Renegades win two games but finish 2nd in Beast of the East

Renegades Hold off the Titans 6-5

Boston would play host to the Beast of the East in 2023.  Boston has hosted the Beast of the East less than any of the three teams that are still in the league and playing (Long Island and Philly).  This means it is a special event for the Renegade fans, and they came out in bunches on a very hot and humid day where Thunder storms were threatening all day.  Boston would be playing the NJ Titans, Long Island Bombers and then an opponent to be determined.

Boston Holds of the Titans and wins 6-5

Joe McCormick and Joe Yee accounted for 5 of the 6 runs in the Renegade offense and McCormick made the past out of the game on defense to secure the win

Boston started off the day sending two of their youngest coaches to do the coin toss as Rohan Seth and Rasik Waikar trotted out with orders to win the toss.  They failed and were instantly ridiculed by the Renegade bench as the Renegades were the away team on their home turf.

1st inning

With a growing crowd down the first base line, the concern that the fans would yell during McCormick’s at bat was real.  Sadly, he didn’t make contact and went down on strikes to start things off.  Shawn Devenish was next and hit a weak grounder to the left side.  Randy George ran in and beat Shawn by 2 steps to the bag.  Rob Dias was next and lined a ball past Rady George to left.  Turner and Alfonso Harrell converged on the ball and Alfonso made the stop in the 3rd layer of the defense.  Three up and three down.

For the Renegades Bryan Grillo would call the left side and Jason Lenicheck would call the right side.  The Titans would start the game off with Zach Turner facing his father, Steve Dinome.  Turner would have the same result as McCormick and would go down on strikes despite getting two fouls.  This brought up former NFL prospect and a 2021 WS all-star on offense, Marvin Morgan.  Morgan, the Designated hitter would get to a full count and then hit a grounder down the first base line.  The Renegade’s defensive fielder was Elana Regan.  She took a step in the wrong direction and ran back toward the line, as she approached the ball, she played Pele, and kicked the ball allowing Morgan to score with ease.  Alfonso Harrell then was up next and on the third pitch fouled a ball back that Nestor Gonzalez could not get a glove on and it hit our volunteer base operator in the face.  Time was called to check on her safety and she blurted out that she was mentally tough and wanted the game to continue.  On another full count, Alfonso lofted a fly ball to left field.  It bounced right in front of Drew Crook who made his first stop of the 2023 season beating Alfonso to the base by a few steps.  Next up was Damian Gonzalez.  The lefty hit the first pitch he saw to the left side in the air.  The ball bounced in front of Rob Dias and Dias corralled it in time and after one, the Titans held a 1-0 lead.

2nd inning

Leading off the second would be Drew Crook.  Crook would foul off the first pitch and then lace a hard grounder to third base.  It got past George in a hurry, but Turner made a nice stop to beat Crook by a mile for the first out.  The Renegades switched pitchers as Peter Connolly made his first appearance of the season to face David Sanchez.  Peter, who was finding his groove sailed a few balls over Sanchez’s bat and Sanchez struck out.  This brought Peter’s cousin, Joe Yee to the dish as a pinch hitter for Elana Regan.  On the third pitch, Yee lined a shot down the third base line.  Turner chased after it and bobbled it.  Joe Yee hit third base a hair before Turner had the ball.  The play was contested and the ruling stood as Yee tied up the game.  Joe McCormick was next and hit a roller off the bottom of his bat to the left side.  George ran in and it went by him.  George hit the deck as Mac sprinted toward first.  George inch- wormed on his bely to the ball with his feet facing home and his head facing the outfield.  Tough way to beat McCormick in a race and Mac was safe.  Devenish then got to three strikes and hit a grounder up the middle.  Lamont Bordley was there to make the stop with ease.  After one and a half innings, the Renegades led 2-1.

