Renegades Need new Coaches & Players

imagesThe Boston Renegades are always looking for new coaches and players.  No experience is required as long as your willing to make a commitment to the team.

From a coaching standpoint we are looking for people who have some of these skills

  • Baseball/softball experience
  • A love of sports
  • A willingness to help people
  • Athletic training skills
  • Coaching experience
  • Experience in running

From a player standpoint, we just want you to come try out the sport and meet the team.  You need to be legally blind in order to play but it does not matter how much vision you have.  We just want you to have the following

  • A desire to be part of a team
  • A desire to want to learn the game
  • A willingness to commit to the program and time the Volunteers give to it

As part of the Renegade experience you will be amazed at how hard we work, how much fun we have and you will meet a group of people who have things in common with you that will become your friends on and off the field.


If your interested in hearing more, please email us at [email protected]

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