Renegades Featured in the Boston Globe

On Sunday, May 25th, The Boston Renegades appeared as a feature article in a 4 page spread within the Globe Magazine.  The article was written by David Wanczyk who the Renegades met in the summer of 2013.  Dave is professor of creative writing and is writing a novel about beep baseball and the Renegades are one of the teams he is featuring in his book that is targeting 2015 to hit the shelves.  To find out more on this book project, check out Dave’s Facebook page

The article features 3rd year player, Joe McCormick and shows you how he has overcome adversity to recently graduate Harvard University.  It also takes a look inside the Renegades World Series in 2013, which Dave was granted all access to the team’s inner workings for his book.

The photo shoot was done by the Boston Globe on a dreary day that threatened rain the whole afternoon.  Joe was like a supermodel with the cameras following his every move for nearly two hours.  The lead picture (shown below) was amazing as the photographer, Dina Rudick was literally in the wet grass and mud looking up at him

The article is entitled “the hardest working man in baseball and can be found here on the Globe’s site.  If you are visually impaired and would rather listen to the article you can hear it here on soundcloud


Joe Mac - "the hardest working man in baseball)

Photo by Dina Rudick/Boston Globe


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