To start off the 2nd inning. Shayne Cantan came in to play defense as Joe Yee was pulled from the game.  Bordley hit a grounder to the right side.  Zuccarello dove and missed and Shayne Cantan picked up the ball on a bang-bang play.  The initial call on the field was safe.  Weissman contested the play and after a long discussion with the volunteer umpire, the play was over turned to the dismay of the Titans.  Tension was starting to grow in this game as the umpire was not well trained to conduct the game and the game was going to be close.  Randy George was next and he would go down on swings.  Zach Turner was next and hit a line drive down the first base side that died at about 100 feet.  Cantan was slow to move to the ball.  He needed to be more aggressive with Turner’s speed, and missed an opportunity as Turner tied it up. Marvin Morgan then hit the 5th pitch he saw up the right middle of the field, Zuccarello moved to his right and dove, knocking it down as it hit his body and rolled just under him.  Guy was able to recover in time as Marvin took a bad line and was short of the base.  After two full frames, the games was knotted at two apiece.

3rd inning

The third inning would be uneventful for Boston on offense.  Rob Dias would go down on strikes to start off the inning.  Drew Crook would hit a line drive up the middle of the field,  It took one hop and hit Bordley in the chest and then bounced off him.  Bordley had plenty of time to recover from the gun shot to his chest and stopped Crook with plenty of time.  This brought Connolly back to the mound and Sanchez to the plate.  The two could not connect and Sanchez was down on strikes for the second straight time.  This was the Renegades 4th whiff of the game.

The third was also unkind to the Titans.  Alfonso Harrel led off and hit a short high fly ball around 50 feet in front of Rob Dias.  Rob charged it, slid and made a great play with plenty of time to get Alfonso who was running to third.    That would be all they would get as Gonzalez and Bordley would strike giving the Titans four whiffs in the game.

4th inning

Heading into the top of the 4th inning, The Renegades would go back to the bench and take out Shayne Cantan and go back to Joe Yee to hit.  Yee laced a no doubter that John Cruz could not handle and Yee was safe for his second run of the game.  Joe McCormick then hit a first pitch grounder to the left side sending George running back toward Turner.  McCormick scored for his second time in the game as all of the offense was provided by a Renegade named Joe.  Sadly, that momentum would not build as Shawn Devenish struck out.  Then things would get heated again with Rob Dias at the plate would hit a high short fly ball that landed 1 inch past the forty foot line.  The volunteer umpire called foul ball on a play that would have been very close as Dias was flying down the line and George was on his feet.  To the dismay of the Renegades, the play was called dead and Dias would eventually strike out.  More bad luck for Boston as Drew hammered the first pitch down the third base line.  The volunteer umps turned off the base as Crook trotted to third.  The Titans called dead ball.  The play was a mess.  Ultimately, the ball was called dead.  Crook would then fare the same way as Dias and would strike out as Boston had 7 whiffs thru the first 4 innings.  Boston led 4-2.

In the bottom of the 4th inning, Randy George would lead off the inning as the third base bag was having issues and would delay the game.  Oddly enough, Nestor Gonzalez was able to fix the Renegade’s base.  More odd stuff would occur as Randy George fouled the first pitch right off his own face.  He would shake it off.  George would then hit a grounder under the dive of Rob Dias and straight to Joe McCormick.  Mac would be frozen and was waiting for it to get to him as George ran to third.  It was a bang-bang play and the call was safe.  Zach Turner was next but the game would be delayed as third base was having issues.  Thanks to the Long Island Bombers, we had a replacement.  After a 7 minute delay, the game resumed. Turner would hit a high short fly ball up the middle of the field.  Dias took a bad line to the ball and was able to recover, and another bang-bang play went to Jersey as Turner’s speed was the difference on this play.  This tied the game up at four a piece.  Marvin Morgan would whiff, Alfonso Harrel would whiff and that would bring Damien Gonzalez to the plate.  On the first pitch of his at bat he hit a grounder to the right side where Zuccarello would be close to making a play when the umpire made a bad call and called foul ball as the NJ coach was visibly upset, and rightfully so.  The pitch would not count and Gonzalez would have a fresh count and would strike out.  After four frames. both teams had four runs each in this tie game.

