Renegades Season Results

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2023 Season (1 Wins and 3 Losses)

2022 Season (11 Wins and 3 Losses)

2021 Season (5 Wins and 3 Losses)

2019 Season (12 Wins and 4 Losses)

2018 Season (14 Wins and 2 Losses)

2017 Season (13 Wins and 4 Losses)

2016 Season (13 Wins and 2 Losses)

Coming off the best season in Renegade history, there was a lot of hype and excitement as 2016 started.  The season started with 17 players on the roster but as the spring evolved, the best part was the addition of a bunch of new faces to the team all in their twenties.  the Renegades welcomed in Rookie Shawn Devenish and coaches Ben Coiner, Peter Connolly and Max Goder-Reiser.  All new to the sport and all too young to rent a car legally!  As the team restocks and charges to the 2016 season, the first stop would be the local tournaments in Long Island and Philly.

This years Beast of the East tourney would feature five teams as the New Jersey Titans would be added to the fold.  With 5 teams comes challenges on schedules.  Those challenges bit us for sure as Philly and the Titans would only get to play 5 games due to a scheduling problem.  for the Renegades, Long Island would be very good to them.  Boston would start the season against the New Jersey Lightning, the Long Island Bombers and the New Jersey Titans.  Each of these three contests would result in a 12 run rule being evoked as the Renegades cruised over each of these opponents. The final scores were as follows

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4
Bos 14


12 run in 4 innings

Bos 13

LI 3

12 run in 4 innings


Bos 15


12 run rule in 4 innings

LI 5

Phi 1

LI 9




Phi 7


The final standings at the end of the first leg of the Beast was as follows

Team Record Runs allowed Runs scored
Boston 3-0 8 42
Long Island 2-1 21 17
Philly 1-1 8 8
NJ Titans 1-2 27 19
NJ Lightning 0-3 29 7

With only 5 teams in the Beast of the East, the format was changed.  Also, The Titans and Fire were unable to shcedule a game and would be forced to play just 5 games for the 2 city tournament.  The result of the first game would decide which teams would make the top three.  Those teams would compete for the title while the bottom 2 teams would play double header.

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4
Bos 17

Phi 15 8 innings

Bos 9

LI 3

Phi 11

LI 10

Bos 9

Phi 4

LI 11


NJT 13


NJT 13


Boston would be crowned the Beast of the East for the 6th straight time

Team Record Runs Allowed Runs Scored
Boston 6-0 30 77
Long Island 3-3 50 41
Philly 2-3 44 38
NJ Titans 2-2 31 45
NJ Lightning 0-6 66 20

The Renegades would then head to the World Series in Ames, Iowa for the 15th consecutive year.  They would enter this tournament as their best ever seed, the three seed.  We knew this series would be interesting as there was no true clear cut winner for the first time in years.  The Defending Blackhawks would lose some key personnel and the Taiwan Home Run would not make the trip  Beyond that, there was a lot of other roster shuffling going on.  Boston knew they had a chance to play in the finals.  Boston would play some amazing games and this would be its most exciting World Series ever.  The Renegades marched to the final day of the World Series with an undefeated record.  They would have multiple walk off victories and would find their way to the Championship game for the first time in Team history.  Boston would shock the league with many tough wins through the week but did not have enough to win it all.  Its only losses came at the hands of the team who would be crowned the champ!

Offensive All Stars from the 2016 World Series
Rank Player Team At Bats Runs Batting Avg
MVP Tanner Gers Bayou City 40 28 .700
2 Kyle Lewis Indy Thunder 25 17 .680
3 Gerald Dycus Indy Thunder 34 23 .676
4 Christian Thaxton BOSTON 43 28 .651
5 Jacory Wiley Bayou City 46 29 .630
6 Zach Buhler Indy Thunder 31 19 .613


2015 Season (13 Wins and 2 Losses)

Every year has its challenges, This year the challenge was that the roster looked like it could contain up to 23 players to start the season and we were losing some key coaches.  How could the renegades handle this capacity with a reduction in coaches?  There was a sense of excitement in the air as the Renegades had come off its best season and the World Series would be in driving distance for the first time in team history (Rochester, NY)

The first trip of the 2015 season would be played in Lincroft, NJ, the first time in team history they had played in this town. Horrid weather reports made this day look difficult and time limits would be put into play of 1 hours and 45 minutes….though these games would move so quickly, there was no need.  For the Renegades, the challenges continued as the team was short on callers and had been working coach Kara Peters into that role.  A few days before the trip, she broke a toe and was unable to call on the field.  On the mound the Renegades would spilt long time pitcher Danny cotter with first year pitcher (2nd year coach), Jamie Dickerson.  Dickerson would be forced to go both ways, pitching to some of the guys and calling the right side of the team defense with Bryan Geillo on the left side.  Boston would sweep their way through this tournament playing tight games against Long Island (6-5) and Pennsylvania (6-4) with a 12 run rule game against the host NJ Lightning (13-2)

For just the 2nd time in New England history, the Renegades would host a leg of the Beat of the east in Woburn, Mass.  The Woburn Host Lions would run this amazing event and watch the Renegades dominate on their way to its 5th straight Beast of the East title with giant wins over each team.  The Gades started the day beating Philly 10-2 then Beat Long Island 11-1 and finished this hot day with a win over NJ 8-1.  The final standings of the 2015 Beast of the East were as follows

Team Record Scores Vs Bos Scores vs LI Scores vs PA Scores vs NJ
Boston 6-0 Gm #1 6-5 W Gm #2 11-1 W Gm #1 6-4 W GM #2 10-2 W Gm #1 13-2 W Gm #2 8-1 W
Long Island 3-3 Gm #1 6-5 L Gm #2 11-1 L Gm #1 15-4 W Gm #2 9-4 L Gm #1 9-2 W Gm #2 13-0 W
PA 2-4 Gm #1 6-4 L GM #2 10-2 L Gm #1 15-4 L Gm #2 9-4 W Gm #1 3-2 W Gm #2 3-2 L
NJ 1-5 Gm #1 13-2 L Gm #2 8-1 L Gm #1 9-2 L Gm #2 13-0 L Gm #1 3-2 L   Gm #2 3-2 W

The Renegades went to the World Series for the 14th consecutive year in Rochester, NY.  This is an amazing feat as only a handful of teams as only 4 other teams have had a streak as long or equal to this during this stretch (Austin, Bayou City, Chicago and Tyler).  This shows the true dedication of the Renegades players and volunteer staff that surpasses most of the league.  Boston went as the #6 seed (its best ever seed) in the largest field of the NBBA World Series since we have been involved (24 teams).  We brought with us 13 players (out biggest roster) and had one of the most exciting World Series performances in team history.  The Boston bats would be one of the stories of the World Series as the Renegades 12 run ruled three of their nine opponents.  The Renegades would finish the World Series with its best ever finish as a five seed finishing as the best home grown team in the league (meaning the top 4 teams all had players from other cities or teams on their roster).  Rookie Christian Thaxton would have a break out tournament and would be named to the all offensive all star team.  This was the 3rd time in team history a Renegade had won this honor on the offensive side of the game (Marquez, 2007, McCormick 2014).

