Onform partners with the Renegades

In July, 2021 Onform and the Renegades entered into a an exciting partnership and we hope that it will continue to grow into the future.

Our Past

Back in 2013, the Renegades started working with Ubersense as a way to grow the team’s depth and knowledge of our sport.   We wrote about this back in 2015 when they came to visit us at practice.  In fact, we were honored that Ubersense used us in a promotional video that is still in use today.

After working with Ubersense for a few years, the company was sold to Hudl.  Hudl kept us on as a partner whom they supported and valued.  We are grateful for the years of support and help we received from them.  This spring, Hudl announced they were selling the Hudl Technique application.  We were unsure what that would mean for the Renegades.

Our Present

That question was answered this month.  We are excited to enter a new age with an old friend who supported our partnership when we first started with Ubersense.  The Co-Founder of Ubersense has co-founded a new company called Onform in 2020.  In May of this year, they bought back their former application, Ubersense.  We are excited to partner back up with Krishna, Gear and their team at Onform.  They have a vision to take advantage of the latest technology, which has advanced significantly over the years. Their goal is to leverage AI, machine learning and cloud infrastructure to create a new platform to help coaches and athletes learn a skill in any sport.

With a long lay-off due to COVID, the Renegades are shaking off the rust.  We look forward to working with Onform to get our game back to where it was when we were ranked 3rd in the world.  Onform will help us in new ways to communicate with our players and coaches to make improvements to our game.   We are excited to see so many new improvements  which Onform has made that will benefit our team.  We have found a unique way to use it with blind athletes to help us become a force in our sport! More importantly, we have used it as a way to change lives! We look forward to supporting Onform in their efforts to spread the word about their application.

We are grateful for this partnership and want to thank the entire Onform community for their help!

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