Renegades Rock Climbing is Coming!


On Monday, March 10, Coach Lisa Andrews attended an event to hear about a blind climber named Randy Pierce. Randy Pierce lost his vision at age 22 and has faced numerous challenges as result of an unknown neurological disease. His latest accomplishment: climbing all 48 of the rugged 4,000+ foot peaks in the White Mountains. Randy’s organization 2020 Vision Quest uses adventure to raise awareness and inspire others to set their own visions and achieve their own goals.

The event was hosted by Waypoint adventures. They were awesome and allowed the Renegades to have Lisa Andrews talk about beep baseball and our upcoming rock climbing event at Central Rock Gym in April. Lisa was able to recruit a few volunteers to help us with this event, to give us experienced belayers to help our climbers climb to the top. We hope you will consider coming rock climbing with the Renegades on Saturday, April 5th from 1-4 pm. Pre registration is required. Please use the following link to sign up. Choose “special events” and Renegades beep baseball fundraiser

Renegade coach, Lisa Andrews, addresses the crowd about the Renegades and recruited a few volunteers to help with our upcoming rock climbing event.

The event was hosted by Waypoint adventures.  Pictured in red is Randy Pierce and one of the owners of Wayside, Adam Combs (to Randy's left in the vest).

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