Offensive All Stars from the 2015 World Series
Rank Player Team At Bats Runs Batting Avg
MVP Ching Kai Chen Taiwan HR 70 58 .829
2 Tanner Gers Bayou City 47 38 .809
3 Mike Finn Austin 45 33 .733
4 Christian Thaxton BOSTON 32 23 .719
5 Demeil Wright RHI 24 17 .708
6 Wen Shen Chiu Taiwan HR 68 47 .691

2014 Season (10 Wins and 5 Losses)

Boston’s challenge in 2014 would be health and a huge influx of new players and volunteers.  to start the season, Coach Weissman was in the hospital for 23 days and pitcher, Ron Cochran was on the disabled list with a back injury.  Both ends of the pitching tandem would not play together till just a few practices before the Long Island tournament.  To make sure the team would be ok if things went bad, lots of planning had to go into place.  The Renegades brought 4 new players on to the team as well as six new volunteers.  All of these people need training which was hard to do with these Two Renegades being on the Disabled list early in the season.

The Beast of the East would be the start of the season and Boston hoped to repeat for the 4th time in history.  The season would open in Long Island and Boston would play poorly on offense but get enough to win all three games defeating the Pennsylvania Wolfpack 5-4 in extra innings, the Long Island Bombers 9-4 and the New Jersey Lightning 9-5.  Boston struck out over 40% in these three games for their highest team strike out rate in a tournament since 2005.  

The second leg of the Beast of the East would be in Haddonfield, NJ hosted by the Pennsylvania Wolfpack.  Boston would travel without their #1 pitcher and prove that the depth of the roster and coaching staff is one thing that separates them from the pack.  Danny Cotter and New Comer, Nick Chisholm would do the pitching and 1st year spotter, Jamie Dickerson would side with long time Renegade Bryan Grillo to do the calling.  Boston would take game #1 in a slug fest against Long Island 16-10.  It would then play a horrible game and flu short to the Pennsylvania Wolfpack 6-5.  In a must win situation, Boston would hold on to beat New Jersey 8-7 to win its 4th Beast of the East title.

Team Record
Boston 5-1
Pennsylvania 4-2
Long Island 3-3
New Jersey 0-6

 The World Series would head back to Rochester. MN for the third time this season and the Renegades would be seeded as 8th.  The weather could not have been better as every game was played in 80 degree temps.  19 teams made the treck to this years series and Boston would end up playing in the toughest bracket.  In fact, when all was said and done, The Renegades would play the toughest schedule of any of the teams at the Series.  Boston would have a goal to move its seed up and for the first time in team history the Renegades were playing meaningful games on Friday.  Boston would play 9 games in this series and would come inches away from shocking the league and almost getting one of the top 4 seeds.  The Renegades would get 6th place in an exciting season.  Joe McCormick became just the 2nd Renegade to make an All Offensive All Star team as he hit .600.  Luis Marquez hit the exact same average on these same fields in 2007 for the Renegades to be the only other player in history to make the offensive all star team from Boston.

Offensive All Stars from the 2014 World Series
Rank Player Team At Bats Runs Batting Avg
MVP Lupe Perez Austin 27 21 .778
2 Tanner Gers Bayou City 28 21 .750
3 Mike Finn Austin 23 17 .739
4 Zach Arambula Austin 28 19 .679
5 Joe McCormick BOSTON 35 21 .600
6 Darryl Minor Bayou City 36 20 .556

2013 Season (11 Wins and 5 Losses)

For the 8th time in team history and the 1st time since 2010, Boston would return to Bolingbrook and would open the year in a bracket with Wichita, St. Louis and one half of the Chicago Comet team. Boston felt coming into this that the brackets were in their favor and there was a chance they could get to the championship game…or even take 3rd place. The weekend started tough as a flight delay and an issue with the rental cars got the team into the hotel after midnight. In extremely thick grass on a day that threatened rain the whole day the team would drag through the games on Saturday without much rest. The Boston defense would pitch back-to-back shut outs beating Wichita 3-0 and St. Louis 9-0. the Comets would then take the last game of the day 7-5. On Sunday the Gades would get the other half of the Comets in the 3/4 game and would struggle and lose 10-6 after keeping the game close for 5 innings. Joey Buizon would be a highlight for the team as he would be named 2nd on the All-offesnive all-star team hitting .667 with a 10-15 performance and NO strike outs. The strike-out feat is amazing since he is the Renegade all-time leader in strikeouts entering the 2013 season. The order of finish for this 8 team tourney was

  1. RHI Extreme 4-0
  2. Chicago Comets Blue 3-1
  3. Chicago Comets Red 3-1
  4. Boston Renegades 2-2
  5. Cleveland Scrappers 2-2
  6. Wichita Sonics 1-3
  7. Indianapolis Thunder 1-3
  8. St. Luis Firing Squad 0-4

Boston made the hour treck to play in Long Island for the 8th consecutive year. After winning 4 times in a row, The Bombers were now the defending champs as Boston lost to them in 2012. This years format would be different as there would be 5 teams and a time limit imposed to help keep the tournament on pace. Boston would end up sweeping all 4 games to be crowned the champions in different fashion each game. A 10 run second inning would lead the Gades to a 15-10 win over the Carolina Warriors in game 1. An Exciting walk off hit would lead the squad over New Jersey (4-3). A come from behind victory over Long Island and a slow start and strong finish over Pennsylvania would cap them tournament champs for the 5th time in 8 years.

The 2013 World Series would be held in Columbus Georgia and the Renegades would enter as the 9 seed in the dance based on last years finish. There would be twenty teams in the tournament which is the most teams since the Renegades have been in existence. Boston would have high hopes as it would bring its best offensive line up and one of its better defensive teams. The goal for the Gades was to move up and shoot for 5th place with a stretch goal of 4th. With this many teams Boston was gearing up to play at least 8 games with the possibility of ten. With two weeks to go before the series, Rookie Pam Love would injure her knee and we would have roster concerns to deal with for the second straight year.


