Renegades Scrimmage…Come see us play!

On Sunday, July 14th The Boston Renegades are going to play a split squad scrimmage game to help tune up for the World Series.  We would like to invite all of our friends, family and fans to come see us play.  The Renegades have one of the biggest programs in the country and we will be able to field 2 teams of players, coaches and umpires.  It promises to be a fun afternoon where every Renegade will play.  The game will start at 10:00 and end around 12:00.  We will be playing in Watertown, where we practice at Fillipello field located on Arlington street.  Come on down and see us

  • We have four new players playing this season in Damon Graff, Tim Syphers, Pam Love and Lindsay Yazzolino
  • We have many players who you saw in our documentary playing including: Joey Wrong Way Buizon, Joe Quintanilla, Joe O’Neill, Evan Silver

Come on down and be amazed, inspired and laugh a little as we trash talk our way through this game.  You can be sure there will be some competitive fire amongst this family of Renegades.  We may not be playing another team from another city but we will show you that this team has one of the biggest hearts in all of the sport.  They play hard and they play together as One team supporting each other through the good and bad on the field!

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