Saturday, July 11th – Beep baseball comes to Woburn!

On Saturday, July 11th, for just the 2nd time in the history of New England four blind baseball teams will compete in the sport of beep baseball. The Boston Renegades will play host to the Long Island Bombers, New Jersey Lightning and Pennsylvania Wolfpack.  The games will be played at the Joyce Middle School located at 55 Locust street in Woburn, Mass.  Game times are scheduled for 9:00am, 11:30am and 2:30 PM.  All games are free to attend.  We recommend you to bring a chair or blanket to sit on to enjoy the games.  There will be refreshments available.  The Woburn Host Lions will be hosting this tournament for the Boston Renegades and we are thankful for all of their help!

This is the 2nd leg of the Beast of the East tournament which is in its 5th year.  The concept of the Beast of the East is to promote beep baseball on the East Coast.  The teams that make up this tournament work hard year round to support each other and have developed a rotating schedule so that all teams have the opportunity to play at home.  the teams also work off the field to help each other by sharing equipment, ideas and trying to keep costs to a minimum to allow the athletes to play ball.

The Boston Renegades are the four time champion since this format has been started.  They have been crowned the champ in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 (there was no tournament in 2013).  The winner is determined by the team with the best record after the two tournaments with a tie breaker system.  Currently the standing so the 2015 Beast of the East look like this

Team Wins Losses
Boston 3 0
Long Island 2 1
Pennsylvania 1 2
New Jersey 0 3

The first set of games were played in Lincroft, New Jersey.  The game results were as follows

  • Boston over Long Island 6-5
  • Pennsylvania over New Jersey 3-2 in 8 innings
  • Boston over New Jersey 13-2 (12 run rule invoked after 3 innings)
  • Long Island over Pennsylvania 15-4
  • Boston over Pennsylvania 6-4
  • Long Island over New Jersey 9-2

The tie breaker rules are as follows

  1. Winner = best record of the 6 games
  2. Tie breaker #1 head to head
  3. Tie breaker #2 head to head in previous season including World Series (voided if players who play in the World Series game are not on the Team’s home grown roster)
  4. Tie breaker #3 Lowest defensive runs allowed in head to head
  5. Tie breaker #4 Lowest defensive runs allowed in entire beast of east
  6. Reason for using the previous season is to allow easier transfer of the trophy to be engraved and passed off
  7. Teams do not qualify if they use players from other teams to fill out their roster


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