Joe McCormick named Co-MVP at the 2022 World Series

Ron Cochran (pitcher), Joe McCormick and Rob Weissman (Catcher) – with Mac’s Co- MVP trophy

Joe McCormick accomplished an amazing feat in 2022.  Not only did he set a team record for highest batting average in a season, he was name the Co-Offensive MVP at the 2022 World Series alongside David Smith, from the San Antonio Jets.  Though the Renegades did not appear in the World Series in 2021 due to COVID concerns, the team did practice and play regionally.  McCormick worked with hitting coach, Lucas Schwallie and they found a few things to make Mac more consistent in his approach.  We saw the results of this during the 2021 season and were eager to see if it would carry over to 2022.  It sure did!

The Renegades pride themself in their culture and desire to work hard.  Playing for the Renegades means you will get some of the best coaching in the league. That covers hitting, defense and even medical attention!  There is no other option in the New England area that can provide this experience!

Most runs scored in a single game

The Renegades have the deepest collection of stats in the NBBA’s history.  It helps when your head coach is a Business Analyst and a stat junkie.  On the way to Joe’s iconic season, he also set some individual game records as well.  He became just the second Renegade to ever score 6 or more runs in a game.  At a glance, this may not be that impressive to people around the league.  To any Renegade or NBBA Scorekeeper, they all know that Boston leads the league in making substitutions, so it’s rare that players even get 6 at bats in a game.  In fact, a Renegade has only scored 5 or more runs in a game 31 times in 276 games.  Here are the players who plated 6+ runs in a game

Player Year Event Runs Opponent Result of game
Christian Thaxton 2018 Philly- Beast of the East 7 NJ Titans 21-13 Win
Joe McCormick 2022 World Series 6 Gateway 25-15 Win
Christian Thaxton 2019 World Series 6 Minnesota 21-12 Win (4 inning 12 run)
Christian Thaxton 2017 World Series 6 Austin 18-7 Win
Christian Thaxton 2016 Philly- Beast of the East 6 PA Wolfpack 17-15 Win (8 innings)

Top Single Season Batting Averages

Here is a table of the top single season batting averages in team history.  When Joe joined the team in 2012, Shayne Cantan held the team record with a .617 batting average.  Christian Thaxton then took the top honors four times, before McCormick broke Thaxton’s record during the 2022 season!  Keep in Mind that other than Thaxton (who played Junior College baseball), the other guys on this list did not play much baseball in their lives before joining the Renegades.  McCormick was a soccer player.  Devenish and Cantan were football players.  Devenish also wrestled!  This is a testament to their hard work, athleticism, coach-ability and the Renegade culture of helping our players get the most out of their game!

Player Year At bats Runs Average
Joe McCormick 2022 48 38 .792
Christian Thaxton 2017 58 44 .759
Christian Thaxton 2019 79 58 .734
Christian Thaxton 2016 68 47 .691
Christian Thaxton 2018 47 32 .681
Joe McCormick 2021 33 22 .667
Shawn Devenish 2019 69 43 .623
Joe McCormick 2019 74 46 .622
Shayne Cantan 2010 81 50 .617
Joe McCormick 2015 66 40 .606

NBBA All- Stars

Next, Joe McCormick made a World Series All-star team.  The Renegades have had seven different players in their team history make League All-star status.  That list includes great Renegade players such as Darren Black (’03, ’06), Luis Marquez (’07), Justen Proctor (’11 & ’17), Guy Zuccarello (’12&’13), Shawn Devenish (’19), Christian Thaxton (’15, ’16, ’17, ’19) and Joe McCormick (’14, ’22).  The Renegades also have had three of its players named MVP in team history.

Player Year/Host City Offense/Defense Stats
Guy Zuccarello 2012 – Ames, Iowa Defense 36 stops (5.14 per game)
Christian Thaxton 2017- West Palm Beach, Florida Offense .897 avg. (26-29)
Joe McCormick (Co- MVP with David Smith) 2022 – Beaumont, Texas Offense .800 avg. (28-35)

Weissman, Thaxton and Cochran pose with Christian’s MVP award in 2017

Bryan Grillo (spotter), Guy Zuccarello and Justin Manjourides (spotter) pose with Guy’s MVP trophy in 2012

Taking Pride and Media Recognition

Though the Renegades put team before individual stats, we all take great pride when our players are recognized at the league level.  Their award is an award for everyone in our uniform as we all support each other and work together.  The coaches celebrate the accomplishment as we help our players prepare for the season.  The players celebrate because they also help each other on the field and support each other through thick and thin.  As a home grown team (meaning every player grew up in our system), It may be tough to name many teams who produced three MVP’s in their existence who played all of their games in just one uniform!

Joe’s story appeared locally in two papers.  Links to those stories are here:


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