South Shore Health System does a feature which spread to the Herald and more!

Coach Mike Marciello Recognized

Coach, Dr. Mike Marciello found the Renegades after reading an article in the Boston Globe in 2013.  Since reading that article both his life and the life of about 30 other people have changed.  Why?  That article motivated him to become a volunteer hitting coach and team doctor for the Boston Renegades.  His love of baseball combined with his personal struggles with vision loss make for an intriguing win-win story.  This July, his affiliated hospital, the South Shore Health system wanted to do a feature on him and his story.  When they came out to do the piece, they fell in love with the team, it’s players and the sport

South Shore Health System

Three members of South Shore Health Systems came out with the intent of doing a small piece on Dr. Marciello.  The original intent was to write an article, do a video and take some photos.  They got so much information and had such a good time, that they decided to come back to a second practice to get more video coverage for this piece.  Below is a copy of the video with many thanks to Kristen Perfetuo, News and Information officer with the South Shore Health systems.  She was key in making all this possible!

Along with this video was an article written in the South Shore Health Systems newsletter.  To read a copy of it in PDF format, click here

The press release around this story got a lot of attention.  To read the amazing press release that got all of this going.  A copy of the release in pdf format is here

the Amazing work of this PR team , also got the story in a local Needham paper called hometown weekly.  A PDF version of this can be found here:

The Phyllis Show

Kristen loved this story and her team started to pitch Marciello’s story to local media.  The Phyllis Show is a local show on the south shore and they gave Mike an opportunity to get some TV time.  They made the show available to us and we have it here:

The Boston Herald

Kristen and her team did not stop there.  They did an amazing job and even got the Boston Herald interested in a piece about the team.  The Herald came out to two practices in bad weather to write a story and capture videos.

We’d like to recognize and thank the three Herald reporters who were so willing to tell our story.  Stephen Hewitt was the author of the story.  He came alone in the rain and watched the team practice in a steady drizzle.  Stephen truly listened to us and made an effort to get key points across in the story.  That story ran in the paper the day we flew to the World Series.  Christopher Evans brought his photography skills to the job.  He got many amazing pictures and was even willing to share some of the shots that did not make the paper so the team could use them for grants and to promote the team.  Megan Ottolini worked hard to capture the team on video.  That video aired on the Herald’s web site. Follow this link to read the article, see the pictures and the video about the team


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