2012 Season (10 Wins and 5 Losses)

2012 opened in Long Island for the third time in Renegade history. In temperatures hovering over 90 degrees the Renegades battled the Pennsylvania Wolfpack, New Jersey Lightning and the Long Island Bombers in the newly named Matt Sapolin Long Island Classic. Its named after a very special player for the Bombers who lost his battle with cancer at the young age of 41. New Jersey showed up 40 minutes late for the start of the game and then we faced delays due to field conditions that was nearly 2 hours. In game one Boston defeated the Lightning 5-3. Boston then faced the host Long Island Bombers in a game that would most likely decide the winner of the tournament and lost 12-6. The last match up would be a 5-2 victory over the Pennsylvania Wolfpack. All games were on a time limit due to the 2 hour delay which caused a tie to not be finished

1. Long Island 3-0
2. Boston 2-1
3. New Jersey 0-2-1
4. Pennsylvania 0-2-1

In what was supposed to be 90 degree heat, The Renegades would face the New Jersey Lightning, York Thundersticks and Pennsylvania Wolfpack teams in drizzle and rainy conditions before the sun would come out for the last set of games. The roster was slightly different for Boston than two weeks prior with the biggest difference being on the mound as Dan Cotter would be the number one starter for the first time since 2009. Boston would go on to win this tournament for the third year consecutive time (2012,2011,2009)

1. Boston 3-0
2. New Jersey 2-1
3. Pennsylvania 1-2
4. York 0-3

The Renegades traveled to Ames Iowa on the campus of Iowa State University for their 11th straight World Series and their highest seed in team history as they entered as the 6th seed. Despite the seed, the team was dangerously close to not coming as it had roster issues to contend with. In a meeting a week before the series, the 9 players who could attend agreed to give it everything they had. To make things even harder, Ames was in a draught and a heat wave. The games would be played on fast fields with wind and temperatures over 100 degrees. Not an optimal situation for a short bench which the Gades took. The first match was against a team named the New Jersey Lightning. This was the same uniforms the Renegades had faced many times but a few players from other teams filled out their roster to give the team an all new look. Boston could not hold a big lead and fell to the Lightning 12-11 in the last inning of play. Game #2 paired them with the Taiwan Home Run. After three innings the Taiwan team 12 runned the Renegades and would roll to win 14-3. This would make the Renegades a three seed and set them up to play the Chicago Comets in the first round of the double elimination. In temps near 110 degrees and winds exceeding 20mph, both teams would struggle on defense and they would wear each other out scoring a 2012 World Series high of 52 runs as Chicago knocked off the Gades 31-21. Boston would then have to play Cleveland in the heat and when the 8 hour day was over, Boston found their first win of the World Series 17-11 and would stay alive in the losers bracket for one more day. It would be short lived as the Renegades got off to a horrible start against the Colorado Storm and would fall 22-11. This Loss would put them in the 9-12 bracket where the Renegades expected to see their opponents from the East Coast. In two surprise games, the Renegades would get wins and would actually get some help from their defense which had been quiet for most of the week. The first game in the 9-12 bracket would be the first ever match up against the Lone Star Road Runners with Boston winning in a low scoring affair 8-4. The final game would be against the Minnesota Millers in an 18-8 romp to give Boston the 9 seed out of 17 teams. Boston had two players hit over .599 for the first time in team history at a World Series as Larry Haile hit .600 and Rookie Joe McCormick hit a Renegade World Series high of .643. McCormick missed the all offense team by 1 run. The story for the team was Guy Zuccarello who was named the All Tournament MVP on defense. Zuccarello made 36 defensive stops in 7 games to lead Boston.

Defensive All Stars from the 2012 World Series
Rank Player Team Stops per game
MVP Guy Zuccarello Boston 5.1
2 Stanley Griffin Cleveland 5.0
3 Matt Puvogel Long Island 4.9
4 Jason Ackiss Indianapolis 4.5
T5 Danny Foppiano Austin 3.9
T5 Steve Rutch New Jersey 3.9
All Time Renegade World Series All Stars
Year Player Rank Team Stat
2012 Guy Zuccarello 1 Defense 5.1
2011 Justen Cantan 3 Defense 5.6
2007 Luis Marquez 5 Offense 0.6
2006 Darren Black 6 Defense 3.7
2003 Darren Black 3 Defense 6.2

The season would end in Woburn, Mass where the Long Island Bombers would travel to Boston to decide the Beast of The East. Long Island only needed to win 1 of the 2 games and they would be crowned the champ. For the first time, the Woburn Lions club hosted the event and they did a terrific job. Despite a weather forecast that threatened thunder storms, the rain held off. On a humid day, in a slow field, the Renegades and Bombers would face off. Boston would win both games by scores of 7-2 and 5-2 and for the third year would be named the Beast of the East champ.

2011 Season (12 Wins and 3 Losses)

The off season was quiet for the Renegades as the team was planning to add many new members to the Renegade family. The big thing this year was these new family members were babies of many of the coaches. The Renegades welcomed new members to the Myers, Nippins, Bebas and Paladino families. Three new players and five new coaches joined the Renegades for the 2011 season. For just the 2nd time in team history, the season started off in Long Island as the Renegades traveled to this event for the 7th consecutive year. Boston would take part in this four team tournament against the Pennsylvania Wolfpack, Long Island Bombers and New Jersey Lightning. Boston would start the day against Pennsylvania and after a very rough start would cruise to a 7-1 victory and its 7th consecutive victory over the Wolfpack. In game 2 Boston would jump all over the Long Island Bombers and defeat the hosts 13-4 for its 4th consecutive victory over the Bombers. The last match would be against New Jersey. Boston held a 7-2 lead but New Jersey fought hard and tied the score in the 6th inning. Larry Haile provided the walk off hit for the Renegades in this 8-7 win. The tournament standings were as follows:

1. Boston Renegades 3-0
2. Long Island Bombers 2-1
3. Pennsylvania Wolfpack 1-2
4. New Jersey Lightning 0-3

Boston’s second road trip of the year sent them to Haddonfield, NJ for the Philly Hall of Fame Classic for the 5th year in a row. Boston had a 5-3 record in this event over the years but had won four in a row. After the games got off to a delayed start due to over night soaking rains, Boston face the New Jersey Lightning and knew this would be a battle after Boston had walked off on NJ just two weeks prior in New York. Boston scored runs in every inning while New Jersey struggled with 10 Strike outs as Boston prevailed 8-4. Game #2 had the Renegades playing the Host PA Wolfpack. The Wolfpack played hard and came from behind to take a 4-3 lead after four frames. The Renegades would wake up and win the game 7-4. The final game was a match up of two teams who were undefeated, Boston and Long Island. Just like two weeks prior, the Renegades plated 5 runs in the first and jumped out to a big lead which they held on to winning 12-4. The Renegades 3-0 record earned them the trophy and the tile of 2011 Philly Hall of Fame Classic winners. The final standings were

#1. Boston 3-0
#2. Long Island 2-1
#3. Pennsylvania 1-2
#4. New Jersey 0-3

In what had been planned as a three team tournament turned into a double header between Boston and Long Island. Long Island arrived by bus an hour before game time. Even though we had planned to play only two games, we were all in for something extra special….as in Extra innings. Both teams battled the heat, the sun and each other for a total of 15 innings over two games. Both games ended on exciting plays. In Game one, Boston jumped out to a 4 run lead but Long Island came back and held a 7-5 lead before Bostin tied it up in the 6th sending the game to extra innings. Long Island went ahead on a blast by Alex Barera in the 7th inning. Boston had a chance to tie in the bottom of the 7th and the final out was made on a dribbler to the right side where Joey Buizon appeared to beat out the ball for a run…but the umpires ruled he missed the base giving Long Island the win. In the second game, Both teams had leads as Boston came from behind 3-0 in the 2nd inning but Long Island scored twice to tie it up at seven all in the 6th inning. In the bottom of the 8th, Larry Haile lifted a bomb to deep center to win it for the Renegades (8-7) and crown them the best team on the east coast for the second year in a row with a 7-1 record (Long Island was 5-3).

