Renegades in the News and Media

2023 – The MetroWest Daily News features the Renegades – picked up by Yahoo


Tim Dumas of the Metrowest Daily news wrote a feature on the Renegades that was picked up by Yahoo.  John Walker came to practice to shoot some of the photo’s used in this piece.  Elana Regan and Jason Lenicheck were interviewed for this article which can be found on Yahoo here



2023 New Hampshire Chronicle features Drew Crook

2023 – ABC in Norman Oklahoma covers the World Series


2023- Telemundo catches up with David Sanchez

2023- Coverage of the Beast of the East

We had multiple media outlets join us in Woburn as the Renegades played host to the Beast of the East

2023- Renegades appear on Boston 25 news

Photo Journalist, Chetan Rakieten featured the Renegades on the news.  He wanted to do a piece that would tell the story of the work of the team and its players.  The piece features Elana Regan, Chris Kimball, Rob Weissman and more.  Cheat did a great job of trying to make sure as many Renegades got air time as he could fit in during this clip


2021 – Renegades appear on Audio Journal

Guy Zuccarello, Shawn Devenish and Coach Rob Weissman appeared on Audio Journal to talk all things Renegades and Beep baseball on June 4, 2021.  Hear the interview here:


2021 – Renegades and Blind Owl Blog

Shawn Devenish, a Renegade since 2016 started his own blog called Blind Owls.  In this edition of his blog, he spoke about what the sport of beep baseball and being a Renegade means to him

2018 – Renegades Featured in the Acton Beacon for Trip To Cooperstown

Three Acton-Boxboro grads from 1988 – Ace, Ron and Rob

The Renegades have three coaches who got their start playing baseball with each other in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  These three guys all graduated High school together in 1988.  Fast forward to 2000 and Weissman and Cochran helped get competitive beep baseball on the map in Lowell.  In 2003, Weissman moved to the Renegades.  in 2004, Lenicheck joined the Renegades and in 2006, Cochran rejoined the gang.  They have been a presence since and this team went to the National Baseball Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown to put on a program to educate people about the sport of Beep Baseball!  The article can be read here:  The article also appeared in the Watertown Tab and the Wicked Local Braintree paper! We have it in PDF as well

2018- Leader- Telegram in Eau Claire, Wisconsin features beep baseball

Logo of the Leader Telegram

Christian ThaxtonEau Claire, Wisconsin was the site of the 2018 Beep Baseball World Series which hosted 22 teams from around the country, Taiwan and Canada.  They did a front page story on the sport which featured our own Christian Thaxton.  That article can be read here.  Within the article is an embedded youtube video of Joe Quintanilla hitting off his battery, Ron Cochran and Rob Weissman playing against the Toronto Blind Jays for the first time in team history

2018 – Hometown Weekly features Coach Mike Marciello

Mike Marciello

On August 4th, 2018, The PR team from the South Shore Health system worked to get a story about Coach Mike Marciello into his local paper in Needham. Dr. Marciello started with the team in 2013 after finding out about the sport in an article in the Globe.  Marciello has a role on the Renegades as both a hitting coach and the team doctor.  A role that keeps him involved with the team year round.  Read the article here or open the PDF here

2018 – Boston Herald features the Boston Renegades

July 30th, 2018 was the day the team flew to the 2018 World Series.  On that same day, the Boston Herald launched a feature on the team which included a written article, video and pictures.  All of that can be seen here at this link

2018- South Shore Health Systems features their own Dr. Michael Marciello

The South Shore Health System featured their own doctor, Michael Marceillo in a piece for their internal news letter.  This feature was then pitched to multiple media outlets which also picked up the story.  Below is the video that appeared on their internal site.  Also here are two links to their press release and their internal article in PDF formats

2018 – Dr. Mike Marciello appears on the Phyllis show

Through the work of the South Shore Health Systems PR team, Dr. Mike Marciello appeared on the Phyllis show, which is a local show on the South Shore.

2018 – Quintanilla, Renegades Featured Again On ‘Your Tewksbury Today’ Site

Photo of Joe QuintanillaAhead of the Renegades’ benefit game against the Tewksbury Firefighters Local 1647, Joe Quintanilla and the Renegades were featured in an article on the website ‘Your Tewksbury Today’.  The article talked about Joe and how he became involved with the Renegades.  It also has a brief history of the Renegades and an overview of beepball rules.  A PDF of the article is available as well.