5th Inning

Between innings, the volunteer umpire tagged out of the game as she was not having a good time and was struggling to run the game.  Joe Bourque took her place as the umpire; he is the most fair person who has ever umped a Renegade game in team history.  He also hustles and runs all over the field when he umpires.  The Titans were suspect but accepted the change.  Peter Connolly would then toe the mound to face David Sanchez who would hit the third pitch of the at bat down the third baseline.  Randy George made the stop with ease.  This brought Chris Kimball off the bench to pinch hit for the first time in the game for Elana Regan off Ron Cochran.  He tipped the first pitch and then hit a grounder up the middle which sent George running back into the defense as Kimball slid too early into first but still made it in time for the go ahead run.  This brought the hot Joe McCormick to the plate who hit a high fly ball that landed over George’s head and in front of Turner.  This was Mac’s third run of the game and his 317th run in team history.  This moved him into first place all-time passing Larry Haile who played with the renegades from 2005-2019.  Devenish would continue to be inconsistent, would foul one ball off (actually hitting it twice) and eventually strike out. Dias would then hit a weak grounder up the middle which George would charge with aggressiveness and Dias would be out.  Boston led 6-4.

Shayne Cantan would come back on to the field to replace Chris Kimball as Lamont Bordley stepped to the plate.  He would hit a short ball down the third base line and Rob Dias came in on it and picked up the ball that had stopped rolling before Bordley made it to first.  Randy George then hit a grounder to the left side. Dias took off to his right, slid feet first, over running it but he stopped it with his hands for the second out of the inning.  Turner was next, and leading the Titan offense with 2 of their runs in this match.  Turner went back to Dias on the third straight ball almost in the same spot as Bordley.  This time the ball got past Dias and died before Drew Crook and Turner made the game 6-5.  Marvin Morgan was next, swung and missed three straight times as tension built, took a pitch and then fouled off a pop fly.  He would whiff to ended the inning.  After five frames, Boston led 6-5.

6th inning

Drew Crook would lead off for the Renegades in the 6th inning.  He would hit the third pitch of the at bat in the air to the left side.  Zach Turner and Alfonso Harrel would converge on the ball and Turner made a nice play for the first out of the inning.  Sanchez was next with Peter Connolly on the mound.  He would foul one pitch off and strike out for the third time of the game.  This brought Joe Yee back to the plate as a pinch hitter for Shayne Cantan.  Yee would stay red hot and hit a line drive up the middle.  Lamont Bordley would make a great stop sliding to his left for the third out of the inning.  Boston could not get any insurance.  Boston led 6-5.

Heading into the bottom of the 6th inning, Boston subbed Elana Regan back in for Joe Yee on defense.  The Titans had their 3-4-5 hitters up and they were combined 0-9 with 4 whiffs in this game.  Alfonso Harrell would lead off.  He was 0-3 and was stopped in the first by Crook, Dias in the 3rd and whiffed in the 4th.  Harrel hit the second pitch in the air that landed in front of Rob Dias.  Dias had to wait for the bounce and then pounced on it making a stop on a bang-bang play that went uncontested.  This brought the lefty, Gonzalez to the plate.  He would work the count full, foul a ball off and then hit a weak grounder to the left side. Dias over ran it but recovered with Gonzalez still about 10 feet from the back for the last out.  This brought up Bordley who had been stopped by Cantan in the 2nd, whiffed in the 3rd and was stopped by Dias in the 5th.  He laced the first pitch into left field, Crook lined it up, laid out and it missed his hands by less than six inches and rolled by him.  Bordley was racing to third as McCormick was racing to back up Crook.  McCormick slid past the ball, but Bordley missed the base.  McCormick was able to recover before Bordley did and that was the ball game.

Wrap up

Boston would hold on to win this match.  The players of the game for Boston would be Joe McCormick who plated three runs and made one huge defensive stop.  Joe Yee also played two runs and Rob Dias made 6 stops on defense.  For New Jersey, Zach Tuner (3 runs) would be the stand out on offense and Randy George would pace the defense with three stops.

