Reactions to the Book Signing events

David Wanczyk brings BEEP to three Boston Book Signing events

David Wanczyk is the author of the incredible story “Beep Inside the Unseen World of Baseball for the Blind” and he was in town recently for three book signing events. A magazine article was his inspiration for the writing his book.  He wanted to learn more about the stories of the players and the game of Beep Baseball.  In 2012, David traveled to the Beep Baseball World Series and fell in love with it. In his book, Wanczyk  featured our favorite hometown team the Boston Renegades as one of four teams he follows over his journey.

Recently, Wanczyk traveled to the Boston area to give book readings to the community.  There were a total of three book signing events. The first event was in Cambridge at Porter Square Books where David read to almost fifty people. The crowd enjoyed every second of it. The second event was in Acton which hosted a slightly smaller but more generous crowd, who truly enjoyed the reading.  Dave’s biggest crowd was in Amherst where more than 60 people listened to his tales.  David is a true inspiration to the game. It is a huge step forward for the Beep Baseball community.  We would like to thank him.

We were able to live stream the event from The Silver Unicorn Book Store in Acton for those who were unable to attend.  You can watch that video here:

Here is David Wanczyk on BEEP:

Renegades in BEEP

The Renegades were one of many teams featured in this book. A few of its players, Joe McCormick, Guy Zuccarello, Larry Haile, and Coach Rob Weissman were main focus points for David Wanczyk. The Renegade’s story begins with a tale about Joe McCormick.  Wanczyk dives into Joe’s life and how he handled his vision loss during his Senior Year of High School.  He takes you to Georgia to meet the Renegades as they took on Taiwan and RHI Extreme.   Wanczyk comes back to the Renegades bench in 2014 in Rochester, Minnesota for games against Austin, Carolina and the Bayou City Heat. This book isn’t just about the game, but the ability in the word disability. The game of Beep Baseball is such an inspiration, and hopefully more and more people can join the community of Beep.

Coaches and Players Reactions About BEEP

At the book signing events, especially the first one, many coaches, players, and even former players were there. Former players included, Darren Black, Joey O’Neil, and JJ Ward. Below are some reactions of Peg Bailey, David Sanchez, and Joey O’Neil about the book and the experience of hearing the book readings.

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