Indianapolis, Indiana was the host of the 2011 World Series of Beep baseball. Seventeen teams would attend this event. This was the most ever since Boston got involved with the league in 2002. Boston would enter this tournament as the 8 seed based on their 9th place finish in the 2010 series. Boston would be matched up against the Wichita Sonics and the Austin Blackhawks in day #1 of the round robin. Boston would defeat the Sonics 10-1 and then they pulled off the biggest upset of the tournament by defeating the 3 seed Austin team for the first time in team history by a score of 8-6. This win made Boston a 1 seed for the first time ever entering the double elimination brackets. The first opponent would be the Cleveland Scrappers and in a low scoring affair, Boston would win 7-4 and advance to the second round. That game would be against the RHI Extreme who despite being a new team was filled with old players from Kansas and Indianapolis. Boston was unable to score get runs on the board and after keeping the game close for most of the contest, the Extreme would pull away and win the game 7-1 sending the Renegades to the losers bracket. Due to a mistake in the brackets, Boston would earn another game against the Cleveland Scrappers. Cleveland entered this game on a high after coming from behind to beat the Minnesota Fighting Lions. They tried to do the same against Boston but much like in game one Boston would win a low scoring affair 6-3. Next up for the Gades would be the Colorado Storm, a team who had epic battles with Boston over the years. The difference this year was they were stronger as they recruited players from Kansas to join them. Boston came inches away from upsetting Colorado but would eventually lose in extra innings by the score of 7-4. This game further strengthened the leagues view on the Renegades as an up and coming franchise and sent Boston to the 7/8 seed game against…..the Austin Blackhawks. In another close game, Boston would hold off the Blackhawks and win by the score of 7-6. The 7th place finish was the best ever by the Boston Renegades. In fact of the six teams who finished ahead of Boston in the Standings, only Chicago (who finished 3rd) would be considered a home grown team. All the other teams who finished ahead of Boston were either all star teams or combination teams (players from multiple teams put together to compete). The high fives would not stop on the field…as Justen Cantan was named to the all defensive team for his efforts by recording 39 stops in 7 games which was good for a third place finish on the all-star team. He became just the third Renegade player to ever make the World Saries All star team joining Darren Black (2003, 2006 on defense), and Luis Marquez (2007 on offense). Boston also finished 3rd in the rankings for best defense at the tournament behind only the World Champs, West Coast Dawgs and the 2nd place Taiwan Home Run. The season would end for Boston as they had a 12-3 record which was by far the best winning percentage in team history.

All Defensive Team
(Stops per game)
Top Defensive Teams
(% of balls stopped)
#1 Yu-Ting Kuo (Taiwan) – 5.78 #1 West Coast Dawgs -75.2%
#2 Greg Gontaryk (Bayou City) -5.7 #2 Taiwan Home Run -70.3%
#3 Justen Cantan (Boston) – 5.6 #3 Boston Renegades -69.1%
#4 Bobby Lakey (Austin) – 5.4 #4 RHI Extreme -65.7%
#5 Clint Woodard (RHI) – 5.3 #5 Minnesota Fighting Lions -63.8%

2010 Season (11 Wins and 7 Losses)

Change was the topic of conversation all off season as the Renegades decided it was important to make some changes to help the team improve and compete in the long run. An overhaul was made to the defense and a focus on defense was the key through the majority of practices since March. 2010 would give Boston plenty of opportunity to test it as it expected to play cits biggest schedule ever (20 games)

The season started in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Boston would face one of its biggest rivals in the first game, the Indy Thunder. It was Indianapolis who knocked them out of the 2009 World Series (after Boston had knocked Indy out of the 2008 series). Like almost every year in Bolingbrook rain would play a factor. This included stoppages of play against the Thunder in game #1 and a suspended game against Kansas in game #3 that would be restarted on Sunday morning where it left off. In game #1, Boston got lit up by the Thunder as they came out booming. Darnell Booker, Indy’s pitcher, was on fire. He was “on” and Indy won the contest 15-8. The next opponent was an upstart team led by Renegade nemesis, Steve Guerra. Guerra and the Minnesota Fighting Lions stayed in this game with some great defense but the Renegades had more punch at the plate and would hold on to win 7-5. In the third game of the day, the Kansas All-Stars limped in having won their first two games including a walk-off victory over Indy and a 12 run rule drubbing of Minnesota. Boston would stay close with Kansas but once again thunder storms would eventually suspend the game. The game would pick up at 7:00 am on Sunday morning. A crazy tie breaker scenario was at stake for Boston and after a 13-7 loss, Boston found themselves on the short end of a tie breaker by just 1 run scored. This sent Boston to the 7/8 game against the Cleveland Scrappers. In a game where strike outs would be rare, the Boston bats had more pop and they downed Cleveland 8-6 to take 7th place in the tournament. Shayne Cantan would be named to the all offense team of the tournament for his first ever award in his career. After starting the tournament off with five straight strike outs, he finished 10-11 to earn the honors. He becomes the 2nd Renegade in team history to make the Bolingbrook offensive all star team.

2010 Bolingbrook Defensive All-Stars 2010 Bolingbrook Offensive All-Stars
#1 MVP Brian Peebles, Cleveland 26 Stops #1 MVP Steve Stambaugh, Kansas 13/19 .684
#2 Kevin Burton, Wichita 20 Stops #2 Ron Brown, Indy 11/17 0.647
#3 James Michaels, Indy 19 Stops #3 Doug Biggins Kansas 12/19 .632
#4 Esuabalew Johnston, Colorado 16 Stops #4 Shayne Cantan, Boston 10/16 .625
#5 Evan Van Dyne Minnesota 16 Stops #5 Demetris Morrow, Colorado 13/22 .591
#5 Esubalew Johnston, Colorado 13/22 .591
#6 Steve Stambaugh Kansas 14 Stops

Boston would next begin the Beat of the East part of the schedule and travel to Long Island for the first leg of the three city schedule. Boston would start off the day with a loss to the upstart New Jersey Lightning 11-6. The team would regroup and shock the Long Island Bombers by scoring 10 runs in the first inning on the way to an 18-6 victory. The third game was important due to a tie breaker scenario with 3 teams locked at 1-1. Boston would go on to defeat the PA Wolfpack 15-5 and Long Island would beat New Jersey to give Boston a 2-1 start and the 3rd consecutive title to the Long Island Classic.

The 2nd leg of the Beast of the East would take Boston to Haddonfield, NJ. Weather forecasts looked awful and the games began in the pouring rain. The wet weather is something Boston is used to as they practice in the rain and played a few games in the rain in Chicago in June. The wet weather helped the Pennsylvania Wolfpak keep the game close but in the end Boston was too much and would hold on to win 5-2. In the Bottom of the first inning of the second game against the New Jersey Lightning. Boston was tied up at 1 a piece with Shayne Cantan at the plate when the umpires called the games. New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Long Island had all thrown bats with the last bat being thrown into play and hitting Greg Gontaryk in the leg. Unfortunately for all of the teams, the tournament was canceled. Boston and Long Island would stand at 3-1, New Jersey would be 2-2 for the Beast of the East.