Boston 12 runs Long Island in the 3rd inning winning 15-9

Tyler Mireault scored the first run of his career and Missa Hoyt made the third stop of her career in this game for players of the game

Riding a 21 game win streak, the Renegades looked to get things going against the Long Island Bombers.  Keep in mind, this rivalry started off with Long Island owning a 7 game win streak.  Long Island last beat Boston in 2012.  Boston would actually win the coin toss in this game as Luis Soto and Tyler Mireault represented the team with pride.

The lineup in this game would be a little different,  The callers to start the game would be Jason Lenicheck on the left side and Peter Connolly on the right side.  Joe McCormick would start at the right shorty spot.  Joe Yee would be the DF and start at third.  Chris Kimball got the start at the rover position.  Luis Rodriguez started at first base.  Shayne Cantan was at the mid field slot and Guy Zuccarello moved over to the left shorty position.  This is how the game would start, but only one of them (Cantan) would end the game in the same position.

First inning

The Bombers had flown in their long time pitcher, James Sciortino to pitch.  This meant Boston would expect a higher rate of contact.  The leadoff hitter for Long Island was Melchion Wee Ellis.  Wee Ellis had been on the roster for a few years but injuries had prevented him from playing, so this was his first game against the Renegades.  The slight speedster struck out to start the game.  This brought the switch hitter, Alex Barrera to the plate hitting from the right side. On a full count, he would hit a ball that landed on the coffin corner, right where the foul line meets the 40 foot line.  Zuccarello was slow to the ball and Alex beat him on a bang-bang play.  Long Island drew first blood.  Alvin Suarez was next and hit a line drive off the pitcher hitting him near his chin, thankfully he was wearing a mask.  He would stay in the game.  He would hit a dribbler up the middle and Joe McCormick would range to his right, slide and make a perfect play for the 2nd out of the inning.  This brought Chris DeJesus to the dish.  He hit a weak pop into the coffin corner on the left side.  Zuccarello ran in and was there in time, but could not find the ball as it was under his body.  Long Island led 2-0.  This brought up the only player in their lineup who was on that Bomber team that owned the Renegades from 2002-2007, Braulio Thorne.  Thorne grounded it to the left side, past a diving Zuccarello as Joe Yee slid to his left to make the stop on the ball that had died in the grass.

Joe McCormick would lead off this game and hit a weak pop fly down the first base line. Braulio Thorne would have a tough time winning this race and McCormick had Boston on the board.  Shawn Devenish was next.  He also tested the right side and Thorne, this time the ball was on the ground and Thorne made the play before Devenish got to first base.  Chris Kimball was next and hit  ball up the middle and Kimball scored, but the ball ticked off Ron Cochran and the play was called dead.  He would then foul off three pitches before hitting a grounder to the left side which Chris DeJesus stopped with ease.  This brought Luis Rodriguez up for his first at bat of the tournament.  He would hit a short pop up to the left side, DeJesus may have gotten a bad call as he hit the ground too early and they could not recover as Rodriguez was fast down the third base line.  Shayne Cantan was next with Peter Connolly taking the mound.  Cantan lofted a fly ball to center field and would score to give the Renegades the lead.  Guy Zuccarello was next and hit a fly ball to the right side.  Thorne gave up on it and Weeks came charging in.  The out was called but replays show that Weeks did not have the ball off the ground and Zuccarello should have been safe.  After one inning, Boston led 3-2

Second Inning

Robert Weeks would lead off for the Bombers and would go down on strikes to get things started.  Melchion Wee Ellis was next and hit a fly ball up the middle. Shayne Cantan crept up from his spot at midfield and made a nice aggressive play.  Alex Barrera, who scored the first run of the game, was next, hitting right handed.  Alex grounded it weekly to the left side and Guy Zuccarello stopped it with ease for a 1-2-3 inning.

