Renegades 2020 Schedule

NBBA Game Schedule –

June 27: Norwood, PA: 1st leg of the Beast of the East
We are heading back to “philly” for the Beast of the East.  We have a new location this year and the games will be played in Norwood PA.   Boston has won the past 9 Beast of the East tournaments but this year will be a super challenge for the squad.  It’s unclear who we will play bu the team wil include Philly, the NJ Lightning, NJ Titans, Long Island Bombers and possibly the BCS Outlaws.  The Lightning and Outlaws are disqualified from Beast of the East tournament results because they are only playing in one leg of the tournament

July 11:  Joyce Middle School, Woburn, MA – 2nd leg of the Beast of the East

We are coming home to Woburn for just the third time in history.  This will be the fourth time the Renegades will play host to the Beast of the East ithe 10 years its been in existence.  The Woburn Host Lions are hosting the event at the Joyce Middle School located at 55 Locust street.  The format is undeternined right now but five teams are planning to go including Boston, Philly, Long Island, the NJ Titans and Rochester, NY.

July 28 – August 1: Beep Baseball World Series in Ames IA

The Renegades will attend their 19th consecutive world series.  Boston has done something no other team has done in history going from one of the worst teams in the league to a top team in the world.  Boston has been a top 5 team at the World Series every year since 2015.  Our first three games will be played on Tuesday, July 28. The Double elimination brackets will start on Wednesday and we will play 2-3 games on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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