Renegade NFL Survival Pool

Are you a Renegade and an NFL Fan?

If yes, we have a fun way for you to make a donation to the Renegades and compete to win an NFL survivor pool!

This type of pool is a fun way to follow the NFL.  Here is how it works:

  • You make one pick a week.
  • If the team you pick wins, you survive and move to the next week, but you can’t pick that team again.
  • If your team loses, you are eliminated.
  • Last person standing – survives and wins!

We have set up a web site that will allow you to pick your games.  If you forget to make a pick, don’t worry – the system will make a pick for you (but we can’t guarantee it who it will be)

To take part in the pool, Please sign up here and send payment to Chris Kimball (one of players) on Venmo.  If you do not have access to Venmo, Please contact your favorite Renegade for alternative options to collect payment. (The attached link has directions for payment and allows you to support a Renegade’s fundraising effort)  The NFL season starts on Thursday, September 8th and all picks must be submitted before that game starts.

To get started – please click this link: 

Here are the rules of the pool are the following:

  • The entry fee is $25
  • You pick 1 NFL team each week
  • If your team wins you survive until the next week
  • If your pick loses you are eliminated
  • The goal is to be the last person standing
  • The first game of the NFL season starts on September 8th
  • Picks are due before the start of the first game each week (watch out for Thursday night football)
  • If you forget to make a pick your pick will be automatically made for you by the system.
  • If the game of the team you choose is cancelled for some reason,  your new pick will be automatically chosen for you
  • After the deadline to make your pick passes you will be able to see which teams have been selected by everyone who is still alive in the pool
  • You can choose each NFL team only once (unless you make it to the playoffs, at which point you can once again choose from any team a maximum of one time)

To get started – please click this link: 

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