The Renegade Report podcast Debuts and talks with Guy Zuccarello!

Tim Syphers holding a certificate of completion at the Connecticut School of broadcasting

Our own, Tim Syphers is the host of theRenegade report

We would like to introduce the brand new Renegade Report podcast which has been started by Boston Renegade, Tim Syphers.  The focus of the report will be on players and coaches and their journeys toward becoming Renegades and why it is so important to them. The common goal on the field is surpassed only by the relationships formed off of it, and this is something we would like to portray through these episodes.

To get the podcast started, we have created an account on soundcloud and you can find the podcast here

Our first guess on the Renegade report is long-time  Renegade Guy Zuccarello.

Please follow Tim and his Journey to tell our stories!

One cool thing about the Boston Renegades and beep baseball is there are so many stories to tell.  Stories that go beyond the games and into the people.  How did these players lose their sight? What struggles did they encounter? How did they overcome them?  Who are the volunteers and what drives them? How do all of these strangers come together to form one of the best teams in the league.  The stories are endless, sad, heart warming and fun.  We hope you will join Tim and listen along with us.

Lastly, Its important to note that not only is Tim talking beepball but we are providing him an opportunity to pursue his passion which is Radio.  He has found a way to help his team and his own career at the same time.  We hope this pays dividends and helps you learn about our program but also helps Tim grow his expertise to grow his career.  We have done this for others as well.  Patrick Marquis wanted to learn how to use wordpress, and he did it by helping us redesign our web site a few years back.  Bill Lee wanted to expand his photography skills, and we were able to get him a free rental lense to take pictures of us playing ball.  If you have a passion you want to pursue whether its journalism, fundraising, project management, design, Public relations…We have plenty of opportunities…just ask us at [email protected] and maybe we can partner with you!


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