2018 – Quintanilla, Renegades Featured in Lowell Sun Article

Photo of Joe QuintanillaLeading up to the Lions charity game, Joe Quintanilla and the Renegades were featured in a Lowell Sun article.  The article talked about Joe and how he became involved with the Renegades.  It also has information about Beepball itself and the Lions fundraiser in July, featuring a game with the Tewksbury Firefighters.  There is also a PDF of the article as well.

2018 – NESN visited with the Renegades for Red Sox First Pitch

On June 8th, NESN came down to learn more about the Renegades and to help promote the first ever book about Beep baseball.  They caught many of our Renegades in footage and featured author David Wanczyk and Coach, Aaron Proctor.  The footage aired as part of the Red Sox pre game show on June 13th, 2018

2018- Author David Wanczyk appears on BYU radio’s “Top of mind ” with Julie Rose

To kick of baseball season, the first ever book about beep baseball has been published and is called Beep Inside the Unseen World of Baseball for the Blind. Author David Wanczyk was interviewed for nearly an hour about the sport, the rules, stories about the athletes and coaches, the history of the game, the ball and much more.  During his time writing this book, he spent a lot of time with the Renegades and we are one of the four teams that are highlighted in this book that spanned the 2012 through 2015 seasons.  In tis interview, joe Mccormick’s story is mentioned.  For more information, see our post about the book and interview here.

2017 – Renegade, Christian Thaxton’s story on NPR

On Saturday, August 12th, Christian Thaxton appeared on NPR’s “Only a Game” which aired nationally.  Only a Game is an Acclaimed show on NPR radio that has an audience of nearly a half a million listeners.  The story was a seven and a half minute piece that can be listened to or read on their web page at this link

2017 -The Renegades featured in the Boston Globe

The Renegades were featured in an article about the Beast of the East Championship.  The articles ran in the north and west editions of the Sunday Globe.

2017 -Renegades featured twice in the Watertown Tab

The Renegades were features in an article in the Watertown Tab this past week in the lead up to the Beast of the East tournament in Woburn.
They were then featured again after they won the Beast of the East tournament.  This second article also ran on the Waltham Wicked Local site.

2017 – Local Boston TV news stations ran several stories on the Renegades and the Beast of the east Tournament

  • WBZ Channel 4 News

2017- Coach, Max Goder-Reiser appears on FanGraphs Effectively Wild Podcast

Max found the Renegades when Justin Manjourides gave a presentation at a SABR seminar in Boston.  Max fell in love with the idea and quickly joined the volunteer staff of the Renegades.  His love of baseball, helping people and stats were a great fit for the team.  In July, 2017, he got a chance to talk on a podcast with some of his SABR peers about Beep Baseball.  Check out that podcast here: 

2017 – Renegades Coach Ben Coiner featured in Brigham and Women’s Article

Renegades Coach Ben Coiner was recently featured in The Brigham and Women’s Hospital Bulletin.  In the article, Ben talks about his love for volunteering outside of work.  His volunteer work coaching with the Renegades is prominently featured in the article.

2017 – Melissa Hoyt featured in article on Mito Action Website

Mellisa Hoyt was recently featured in an article on the Mito Action website. The article talks about Mellisa and her fight with mitochondrial disease. It also talks about beep baseball, the Renegades and how Mellisa, as the only female member of the team, is an inspiration. Mellisa recently threw out the first pitch at a Red Sox game, while the rest of the team stood on the filed with her. The full article can be read on the website.

2016 – Perkins School Magazine interviews the Renegades

We were interviewed as part of an article which ran in the quarterly magazine published by the Perkins School for the Blind. The article was about blind athletes who accel in competitive sports. The article, with a section about our team, can be read on the Perkins site.

2016 – Coach Weissman interviewed by IBM on his work volunteering with the Renegades

Coach Rob Weissman was recently interviewed by IBM about the work he does coaching, fundraising and managing the Renegades. The interview was posted in an article internal to IBM in November, 2016. The contents of the article can be found in the following PDF.

NBBA 2016 Championship Game available on Vimeo – 2016

The Boston Renegades made the NBBA 2016 Championship game in Ames, Iowa.  The game was streamed live at the time.  After the series, Graham Mathenia compiled the video and produced a high quality video for the league.  The video includes play by play and color commentary provided by Kevin Sibson and Dave Benney.  It was a huge moment in NBBA history as these two teams had never played in a World Series.  History was written on this day!