Joe McCormick would lead off in the second inning.  His first swing would send a fly ball foul down the left field side.  It would strike third base on the fly.  He would then send a hard grounder up the middle that Alex Barrera would chase to his left and it would come to stop before getting to Alvin Suarez in the third layer for Mac’s 2nd run of the game.  Shawn Devenish would go down on strikes.  Chris Kimble, looking to get on the board in this game was next.  On the second pitch, he would hit a dribbler in front of Chris DeJesus.  Kimball would win the race of the Chris’s to get his first run of the game.  Luis Rodriguez would test Chris DeJesus again in a weak hit up the middle.  Rodriguez took a great line to third and won the foot race for his second run of the contest. Pete Connolly then took Shayne Cantan to the left side coffin corner.  DeJesus would make this play in time.  Guy Zuccarello, who was robbed in the first on a bad call, looking for the first hit of his season would line the second pitch off Cochran up the middle.  DeJesus would dive and miss and Barrera dove and it went off his legs, the ball rolled away and it was too far away from any player to stop Guy from scoring the first run of his season.  Back to the top of the order, McCormick worked the count to 1-2 and lined a ball to the right side past the Long Island defense.  Devenish would then hit a grounder up the right side middle, Long Island defenders would all hit the ground, but nobody was close as Devenish scored his first run of the  contest.  Kimball would next hit a line drive to the right side.  Weeks slid to his right, dove and picked up the ball right after Kimball hit first base.  Luis Rodriguez then lofted a pop fly up the middle and would make this play closer than it should have been because he took two steps to the wrong base. Alex Barrera would hit the ground and pick it up to make the stop.  Boston plated seven runs to take a 10-2 lead.

Third Inning

The Long Island bats would then go silent.  Alvin Suarez and Chris DeJesus would strike out to start things off.  Big Braulio Thorne was next and on a full count grounded a ball to the left side to Guy Zuccarello for a 1-2-3 inning.

Shayne Cantan would lead off the bottom of the third, looking to get something going off Peter Connolly.  Cantan would hit a grounder down the third base line that would get past a diving DeJesus and he would beat Wee Ellis to third base.  Zuccarello would strike out on four pitches.  McCormick was next and grounded a ball up the middle, DeJesus went to the end of his zone responsibility and Braulio Thorne didn’t move as McCormick plated his fourth run of the game. Weissman would go to the bench and get Ivan Rodriguez into the game as the designated hitter in his first appearance of the season.  Peter Connolly was in the game to face him.  Ivan would tip the second pitch but swing and miss on the next two pitches and would go down on strikes.  Elana Regan would pinch hit for Chris Kimble against Ron Cochran.  She fouled off three straight pitches.  She then tagged a line drive down the third base line and sprinted toward first and scored.  As the cheering was going on, rookie, Tyler Mireault stepped into the box for his first ever at bat.  Mireault, did not have his own game shirt yet as it was in the mail, was wearing #9, thanks to Zuccarello.  He fouled off the third pitch for the first contact of his career.  He hit the 4th pitch to the left side and stood at home plate as the ball went foul.  Weissman chatted with him about the importance of running out all hits.  Tyler then lofted a fly ball to the left side and stumbled out of the box as he turned to third base.  The ball landed behind Chris DeJesus and Alex Barrera was frozen.  Mireault picked up speed and beat Barrera to the ball as the Renegade bench was all waiting at home plate to congratulate Tyler on his first run.  Mireault joined Aqil Sajjad, David Sanchez and Drew Crook as one of just four Renegades to score in their first at bat.  Shayne Cantan was next, with Peter Connolly back on the mound.  He would tag the second pitch into left center field past everyone for the 15th run of the contest.  Rob Thayer would get his first appearance of the day, hitting for Guy Zuccarello.   Thayer would ground it up the middle as Alex Barrera would make the second stop of his game.

Fourth Inning

Boston would lead 15-2 and the game would be in the 12-run rule.  Weissman had to change the entire defensive lineup.  Rob Thayer would play first base.  Tyler Mireault would move to rover, Melissa Hoyt would play third, Elana Regan would move to the left shorty spot.  Rob Dias would come off the bench to play the right shorty.  The only player who stayed in the field was Shayne Cantan.  Bryan Grillo would also replace Jason Lenicheck as the left side caller.  Robert Weeks would lead off the fourth and ground a ball up the right middle of the field.  Rob Dias would make the play.  Wee Ellis would hit a fly ball to the right side.  Rob Thayer would freeze in his track and just point at the ball, Dias sprinted back to try to make the play, but Wee Ellis legged it out for the run.  Alex Barrera hitting right handed and Alvin Suarez would strike out to end the fourth.

