Renegades Take on the Lions on Two dates in September

Lions Club SymbolThe Local Lions clubs have been very good to the Boston Renegades over the years. Please come down and support the renegades as they take on some local Lions clubs and their communities. This is an excellent time to come check out the sport and the team.

The Woburn Lions will be taking on the Renegades in an exhibition game for the 3rd year in a row on Sunday, September 11. The event will start at 12:00 at the Joyce Middle School in Woburn, Mass located at 55 Locust Street in Woburn

On Saturday, September 17th the Renegades will travel to Bridgewater to take on a team put together by the Bridgewater Lions and the Bridgewater Academy Lions. This is the 2nd time in team history that the Renegades have traveled to Bridgewater. The last event was in 2008. This event will also start at 12:00. It will be played at the new Crescent Street Softall fields located at 120 Crescent Street in Bridgwater

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