Renegades appear in Local Baseball Magazine

The Local Baseball community is starting to hear more and more about the Renegades.  We have Brett Rudy to thank for that.  He came out in June of this year to take part in a charity game against Sullivan & Worcester Law firm.  Bunker Hill Community College cancelled the game on us…but we found a way to meet with Brett to help him with the story on our team.  He wrote an article that appeared in both the New England Baseball Journal and  You can see this story and more on our media page.  Or you can go right to to view it

While there, Brett shot a few videos that may interest you

Joey Buizon

 Joe McCormick

Aqil Sajjad


Tim Syphers


Rob Weissman


Joe McCormick and Aqil Sajjad take Batting Practice


Brett Rudy, our reporter straps on the blind fold and takes some hacks 

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