Fifth Inning

Heading into the 5th, Drew Crook would enter to play first base to replace Rob Thayer.  Chris DeJesus would lead off and hit a grounder up the middle. Elana Regan would move to her left and over run the ball slightly as the ball hit her in the leg as she went to the ground, she struggled to find the ball as DeJesus hit third base safely on a close play.  Long Island went to the bench for Edgar Erickson to hit for Thorne.  He would hit a line drive up the middle and Rob Dias would scoot over from the right side to make the play.  Robert Weeks was next and he hit a grounder at Elana Regan. She hit the ground and realized it was not going to make it to her and she scooted forward to make the stop.  Wee Ellis would strike out to end the fifth inning.  With the game in a 12 run rule, Boston led 15-4

Sixth inning

Alex Barrera would lead off the 6th inning batting from the right side.  He lofted a fly ball to the left side over Elana Regan.  Melissa Hoyt may have been playing a tad too deep.  By the time she attacked the ball, Alex was safe on a close play.  Alvin Suarez would whiff for the third straight time and the 7th time for Long Island.  Chris DeJesus was next and hit a fly ball at Elana Regan, but she took two steps to the middle of the field and then could not recover as DeJesus had his third run of the game.  Edgar Erickson then hit a grounder down the third base line that died around 65 feet.  Regan took a poor line to the ball as it never made it out to her, she then dropped to the ground and crawled to it giving Erickson his first run of the game. Robert Weeks was next and hit another grounder at Elana.  She went down diving to her left and the ball rolled under her feet.  She heard Rob Dias backing her up, but by the time he could get to the ball Weeks was safe for his second run of the game.  Wee Ellis whiffed for the third time for the 2nd out of the inning.  Alex Barrera then hit a grounder down the right side.  Dias had to give chase as he was left alone on that side of the field.  Barrera scored with ease.  Alvin Suarez was next.  He hit a line drive at Elana Regan who got caught running up the middle on the call.  Melissa Hoyt took charge and yelled, “mine” as she grabbed the ball for the final out and her 3rd career stop.  Long Island would plate 5 runs in the 6th inning.

Wrap up

Boston would win this game with ease with their second 12 run victory of the 2023 season.  Joe McCormick would pace the offense with four runs.  Shayne Cantan would also pitch in with a trifecta of his own.  Guy Zuccarello and Rob Dias would each pace the defense with two stops each.  The big story in this game was the run scoring effort of rookie, Tyler Mireault.  Long Island was paced by Alex Barrera and Chris who each scored three runs and made two stops on defense.

Philly Routes the Renegades 16-3

First inning

Joe Mac paced the offense with 2 runs and the defense with 4 stops. Tyler became just the 2nd player in team history to score in his first two at bats

After losing the coin toss, the Renegades were the visiting team.  Joe McCormick would lead off for Boston with Ron Cochran pitching.  Mac would hit the second pitch down the first base line.  Tyler Rodriguez would slide to his left and as he went down to get the ball, he booted it into toward the lie, and that lack of a clean play allowed Mac to score easily into first base.  Shawn Devenish was next and hit the third pitch down the third base line.  Casey Krause slid to the line with ease but the ball never made it to him, he was able to recover in time to get Devenish.  Rob Dias worked the count to three strikes before hitting a grounder right to Casey Krause on the left side. This brought Peter Connolly to the mound to face Shayne Cantan.  Cantan lofted a line drive into left field.  Justin Rhines ranged to his right, slid and picked up the ball in deep left field before Cantan hit the base. A great play by Rhines.  Boston only got one run in the first frame.