2016 – Coach Weissman interviewed for an article about the world of competitive blind sports

On March 24, 2016, an article appeared in the Atlantic where Sara Chodosh interviewed many people around the country to explore competitive sports for the blind in the Health section of the Atlantic.  Coach, Rob Weissman was interviewed as part of the article to get his unique take on coaching the Renegades. Read the article here 

The Atlantic cover shot for article about the world of competitive sports for the blind

2015 – The baseball hall of fame features Beep Baseball and the Boston Renegades

With the Beep Baseball World Series coming to update New York in 2015, the Baseball Hall of Fame partnered with the Renegades to put on a program at the hall of fame after the tournament was over.  We also worked with the Hall of fame to get some items donated into the museum.  They wrote two articles about this experience that appeared in their monthly news letters

Article about the Renegades, their visit to the hall of fame and an explanation of the sport

Article about the items we helped get donated into the baseball hall of fame

The Boston Renegades visit the Baseball hall of fame after the 2015 World Series

The Boston Renegades visit the Baseball hall of fame after the 2015 World Series


IBM Volunteer helps the visual impaired play America’s pastime – 2015



IBM has donated thousands of dollars to the Renegades over the years due to the work of their employee, Rob Weissman.  They wrote a quick story about his work and placed it on the IBM web site in their stories of service section for Community involvement.  You can read that story here

Aqil Sajjad joins World This morning – 2014

Aqil joins World This morning in studio to talk about his journey, his life, his interests and beep baseball.

Aqil Sajjad Featured in Article – 2014

Picture of Aqil posing in uniform with his blindfold hanging off his neckOur own Aqil Sajjad was featured in an article on is an English language news portal, part of the Dawn media group in Pakistan. In the article, Aqil discusses disabilities in the context of the US and Pakistan, his move the the US and attaining his PHD in particle physical from Harvard University. He also touches on beepball as well. The full article can be read on the site.


Ubersense spends time with the Renegades – 2014

Ubersense is a Boston based company that has an App that the Renegades use to help improve their hitting.  The Renegades have gotten good use out of it and in 2013 were one of the top users of the App in its user base.  On August 4, Ubersense created a few Videos featuring the Renegades.  They did an amazing job.  Below are links to check out.

Brookline Tab “The Sound of Victory:Brookline Beep Ball Players’ Team heads to World Series” – 2014

On July 31, the Brookline Tab ran a feature article on the Renegades right before the world Series with a focus on some of the players from Brookline.  We thank Joyce Graff of the Brookline Rotary club for helping us get this media.  The Brookline Rotary club played a big part of the success in the 2014 season for the Renegades by giving the team a grant to help the rookies with finances for the season.  Check out this article featuring Damon Graff, Larry Haile, Rob Weissman and more.  Also, make sure to check out some of the great photos of Luis Soto, Rob Dias, Damon Graff, Larry Haile and more!  The article can be found here

Damon Graff of Brookline, who is blind, listens to Boston Renegades head coach Rob Weissman (near right) during practice at Filippello Field in Watertown on Sunday,July 27, ahead of their World Series trip to Minnesota. Due to a recent surgery, Graff has been unable to play this season with the Renegades, New England's only beep ball team. Wicked Local Staff Photo / Brett Crawford

Damon Graff of Brookline, who is blind, listens to Boston Renegades head coach Rob Weissman (near right) during practice at Filippello Field in Watertown on Sunday,July 27, ahead of their World Series trip to Minnesota. Due to a recent surgery, Graff has been unable to play this season with the Renegades, New England’s only beep ball team. Wicked Local Staff Photo / Brett Crawford

2014 – Boston Renegades with Jack Clancy go Live on Fox25 News

Joey Buizon, Rob Weissman and Best Dog Ever Film’s Jack Clancy went Live on Fox25 News on Friday, July 18th to promote the release of its award winning documentary about the team

Boston Globe Magazine Features Joe McCormick and the Boston Renegades – 2014

Joe Mac - "the hardest working man in baseball)

Photo by Dina Rudick/Boston Globe

On Sunday, May 25th, The Boston Renegades appeared as a feature article in a 4 page spread within the Globe Magazine.  The article was written by David Wanczyk who the Renegades met in the summer of 2013.  Dave is professor of creative writing and is writing a novel about beep baseball and the Renegades are one of the teams he is featuring in his book that is targeting 2015 to hit the shelves.  To find out more on this book project, check out Dave’s Facebook page

The article features 3rd year player, Joe McCormick and shows you how he has overcome adversity to recently graduate Harvard University.  It also takes a look inside the Renegades World Series in 2013, which Dave was granted all access to the team’s inner workings for his book.

