PHD, Aqil Sajjad Featured in article with Learning Ally

While many people in the United States laugh at a television hit called the Big Bang Theory, The Renegades have a team mate that may fit into that show.  Aqil Sajjad is a blind athlete for the Renegades who up until a few days ago had never heard of this TV show.  Aqil is a Theoretical Physics student at Harvard with his PHD.  You think hitting a baseball without sight is tough…how about working some of those equations?  We have a smart team, but Aqil takes it to another level.  The only big bang we really care about though is the Bang off his bat!  Read the article on our media page or on the Learning Ally web site


The Renegades have a theoretical Physicist that could be on the big bang theory.  Of course his "big bang" was the walk off hit he had against New Jersey last weekend!  How can he do physics without his sight?  He is WICKED SMAHT!

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