For the Renegades, Bryan Grillo would call the left side and Jason Lenicheck would call the right side.  Justin Rhines would lead off after making a great play to end the first inning.  He would ground the ball to the left side, but the base switch operator was slow in getting the base on and the play would be redone.  Rhines then hit another grounder right at Rob Dias.  Dias was frozen and stood his ground.  It rolled to him slowly and Rob’s lack of aggressiveness allowed Rhines to score. Tyler Rodriguez then smoked a line drive down the first base line and nobody had a chance on this for Boston as the Fire took the lead.  John Margist would whiff for the first out.  Scott Hogwood then lofted a fly ball to center field.  McCormick over ran it by a step but was able to recover and make the stop with plenty of time to get Hogwood for the 2nd out of the inning.  Nick Silver struck out to end the inning.  After one full inning, the Fire led 2-1.

Second Inning

In the top of the 2nd inning, Connolly stayed on the mound to face David Sanchez.  Sanchez hit the first pitch to the right side.  Tyler Rodriguez got his body in front of it but it rolled up and over him.  He was able to recover in time to make the stop.  Drew Crook was next as Ron Cochran came back to the mound.  He hit the second pitch up the middle and Casey Krause slid to his left, dove and made a perfect stop.  This brought Joe McCormick back to the plate.  He hit a hard grounder past Casey Krause, but  the base was late.  Mac called late base but the umpires were not trained well and called late base in the middle of the play. McCormick did the exact same thing , sending a bouncer over Casey Krause.  Philly would contest the call, but the play would stand.  Shawn Devenish then sent the third pitch in the air up the middle of the field.  Tyler Rodriguez came over to make a nice stop to end the inning.

Casey Krause would lead off the 2nd for Philly.  He would hit a room service grounder right to Rob Dias and was stopped very quickly for the first out.   Rhines would hit a grounder to Dias but we would have the third issue with a last base in this game.  At this point, the Philly head coach asked for a new base operator and a change was made.  Rhines would strike out bringing Tyler Rodriguez to the dish.    He would hit a grounder to the right side as Guy Zuccarello charged it and made the play.  After two innings, the game was tied at Two,

Third Inning

Rob Dias would lead off for the Renegades.  He hit the second pitch off his hands to the right side to Tyler Rodriguez.  During the play, he felt something in his leg and Mike Marciello started to work with him to see if he could stay in the game.  This brought Connolly back to the mound to face Shayne Cantan.  Shayne lofted a fly ball up the middle of the field.  Casey Krause moved to the middle and converged on it with two other defenders and made the play.  Sanchez hit the first pitch he saw down the right side right to Tyler Rodriguez.  Boston went down 1-2-3 on just 4 pitches.

As Boston took the field, it was decided to take Dias out of the game with the World Series being two weeks away.  Tyler Mireault would get the call to play rover while Joe McCormick moved up to play the left short position, vacated by Dias.   John Margist would find the rookie to start off the inning.,  He hit a line drive that got out to the 2nd layer and got under a diving Shawn Devenish and bounced off a diving Tyler Mireault for the go ahead run.  Scott Hogwood then hit a scorching grounder to the left, Crook thought he had it lined up but it would go off his hands and roll past him.  Mireault was there but Crook did not call for help and Hogwood was save. Nick Silver then lofted a fly ball up the middle.  McCormick tried to line up the ball and Silver missed third base, but Mac could not get the ball off the ground for the third straight run.  Krause then hit a grounder to the left side and McCormick dropped immediately, but the ball was hit to his left and he was on the ground waiting for it.  Devenish gave chase but could not get it in time to beat the speedy Krause.  Rhines then smashed a ball on the ground to the left side, past McCormick, under Devenish and over Mireault for a run.  Tyler Rodriguez then hit a line drive up the middle past a diving Devenish.  This was six straight hitters and six straight scores.  Margist up for the second time in the inning.  He hit a dribbler up the left side. McCormick took a bad line at the ball running to the center of the field before cutting back to his right, dropping before the ball and crawling to it.  Margist was safe.  Hogwood then hit a dribbler down the third base line, McCormick over dove it but recovered to pick it up for the first out of the inning. Silver then lofted  high fly ball right at Drew Crook, Drew laid out and picked up the ball fast, bit no fast enough to get Silver.  Krause was next and hit a dribbler up the middle, McCormick and Zuccarello charged it, Krause missed the bag just as McCormick picked the ball up.  Justin Rhines stepped in and hit a fly ball to the middle of the field.  Shayne Cantan picked it up a hair after Rhines hit the base.  Tyler Rodriguez then hit a grounder at McCormick, Mac laid out it rolled by him, but Rodriguez missed third base, giving McCormick time to make the play.    Philly scored 9 runs in the frame but could have scored more if they had run better bases.  This marked the 15th time in team history that an opponent had scored at least 9 runs in an inning.  The last time was in the first inning vs the Indy Edge in the 2022 WS when they let up 12 runs (the record was 12 against the Indy Thunder in the 2017 WS).