The last leg would come to Sudbury Mass, for the first ever Beep baseball tournament in New England’s history. Boston would dominate this tournament outscoring its opponents 34-4 to clinch the first ever Blind Citizens Beep Baseball Championship and the 2010 Beast of the East trophy. Please see the Beast of the East page for all of the details on the three city tournament.

2010 Beast of the East Defensive All-Stars 2010 Beast of the East Offensive All-Stars
#1 MVP Greg Gontaryk, PA 39 Stops #1 MVP Shayne Cantan, Boston 22/31 .710
#2 Justen Cantan, Boston 21 Stops #2 Nick Esposito, LI 16/28 0.571
#3 Matt Povugel, LI 17 Stops #3 Larry Haile, Boston 13/26 .500
#4 Guy Zuccarello, Boston 15 Stops
#4 Jim Hughes, LI 15 Stops
#4 Jeff Stevens, LI 11/25 0.440

The World Series would return to Rochester, Minnesota and the weather would be gorgeous for the 15 teams. Boston would enter the World Series as a 9 seed and have more confidence than ever before. They would have a tough road ahead of them as they would have to play the West Coast Dawgs and the Kansas All-Stars on the first day of the 15 team tournament. Boston was 12 runned by Kansas and would stay close against the eventual World Champion, West Coast Dawgs before the Dawgs were forced to call a time out and shuffle players around. Boston would earn the 3 seed from their bracket by defeating the Carolina Pride. On Wednesday, the renegades got a chance to make up for the gut wrenching 2009 loss to the Colorado Strom but in a game where they played tight, the Storm would send Boston to the losers bracket where the Chicago Comets awaited them. On a windy Thursday morning game, the Comets and Renegades would play a defensive game and Chicago would end Boston’s run at the title giving Boston its second loss and a trip back to the 9-12 bracket. Thursday afternoon, Boston would bust loose and 12 run the Tyler Tigers in 4 innings with all of the players contributing. Joey Duggan scored his first ever run and Aqil Sajjad made his first ever stop on defense in this contest. The win gave the Renegades a chance to play the Colorado Strom again on Friday afternoon as the Storm were upset by the Carolina Pride. For the first time since 2004, Boston defeated the Storm. For the 2nd year in a row, Boston would finish in 9th place. The good news was this win would give Boston their best winning percentage in team history for a single season at 11-7 (61%).

2009 Season (8 Wins and 6 Losses)

Recruitment was a big priority in the off season. The Renegades went out and signed four new rookies all under the age of 26 years of age, its youngest class yet and its biggest class ever. Boston also picked up two new sighted volunteers to fill out the coaching staff. High expectations for this team evolved because of the play in 2008 and the fact the team would see the return of Darren Black, Joey Buizon and JJ Ward who all missed most of the 2008 season.

The first tournament would take the Renegades back to Bolingbrook, Illinois for the 6th time in the past seven seasons. Once again, rain was in the forecast and this time it was here to stay. The first two games on Saturday would be played in the rain and cold. Boston opened against the Indianapolis Thunder and in chilly rainy conditions the two teams battled to the very last out with the Thunder coming out on top 6-5. Game #2 brought less rain and less runs for the Renegades. Defense would be critical in this game as Boston defeated the Cleveland Scrappers for only the 2nd time in its career by a score of 4-3. The third game was the premier game of the whole tournament. All eyes were on this game for a few reason. First, it was televised on local television. Secondly, Boston took the host Chicago Comet A team to extra innings. As teams watched along, Boston came one out away from defeating one of the best team’s in the country. Boston held a lead through 2 outs in the 6th but could not hold on and lost in extra innings by the score of 6-5. The last game of the tournament was against the Comet B team. As many of the players would laugh at later…the B stood for “Better” as the B team whooped up on the Renegades by the score of 14-5. Chicago’s B team 12 runned Boston after just 3 innings of play. Dino Vasile was named to the all tournament defensive team with 21 defensive stops. Vasile becomes just the second Renegade player to ever be named to a defensive all-star team (Darren Black has seven awards).

2009 Bolingbrook Defensive All-Stars 2009 Bolingbrook Offensive All-Stars
#1 MVP Clint Woodard, Kansas 23 stops #1 MVP Demeille Wright, Kansas 10/17 .588
#2 Dino Vasile, Boston 21 stops #2 Giovanni Francese, Comet A 9/17 .529
#3 Jerry Windell, Indy 16 stops #3 Peter Johnson, Indy 8/16 .500
#4 James Michaels, Indy 15 stops
#4 Brian Peebles, Cleveland 15 stops
#4 Mike Grunze, Comet A 15 stops
#4 Clint Woodard, Kansas 8/17 .421
#5 Mike McGlashon, Comet B 7/16 .438
#6 Warren Richardson, Comet B 6/15 .400
#6 John Herzog, Comet B 6/15 .400

Boston would travel to Long Island next for the Long Island Classic. This would be the first year it would not consist of four teams as Chicago Comet B team was unable to attend this year. The three teams from the Northeast would face off in an event that would count toward the Northeast cup to be finalized in Boston in late August. Boston would defeat the Pennsylvania Wolfpack by the score of 7-4 in a game where the Wolfpack started five rookies and Boston played all 14 players on its roster. This set a record for most players to play in a game for Boston. The second match-up was an amazing game that resulted in the longest game in Renegade history. Heading into the 6th inning, Boston was down 8-3. Boston stormed back to take a 9-8 lead. Long Island would tie it up in the bottom frame. Boston would eventually win it in the 9th inning for a 13-12 victory. This game would set the record for most defensive stops in a game (21) as Dino Vasile led both teams with 11 stops. Long Island would defeat Pennsylvania in the last game. Boston would have a 1 game edge in the battle for the Beat of the Northeast to be determined in Boston in August.

Boston’s next trip would be to Haddonfield, New Jersey to play a doubleheader against the Pennsylvania Wolfpack. In previous years, this trip would include games against teams like Columbus, North Carolina or Cleveland. This year those teams were unable to travel. For the first time in 2009 when the players awoke from their hotels, they saw sun instead of rain. Both games were played in near perfect weather conditions. Boston made this trip without their #1 pitcher, Ron Cochran and two veterans in Darren Black and Joey Buizon. For the Wolfpack, Greg Gontaryk was ready to play after missing the Long Island Classic and he has earned many awards stopping the Renegade bats. Both these games would be low scoring affairs. Game #1 witnessed some great defensive plays on both sides of the ball as 25 defensive stops were recorded. In Game #2, the Wolfpack struggled to make contact as the Renegades rolled. Boston was able to get 13 and 14 players into each game winning by scores of 6-2 and 6-1. This broke a 2 game losing streak to the Wolfpack in their house and set up the Renegades on a 4 game winning streak in 2009 (Their second longest streak in team history).

