Joe Quintanilla is Not Your Average Joe

During the month of May, Not Your Average Joe’s in Watertown is running a promotion to help the Boston Renegades.  If you dine there on a Sunday in May the Boston Renegades will received 15% of your check (excluding tax, Tip and booze) if you give them a copy of this flyer (or show it to them on your phone).  Please let us know your interest and share our Facebook event with friends

Not Your Average Joe's coupon

As many Renegade fans know we have had many players on our roster over the years named Joe…and they are definitely Not Your Average Joe.

Joe Q SAFE!Joe Quintanilla was the first “Not Your average Joe” to join the Boston Renegades back in 2001.  As a young kid, Joe Q wanted to be the left fielder for the Boston Red Sox!  When asked in school what do you want to do when you grow up, he would answer “the left fielder for the Boston Red Sox, like Jim Rice!”  Retinitis Pigmentosa got in the way of Joe’s childhood dream, and he was never able to play little league.

In 2001, everything changed, Joe Q was one of the first players to join the Boston Renegades.  “Hitting a ball that is pitched to you was and is an awesome experience!” He says.  “I finally was able to play the outfield and wear number 14!”  For sixteen years, Joe Q has been patrolling the outfield for the Renegades and leads the team in most games played and 2nd in runs scored.  Join him at Not Your Average Joe’s Sunday!

While at the 2010 World Series in Minnesota, the Rochester Post Bulletin ran a few articles in the sports page about the athletes at the Beep Baseball World Series.  One of those articles was about our very own Joe Quintanilla.  The article was titled “Leads by Example” and was subtitled “Nearly blind, Boston man has blazed an inspiring trail”.  The article is no longer available on line but we have a picture of the article that appeared in print with a full color picture of Joe in his batting stance and blind fold on.  We apologize for not having the text in a format for screen readers.  Click the photo to read the article.

Article in the Rochester Post Bulletin from 2010 on Joe Quintanilla

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