Renegades Ranked 8th for the 2014 World Series

Boston is putting some final tweaks together in its last two practices as the team departs on Monday, August 4th for the World Series of Beep Baseball in Rochester, Minnesota.  This will be the13th year the Renegades have appeared in a World Series and the 12th under Coach Rob Weissman.

It has been a year of challenges for the Renegades that started in the winter with Weissman getting hospitalized for more than 3 weeks and their pitcher, Ron Cochran having back problems that shelved him till May.  On top of this, the Renegades recruited four new players and four new volunteers that all needed to learn the game.  But the size and heart of this team can overcome and has marched forward. Weissman and Cochran have healed and the Gades have won 5 of the 6 contests they have played in this year.

Rank Team Renegades Record vs this team
1 Austin 2-3
2 Bayou City 0-3
3 RHI 0-2
4 Chicago 0-9
5 North Carolina 3-1
6 Indianapolis 3-9
7 Colorado 2-7
9 SouthWest 2-0
10 Long Island 14-11
11 Tyler 6-1
12 Atlanta 1-0
13 Minnesota 2-0
14 Athens 0-0
15 New Jersey 8-2
16 Columbus 0-0
17 Iowa 0-0
18 Wichita 3-0
19 Lone Star 1-0

Boston will start the Tournament on Tuesday with three games

Game #1 Vs Minnesota:  The two teams have played just twice.  Once in Chicago in 2010 where Boston won a Squeaker 7-5  and the last time in Iowa at the World Series to determine the #9 seed in 2012 when Boston won 18-8.  Steve Guerra is the captain of this team and he is the reason Weissman is in Beep baseball as the two went to college together.  Guerra also has probably played more games against Boston than any other player in the NBBA as he was with Long Island for years.  Their offense last year was run through Ben Goodrich who hit .444 and Matt McCoy who hit .323.  Evan Van Duyne is their star on defense as he made 36 stops and is 4-9 lifetime at the plate against Boston.

Game #2 Vs. Wichita:  These teams have faced off three times.  In 2009 the Renegades battled for the 9 seed and won 13-3.  In 2011, in Indianapolis, they faced off for the 1st game and Boston prevailed 10-1.  In the last contest in 2013, they faced each other in the first game of the day in Bolingbrook and Boston eked out a 3-0 victory.  The star player for Wichita is Kevin Burton who has announced that this will be his last year of play after 20 season.  Burton led the team with a .435 average in the 2013 series and was third with 9 defensive stops.  He represented 40% of the Sonics offense.  Defensively, Jonathan Akin and Josh Sisson made 19 and 18 stops.  Their offense should get a boost with the return of Charles Anderson who did not play in the series last year.

Game #3 Vs. RHI:  These two teams have faced off just twice with the last game being a 10-7 victory by RHI to knock Boston out of the double elimination bracket.  In that game, Boston fell behind 10-0 after two innings.  RHI has made some pick-ups this off season to help them take a shot at the title.  They went and got All-star Danny Foppiano from Austin and speedster, Nick Silver from St. Louis.  The Extreme has one of the deepest rosters in the league which will serve them well in a long week of games.  Demeil Wright led the team with a .595 Batting average  (22-37) but they had five players score at least 10 runs and they hit .418 as a team.  Defensively things were spread out as Clint Woodard made 31 stops and James Michaels made 25.  Three other players made double digit stops.  RHI is ranked 3rd in the Series and has a good shot to get to the championship game this year.

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