The World Series was held in Stockton, California and the Renegades would make their eighth consecutive appearance in the World Series in what would be the longest road trip in team history. In fact, Boston was one of only two teams making the trek from cross country (North Carolina was the other team). The renegades entered the World Series as the highest seed in team history (a seven seed). The weather was unreal. Every day was 95 degrees, dry and sunny and the fields would play fast. These elements were very different than the rainy slow fields that Boston had played on most of the year. Boston would open the Series against the tournament host, Stockton Stingrays on a game that would be streamed live on the Internet. Boston would win this game but lose its next contest to the Bayou city Heat. In the double elimination rounds, Boston would lose in heartbreaking fashion to the Colorado Storm and the Indianapolis Thunder. These losses would be by a total of just three runs and the opposing teams struck out only three batters in these two contests. These games put Boston out of the tournament and forced them to play in the 9-12 placement brackets. Boston would win both these placement games against the Tyler Tigers and Wichita Sonics. Dino Vasile would finish the tournament 7th in defensive stops per game just nearly missing the all-star team. Boston would have 7 different players hit .450 or higher and would end up with the 6th best team batting average in the tournament. Boston would finish as the 9 seed.

2008 Season (8 Wins and 6 Losses)

Coming into the 2008 season, the Renegades were challenged with a lot of “life events”. Players getting married, going to grad school, having children and taking care of sick parents. The loss of Dave Fardo wo would garduate from Harvard in June would also be felt. All of these events would cause the Gades to adapt and really look to their depth to contribute. Contributions from the depth has led this team to a successful start of the year.

For the first time ever, Boston would open the year in Long Island for the 3rd annual Long Island Classic. Boston had taken 2nd place in the previous two years with a combined 4-2 record. Weather reports were calling for a washout with torrential rain. Though when the teams awoke that morning, not a drop had fallen. Boston would not know their roster for this tournament till just a few days before it left as Guy Zuccarello (new born baby) and Joey Buizon (Appendix surgery) would be left behind. Boston would open its tournament against the Pennsylvania Wolfpack. This Philly team knocked Boston out of the winners bracket of the World Series in ’07 and also had a 2-game winning streak against the Renegades. In a dog fight on a very slow field, Boston would come away on top by the score of 4-2. Game #2 was the usual “Feature” match-up against Long Island. Boston had broken their curse against the Bombers with a 13-7 victory over them in the ’07World Series. The Renegades came in with confidence and never looked back as they beat Long Island by a score of 7-2. This was the largest margin of victory of any team in the Long Island Classic in 2008. Finally, the thunder rolled in and the teams ran for cover and awaited an hour long rain delay. Once the drops stopped, the weather cleared up and allowed the teams to play. Chicago and Boston pitted up against each other for the final game and the trophy. Chicago was 1-1, Boston was 2-0. If Chicago won the game by 6 runs or more, they would have won the tournament by a tie breaker. Boston got off to a slow start but had its most unbelievable come-back victory by scoring 5 runs in the last inning in walk-off fashion to win their first ever championship 8-7. Boston would take first (3-0), Long Island would take 2nd (2-1), Chicago 3rd (1-2) and Philly 4th (0-3). Boston led the tournament in runs scored and placed two people as Co-Offensive MVP’s. Luis Marquez and Evan Silver each scored 5 runs in the tournament to win the hardware. For Marquez, this was his third offensive MVP award as he hit .357 (5 for 15). Silver won his first trophy by hitting .500 (5 for 10).

For the first time since 2005, Boston would play host to an NBBA team as the Pennsylvania Wolfpack would travel north to take on the Renegades in a doubleheader. Again, the forecast looked gloomy but the games were played without a drop of rain. In the first game, Boston would start hot and win that game by the score of 3-0 in a game that was played in less than 90 minutes. After a 90 minute break allowed to let fans get to the second game, the two teams would play a very exciting game in front of a crowd of fans. Philly players commented how it was fun to play in front of a crowd as it is rare to play games in front of such an audience. This audience was in for a treat. Spectacular defense on both sides of the ball would be the story line. The fans were also on their feet as they were treated to a walk-off victory as Joe Quintanilla would provide the punch in the 6th inning as Boston would win 4-3 and extend its 2008 season to a 5 game winning streak and a 6 game winning streak dating back to 2007. This is the first ever winning streak in Boston history.

Boston would head to Haddonfield, New Jersey for the second annual Philly Hall Of Fame Classic to play the Pennsylvania Wolfpack and Cleveland Scrappers in a three team round robin. Boston would play the Wolfpack in game one and this would be the fourth time the two teams would meet. No game in 2008 had been decided by more than three runs, so it was no surprise to see the teams knotted in a tight game. Boston almost tied it up in the 6th inning but came up short as the Wolfpack broke a three game losing streak to Boston on the year with a 4-3 win. In Game two Cleveland played the Pack. Another tight game was played with 20 strike-outs in the game between the two teams. In the 6th inning, the Wolfpack went back to their number one pitcher John Krug. Dan Kelly and Sherlock Washington provided the fireworks as the Wolfpack would walk off to clinch the 2008 Classic. Boston faced off against Cleveland in game 3 to decide second place. It was all Boston on both sides of the ball. Cleveland players were overheard saying something to the effect of its hard to defend when its raining bombs. But it was not all Offense as the Boston gloves stopped 12 of the 14 balls put into play. Greg Gontaryk was named defensive MVP with 11 stops. Sengil Inkiala was second with 9. Dino Vasile had 7 and Cleveland’s Willie Ruiz had 6. On offense Boston’s Joey Buizon earned his first ever MVP trophy scoring 5 times (5 for 9). Dino Vasile of Boston scored 4 times while Boston’s Larry Haile and Philly’s Sherlock Washington each scored three times.

The World Series would return to Houston Texas in 2008. Just weeks before the series was about to start, the Taiwan Home Run announced they would not be making the trip. This was good news for the Renegades as the Home Run were seeded as the 14 seed based on a rule that placed the three time World Champs at the bottom of the bracket for not attending in 2007. Despite this, Boston still had one of the toughest brackets on the first day with games against the Austin Black Hawks, West Coast Dawgs and North Carolina Pride. Boston was without 4 starters from the previous season and the depth of their system would be challenged. Boston entered the dance as a 10 seed. On the first day they would get 12 runned by Austin (who finished 4th overall) and West Coast (who won the World Series). They would have a battle with North Carolina that would end up in a win for Boston forcing them to play nearly 10 hours in 100 degree heat on the first day. On Day #2 Boston would face their Rivals, The Long Island Bombers who would bounce them into the loser bracket. Boston regrouped and upset the Indianapolis Thunder in extra innings to clinch their best ever finish in team history. For the second year in a row, the Colorado Storm handed the Renegades their second loss in the double elimination bracket . Long Island then hammered Boston in the 7/8 seed game but Boston did accomplish something special, their best ever finish at a World Series. They also finished with their second consecutive winning season. Boston would end up having the 4th toughest World Series Schedule behind the Champion Dawgs, Runner-up Kansas All-Stars and #4 Seed Austin Black Hawks. This finish was a major accomplishment and it showed the definition of team as every player on the roster worked hard to make up for the loss of their stars from the previous season.

