are the details…and if you don’t know what a square is…we will explain that below

To purchase a square – please go here:


  • $25 per square
  • Payouts to the winners: $300 (1st, 2nd 3rd & final)
  • Numbers will be drawn once we receive all 100 participants Names
  • Square is not granted until payment is received on venmo (If you do not have Venmo, please contact your favorite Renegade to discuss how you can send them the money)
  • **Proceeds will benefit the Boston Renegades  for travel expenses for the upcoming season **
  • For any questions, e-mail [email protected]
  • For payment we’ll only be accepting venmo to @joe-mccormick (or scan the image above)
  • If you do not have Venmo – please contact your favorite Renegade and pay them directly and they will submit the entry for you

How Squares work

  1. When a square is purchased – you will be randomly placed on the board as shown below in a 10×10 grid with the AFC and NFC teams on opposite axis of the grid
  2. Once the squares have all been sold, we randomly draw numbers for each axis of the grid.  We will randomly draw numbers for the AFC team between 0-9 for each column and do the same for each row for the NFC teams
  3. The pictures below show an empty chart and a completed chart
  4. To determine winners we do the following at the end of each quarter
    1. Look at the score at the end of each quarter and take the last digit of each score.  So – pretend the Pats lead the Eagles 13-0 at the end of the first.  The number would be 3 for the Patriots and 0 for the Eagles.  In this example – Sally wins
    2. If at the Half time its 16-10 – then Laura wins
    3. You can win multiple times based on how many squares you buy or if your number hits more than once

pic of a blank superbowl square pol

picture of a filled out bracket as an example










Now that you have your numbers – what do you think of your odds?

check out this article and the math behind the numbers.  Can you be one of the 4 people who beats the odds?

3 thoughts on “Support the Renegades and buy Superbowl Squares – 2023

  1. Good morning, when or how will we be notified of our square numbers?
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Paul – we will work on the boards today and get them out either today or tomorrow. thanks for supporting the Renegades and good luck with your numbers!

  2. Boston Renegades says:

    Paul – we are working on the boards today and will email them to you when they are completed.

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