Shopping with the Renegades

The Renegades are excited to announce two fundraising opportunities. Thanks to the help of two of our most dedicated coaches, the Renegades have partnered with both Avon and Scentsy to raise money for the team and help our fans get their hands on some high quality products.

Avon logoOne of these great opportunities was first introduced by Renegade Volunteer Peg Bailey. Peg has been a dedicated volunteer for a number of years now and has a huge presence on social media. A good friend of Peg’s named Melissa Millnovich, who is a consultant for the online cosmetics company, offered to create an online fundraiser for the team. Fans of the Renegades can go to link provided below to shop for all kinds of cosmetic products. Whether our female fans want to stock up on products or our male fans want to treat the lady in their life right, please consider purchasing using this link. A portion of all proceeds go to the Renegades and will help support the team’s travel and tournament expenses.

The next opportunity is the brain child of Gina LeBeau, who has been a volunteer for three years and is engaged to Renegade player Shawn Devenish. Scentsy logoGina spoke to a friend of Shawn’s mom named Lisa Sandford, who is a consultant for the home décor company Scentsy. Scentsy specializes in wickless candles and have all kinds of cool burners that are pleasing to both the eye and the nose. These wickless candles, with a variety of scents, make any home feel even more comfortable and can provide a pleasant environment for guests and loved ones. Anyone can find the link to the fundraiser below and a portion of the sale price will go to the Renegades.

We thank both Melissa and Lisa for putting these fundraisers together. We also thank both Avon and Scentsy for their support. We also would like to thank the dedication of our great Renegade volunteers Peg and Gina for being the masterminds behind these projects. Finally, we thank those who choose to purchase some of these great products and support the Boston Renegades.   



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