2007 Season (10 Wins and 9 Losses)

Just as we have said in every other year, 2007 promised to be a big year for the Renegades. This year, the promises have become a reality. For the first time in team history, the plan was for the Renegades to play 20 games.

The first trip was to Chicago for the 5th consecutive year. This year the weather was perfect for beepball. Boston placed 3rd in the tournament of six teams, its best finish ever. Kansas won the tournament (4-0), Chicago Comets A finished 2nd (3-1), Boston was 3rd (2-2), Chicago Comet B was 4th (1-3), Indianapolis Thunder 5th (1-3) and Cleveland Scrappers 6th (1-3). Boston beat the Comet B team 11-4 avenging their loss in 2006. They then lost 12-6 to the Chicago Comet A team. They beat the Indianapolis Thunder for the first time in team history by the score of 13-7 and lost their last game on Sunday in heartbreak fashion to the Cleveland Scrappers 13-12. Boston had worked hard on defense and it showed as this was the first tournament ever where every player who played in the field made a defensive stop. This was the first time ever that Boston placed two players in a tournament all-star role. Darren Black made his 4th defensive all-star team in Bolingbrook as he placed 6th in the tournament making 12 put-outs. Luis Marquez made his first offensive all-star team as he placed second in the tournament with a .600 batting average (12-20) off pitcher, Ron Cochran.

The second trip was to the Long Island Classic for the 2nd straight year to the Mecca of Hofstra University, the college of Coach Rob Weissman. Boston had high hopes to win this tournament but came up short taking 2nd place. Long Island won for the second straight year (3-0), Boston took second for the second year in a row (2-1), Pennsylvania took 3rd (1-2) and Chicago Comet B team finished 4th (0-3). Boston started off the day in a dog fight with the Comet B team but hung on to win 15-13 in game #1. In the most anticipated game of the day, Boston lost to Long Island for the 7th straight time 10-7. Boston finished the day beating the Pennsylvania Wolfpack 5-2. The all-star awards kept coming as Joe Quintanilla won the Offensive MVP of the tournament with a .600 Average (9 for 15) off pitcher, Ron Cochran. This was Joe’s first ever All-star award and the Renegades second offensive award in history.

The third road trip of the year took them to Haddonfield, New Jersey to play in the first ever tournament in the Philadelphia area. Boston would make the drive to the home of their former coach, Carolyn Tassini (who now coaches for the Wolfpack). Boston would limp out of Haddonfield with a 3rd place finish out of 4 teams. New comer, North Carolina Wild Cards won the round robin (3-0), Pennsylvaniafinished 2nd (2-1), Boston 3rd (1-2) and the Columbus Vipers finished last (0-3). Boston played a very tough game #1 against the Wolfpack and lost 3-2. They then defeated the Columbus Vipers for the 3rd straight time by the score of 12-2. Still clinging to the hope of winning the tournament, they played a close game against the Wild Card but dropped it 8-4. Boston set team records for their lowest strike-out percentage in this tournament as Ron Cochran only struck out 16% of his hitters. Unfortunately, the deep grass, strong play of the opponent’s shortie defense and some weak hits combined for a low batting average.

The 2007 World Series was held in Rochester, Minnesota. Boston entered the dance as the nine seed and high hopes of finishing in the top eight this year. They were prepared to play a grueling 9 game schedule that would have them playing three games a day for three straight days. In fact, Boston would be one of three teams in the Series forced to play 9 games. Boston would face Indianapolis, the West Coast Dawgs and the Tyler Tigers on Day one of the dance. They won two games for the first time ever on the first day with wins over the Indianapolis Thunder and Tyler Tigers after an ugly loss at the hands of the #1 Seeded West Coast Dawgs. Entering the double elimination portion of the tournament they would quickly find themselves underachieving as they were eliminated on the first day losing two out of three contests in very close fashion. After missing the chance to achieve their goal of being a top 8 seed, they reset their sights on new goals of finishing with a winning season and beating Long Island. Despite the 11 seeded finish, Boston played some great ball. They finished with their first ever winning record at the Series with a 5 and 4 finish. In fact, only six teams in the dance had winning records. Those teams were Kansas (1 seed at 7-0), Dawgs (2 seed at 7-2), Chicago (3 seed at 5-2), Bayou City (4 seed at 5-2), Colorado (5 seed at 6-3) and Boston (11 seed at 5-4). Luis Marquez was the first ever Renegade to make the World Series offensive All-star team as hit .600 (18 for 30) placing in a tie for 4th place. Just as the team had predicted, 2007 would go in the books as their best season ever.


2006 Season (4 Wins and 10 Losses)

The 2006 Season was one in which the Renegades were eager to get into so they could forget 2005 and continue to improve the squad. The pre-season focus was on recruiting as Boston needed to replace two players (Rich Flint and Eloy Vega) and four coaches (Carolyn Tassini moved to Philly and Nick Bebas and Emily Snow were planning a wedding and Dan Cotter was having a child). The hard work paid off as Boston landed 3 new players and 1 returning star from the 2002 team. Boston also picked up five new coaches with a new pitcher in the mix. The plan was formed and Boston planned on playing in three tournaments for the first time.

Their first trip to Chicago proved to be a learning experience for the new players and coaches as Boston faced a very tough schedule. Boston played tight against the Chicago Comet B team and was shut out 8-0. Boston then faced two of the top teams in the nation in Kansas and Chicago Comet A. They showed some spunk in the Comet A game as they posted a tournament high 6 runs against a very good Comet defense. They dropped the last game to the Indy Thunder and finished the tournament 0-4 in 6th place. Kansas won the tournament followed by Comet A, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Comet B andBoston. Boston’s Darren Black was named to the All Defense team in this tournament with his 20 defensive stops in 4 games. This was his third consecutive Bolingbrook tournament on the all-defense team.

The second trip took them to New York for the first ever Long Island Classic. The Classic had 4 teams (Boston, Long Island, Chicago Comet B and the new Pennsylvania Wolfpack). On a day where it did not look like the games would be played due to thunder storms, the teams crossed their fingers and came out to play. Boston started its day getting revenge on the Chicago Comet B team winning an exciting game 6-4. They then played their rivals, the Long Island Bombers in front of the New York media and press. A few rain delays later in another Boston/New York back and forth game, Boston once again found themselves on the short end of the stick. In the last game of the day, Boston squared off against the Pennsylvania Wolfpack and squeaked three runs across in the fourth inning before the rains came down and cancelled this game giving Boston their first ever winning record in a tournament. Long Island won the Classic at 3-0, Boston was 2-1, Chicago was 1-2 and the Wolfpack were 0-3. Darren Black won the Defensive MVP of the Classic with 18 stops in just three games in a very wet and rainy day of beepball.

