Jet Blue donates $1,000 to the Boston Renegades

Aaron Proctor pictured here umpiring a game against the Woburn Lions in 2011Aaron Proctor, joined the Renegades in the 2009 season and was a full time coach during the 2009, 2010 and 2011 seasons.  During that time, Aaron donated countless hours as a volunteer on and off the field.  While on the field, Aaron was generally helping us to run base running and defensive drills.  Though he did not have a baseball background he was eager to pitch in and help and was able to work the guys hard.  Off the field, Aaron was always eager to help.  He helped the team edit some coaching videos as well as put together a program that we gave out to people attending our first home tournament in 2010.  He was also a big presence in helping a few of the guys on the teams with rides to and from practice.  During this part of his life, he also started to work with Jet Blue as he had needed a break from his career in being a Pharmacist.

This season, Aaron could not participate as he wanted to because of conflicts with his work schedule.  Though he was unable to be part of the official practices, he made sure that Justen Proctor was there.  He also helped us during some side session work outs leading up to the world Series.  Sometimes, shooting video, sometimes shagging balls, or even calling in defensive drills.  Aaron was also with us for a few days of the World Series to lend a hand on the bench during games.  Aaron has hopes of being more involved with the team in the 2017 season.

For Aaron’s work with the Renegades, Jet Blue awarded him and the team a $1,000 grant through a program called JetBlue For Good.  Jet Blue for good Celebrated Philanthropy Month in November. This commemorative month recognizes philanthropy and those who actively volunteer in their various communities.  We are thankful for their contribution to our program.  For more information on their program and the programs they chose to support please go to Jet Blue for Good 

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