Spreading the word at the Carroll Center

On May 2nd, Four Renegades were spreading the word at the Carroll Center with the goal to educate the public about the beep baseball.

Rob, Daisy, Melissa and Yee educate the public about the beep baseballJoe Yee, Melissa Hoyt, Daisy Russel and Robert Thayer went to the Carroll Center f on May 2, 2019 with the goal to educate people about the sport and the team. Ten students attended, during which the basics of beep baseball including offense, defense, the weight and size of the ball were discussed. The group briefly touched on the rules before talking about some personal highlights and stories

Daisy told her memory of running to the base, and falling. No one pitied the ‘poor blind girl’ it was get up and keep running, get to that base. Making sure to emphasize how as a Beep Ball Athlete you don’t give up. You aren’t looked down on because everyone is the same and you want to get to that base!

Joe Yee brought up his VCR moment (a special moment that builds his confidence), and highlighted what he enjoyed about Beepball. Melissa shared her experience throwing the opening pitch at Fenway. Rob praised the Renegades, giving some details of how the team worked and why it’s a great team.

The Renegades are always looking for ways to educate the public about the beep baseball.  The intent of these talks is to educate the blind community.   We hope to make more people aware of the opportunity to play ball.  It’s community outreach like this that helps pay it forward.  It takes just one person to be touched by a story and their lives could be changed forever!

One thought on “Spreading the word at the Carroll Center

  1. What a great thing to do, and what a difference it will make in the lives of these students! So important to hear from persons like yourselves who are enjoying your lives and playing sports. So proud to know you…

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