The World Series was held in Strongsville, Ohio- just outside Cleveland. The league rolled out a new format to the Series which would seed all of the 15 teams. Boston earned a 12 seed with its poor finish in the 2005 season. The playing fields would be like nothing Boston has ever played on. These fields were hard as a rock and would play very fast. This would benefit the offensive side of the game and hurt the defense. Hurt would be a big word as many players ended up with injuries and bruises from the hard surface. Boston opened its round Robin bracket facing the Bayou City Heat and West Coast Dawgs. These two teams would eventually finish 3rd and 2nd respectively in the World Series. After the first round robin, Boston entered the double elimination bracket and was eliminated after going 1-2 in this round. The new format in the World Series forced all teams to play for a seed. This meant Boston was placed in a Placement bracket with three other teams which went 1-2. After Boston won a game in this bracket it earned a 10 seed. Boston would end up playing the 5th toughest schedule in the World Series as they faced teams which finished 2,3,4,6,9,11 & 13. The story for Boston was their offense. Lead by the pitching of Ron Cochran, Boston set or broke many offensive team records through this tournament. When the dust cleared Boston finished as the 10 seed. Darren Black made it a clean sweep as he earned an all-Defensive team honor placing 6th in the World Series with his 25 put-outs.


2005 Season (3 Wins and 8 losses)

Boston was anxious to start playing the 2005 season after its Consolation bracket run in 2004. This season was looking to be special as the squad was excited at their 2004 run and was growing as a team in all forms of the word. Joey Buizon and Joe Quintanilla were elected Co-Captains taking the reigns from Darren Black and Kae Rasuch. The season also gained interest from the media as a local film crew decided to follow the Renegades for the entire season to create a documentary on the Renegades way of playing beepball.

The season got started with a bang as Boston traveled to Bolingbrook to take part in an 8 team tournament. Boston was the surprise team of the weekend as it played some of its best beepball in the history of the team. Boston beat the Chicago Comet B team in a back and forth extra inning win in the most exciting game ever played. Boston then spotted the Cleveland Scrappers a big lead only to fight back and lose a very close contest 15-12. Boston would then cruise against the Chicago Bluff and lose to the #2 team in the country, Kansas All-Stars. This placed Boston as the #4 team in the tournament. Chicago Comet A won the weekend followed by Cleveland, Kansas, BOSTON, Columbus, Chicago Comet B, Indianapolis and the Chicago Bluff. Darren Black recorded 17 put-outs on the weekend to earn an all-defensive team honor. Both Sengil Inkiala (.571) and Luis Marquez (.556) fell just shy of the All-offense team.

Boston held its first ever home game in late June as the Long Island Bombers came to town on a day where the temperatures touched 100 degrees. The 200 or so Boston fans who braved the heat were treated to an awesome display of beepball. Despite Boston’s best pitched game in history, Long Island woke up in the 5th inning to continue the Long Island curse.

The World Series was held in Houston and the heat was going to be like nothing Boston had ever played in. In the round Robin bracket Boston lost a close game to the Austin Blackhawks 10-6. They then played the upstart Stockton Stingrays and won 3-1 despite playing one of their worst ever offensive games. This game was won with their defense. Boston then faced its first ever international opponent in the Taichung County Taiwan Beepball club. Taichung County handed Boston won of its biggest beatings in the history of the club. This placed Boston into the Consolation bracket where they were hoping to make a repeat run like they did in 2004. This time the competition was a notch higher as Oklahoma City bombed the home town team 18-6 and then Long Island finished off the home town boys in what the coach called a two and screw double elimination round. A tough season faced with a higher level of competition would force the Renegades to rebuild for the 2006 season.


2004 Season (3 Wins and 9 Losses)

Boston restructured their team in the off season after an abysmal end to the 2003 season. Coach Weissman worked very hard to add much needed structure to the team. Boston was also looking to further develop the talent of three players who played a half of a season in Joey Buizon, Evan Silver and Jon Simeone. They also looked forward to bringing ex Lowell stand out Luis Marquez into the line-up as well as ex-Lowell Coach Bryan Grillo back onto the field.

Boston took its second annual trip to the Bolingbrook tournament and was hoping to improve on their last place finish of the year before. Boston started off strong losing a very tight game to the Indianapolis Thunder which gave them some much needed confidence. After big losses to Cleveland and the Chicago Comet A team Boston was placed in the 7/8 seed game also known as the toilet bowl. After a very sluggish start, Boston rallied back late in the game and won in extra innings defeating the Chicago Bluff. This game was the launching pad win for the Boston franchise as it proved to the team they could compete and it emerged Steve Kasha as one of the Renegade Pitchers. Darren Black earned his first ever all Defense team award with his 28 put-outs in 4 games.

The World Series took the NBBA to Columbus, Ohio. Boston drew the Bayou City Heat, Kansas All-Stars and Rocky Mountain Eagles in the round Robin bracket. Boston was routed by Bayou City and Kansasbut played Rocky Mountain very tight in a close game. They would get revenge on Rocky Mountain in the double elimination round as they would win 7-4. Boston would then lose a close one to Long Islandin a game in which the rivalry was truly started. Boston then beat the Columbus Vipers in the semi-finals of the consolation bracket and would face Long Island for the Championship of what the NBBA calls the Barbeque Bracket. In this game, Boston would be forced to beat Long Island twice to win the title as Long Island cruised into the game undefeated. The game was a classic as both teams fought back from behind to take leads. In the end, Long Island got the better of Boston and would win the Consolation Championship. Darren Black picked up his second all-defensive team award with his 33 put-outs in 7 games.

2003 Season (1 Win and 8 Losses)

Boston had played in its first ever World Series in 2002 and just before the season started, John Oliveira contacted the old coach of the LAB Retrievers who was very helpful to the Boston franchise in its first year of play in 2000. Coach Rob Weissman walked on to the scene to try and add some structure to what was a very brand new team to the NBBA. Weissman and Captain Darren Black worked hard together to change the way the team practiced, traveled, played defense and hit. Though the team played in 2002, 2003 would mark its first real entry into the world of competitive Beep baseball.Boston would make its first trip to the Bolingbrook Tournament this season. Their first game was against the Kansas All-Stars who took it easy on the upstart Boston team. Boston then played a close game against the Indy Thunder which proved that the changes the team had made would be pointing the team in the right direction. Boston would finish the day with a close loss to the Chicago Bluff. The toilet bowl game of the 6 team tournament would pit the Bluff and Renegades up against each other on the next morning as the Bluff were victors again. Boston limped out of Chicago with only one of their players, Joe Quintanilla capable of scoring a run.Denver Colorado was the host of the 2003 World Series and Boston was improving in all facets of the game. Boston improved its line-up with additions of Joey Buizon and Evan Silver after the in-season retirement of Tim Cummings. Boston would lose to Kansas and Oklahoma City in the round robin portion of the series placing them into the consolation bracket. Their first opponent in the bracket was the first year Florida Sand Spurs. Boston busted out in this game with 11 runs and for the first time in the season they got contributions on the offensive side of the plate from multiple players. Boston went into their next games with much more confidence and lost to Cleveland (which was forced into the consolation bracket by losing on the third tie-breaker). They Tyler (Texas) Tigers would end the Bostonseason and get revenge for Boston beating them in 2002.