Fourth Inning

Boston needed an answer or this game was in danger of getting into the mercy rule. Drew Crook did not waste time as he hit the first pitch on the ground up the middle past Krause and Margist bobbled it.  Margist had plenty of time to regroup and make the play.  McCormick was next and struck out as he slammed his bat on the way back to the bench in frustration of how the game had gone.  Devenish would not fare much better as he also struck out.  The Renegades limped back into defense down 11-2.

Heading into the bottom of the 4th, Luis Rodriguez entered the game to replace Tyler Mireault.  John Margist would lead off for the second inning in a row.  He would blast a ball to right center, Cantan was there, on his knees waiting for the bounce, but it bounced by him and even though Margist missed the base, he was safe as the ball rolled into no-man land.  Hogwood then hit a grounder to the left side.  Zuccarello had shifted over to the left side at the start of the inning.  He would charge it, over run it and pick it up but Hogwood beat it out.  The Renegades contested the call, but the play stood.  Nick Silver lofted a ball to the right side in the air.  McCormick gave chase and slid running back into the defense and almost made the play but Silver was safe.  Krause then hit a fly ball to the right side, McCormick charged it but it landed almost where he started and Krause was safe.  Rhines then hit a weak grounder up the middle, the call must have fooled Grillo as nobody charged it.  by the time Zuccarello adjusted, it was too late and Rhines was safe.  Tyler Rodriguez had a chance to make it two straight innings where everyone scored.  He hit a grounder to left center.  Devenish got on his horse and took off, slid and stopped the ball on a rangy play by Devenish for his first stop of the game.  Margist would strike out for the second time of the game.  Hogwood would hit a grounder and Guy Zuccarello would stop the bleeding.  Philly put the game into the 12 run rule up 16-2.

Fifth and sixth Inning

As the Renegades came in, Weissman announced that everyone was getting into the game.,  It was time to figure out how to do that. Luis Rodriguez would lead off after playing an inning in the field.  He hit the first pitch hard down the third base line.  Krause took a hard angle that took him over 100 feet behind first base and made a great play to stop Rodriguez.  Joe Yee would come off the bench to face his cousin and hit the first pitch to the right side where Tyler Rodriguez was waiting for it for the out.  David Sanchez would stay in the game and hit a 40 foot coffin corner, Krause would race forward, bobble it and make the play.  Tyler Mireault would then re-enter the game and hit for Crook.  He hit a line drive past everyone on the right side and would score on a laser hit into right field.  He became just the second Renegade in team history to score in his first two at bats (Drew Crook was the other player in 2019).  Elana Regan hit for McCormick and hit a grounder down the left field side and Krause made the stop.  Rob Thayer entered the game and grounded it up the middle, to who else, Casey Krause.  Ivan Rodriguez would enter the game and face Peter Connolly.  He would swing and miss four straight times and that was the ball game.

Wrap up

This was the first time in team history that the team from Philly had ever 12-runned the Renegades.  The stars of the game were Casey Krause who scored twice and had 8 stops on defense and Justin Rhines who scored 4 times and had one stop in deep left field.  For the Renegades, there was not a lot to celebrate other than Tyler Mireault who scored the second run of his career and flew down the base path showing off what he is capable of and hopefully getting him excited for his 2024 season!


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