The photo shoot was done by the Boston Globe on a dreary day that threatened rain the whole afternoon.  Joe was like a supermodel with the cameras following his every move for nearly two hours.  The lead picture (shown below) was amazing as the photographer, Dina Rudick was literally in the wet grass and mud looking up at him

The article is entitled “the hardest working man in baseball and can be found here on the Globe’s site.  If you are visually impaired and would rather listen to the article you can hear it here on soundcloud

Winthrop Transcript May 15, 2014 – “Peg Bailey Serves as Assistant Coach of Team for Visually Impaired Athletes”

On May 15, 2014 the Winthrop Transcript came to do a piece on the Boston Renegades and the work of their resident Peg Bailey.  Peg is in her second year of volunteering for the Renegades and the team has become  a big part of her life.  she found the team one cold rainy night at Fenway park.  As she wandered around the concourse, we had a table and it caught her eye.  The article can be found here

Renegade team picture at practice in May, 2014 courtesy of the Winthrop Transcript

Harvard Gazette features Aqil Sajjad in an article called “The Beep Ball Player”

Aqil Sajjad in the batting cages

Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer

On October 1, 2013, the Harvard Gazette published a piece on our very own, Aqil Sajjad.  They even question if he is the hardest working player in the game.  This is a fantastic piece that explores both the baseball side and the personal side of Sajjad who is the Renegades only player from Pakistan but the 4th person in team history with ties to Harvard.  In fact, two of those people are quoted in this article as Joe McCormick and Nick Chisholm add some spice to the article  Read the piece at this link

NESN airs a piece on the Renegades while the Gades are winning the Long Island Classic on June 29

In 2010, NESN came down to see the Boston Renegades win the Beast of the East in Sudbury.  Almost three years later, the lost footage appeared unknown to us on NESN as we received texts and messages from our friends and fans that we were on TV.  The Renegades were making the long trek home that night after winning 4 games in Long Island.  It was a great piece that featured Matt Nippins, Justen Cantan, Larry Haile, Joe Quintanilla, Rob Weissman and Guy Zuccarello.  See that three minute piece here

Screen shot of our video on

Aqil Sajjad is featured in an article with Learning Ally

Aqil Sajjad started playing in 2009 with the Renegades as a rookie from Pakistan.  He is the most analytical players we have ever had and that comes from his background as a PHD at Harvard in Theoretical Physics.  Sajjad as become one of the most consistent bats in the Renegade line-up over the past few years.  Whats more amazing than his swing is his brain.  Check out this story on our very own “Big Bang Theory” type player, Aqil Sajjad

Aqil Sajjad in his batting stance at practice

2013 – Renegades appear in New England Baseball Journal and on

Brett Rudy spent the afternoon with a few of the Renegades in Early June and met up with Rob Weissman, Aqil Sajjad, Tim Syphers, Joe McCormick. Joey Buizon, Sengil Inkiala and Ron Cochran.  The team was taking some Batting practice in preparation for a trip to Chicago.  Brett is an avid Baseball fan and a local Boston Baseball expert.  He interviewed the guys and we let him wear the blindfold and try out his hand at hitting.  He walked away a fan of the Renegades.  He wrote an article that appeared on and in the New England Baseball Journal, July edition.  He also shot a bunch of Videos of the guys.  You can see that story here

Joe McCormick takes a hack during Batting practice


2012 – The Renegades Return to Chronicle

The Boston Renegades appeared on Chronicle on October 19, 2012 as the theme of the show was called “Abled” and featured people with a disability finding a way to get things done. Our very own Larry Haile and Guy Zuccarello made an appearance on the show. The clip shows the team playing ball but focuses on life outside of the game for two of our abled players as we get a glimpse inside the lives of these two fascinating Renegade characters.

The agony of defeat and the thrill of victory

In July, 2011 the Long Island Bombers traveled to Sudbury Mass to play a double header against the Boston Renegades. The two teams played amazing games on both sides of the ball (offense and defense). Each game provided great plays and lots of drama as each game was decided by a run and both games went into extra innings. These two teams played a total of 15 innings in two games. Renegade volunteer, Bill Le captured the moments and the last two hitters of each game are brought to you in this short film which was produced by 62 Renegade Films. Turn up those speakers and we hope you enjoy the short film. Come out and see us play…its an amazing sport with a great group of people!

2010 -Joe Quintanilla featured in sports page of the Rochester Post bulletin

Article in the Rochester Post Bulletin from 2010 on Joe QuintanillaWhile at the 2010 World Series in Minnesota, the Rochester Post Bulletin ran a few articles in the sports page about the athletes at the Beep Baseball World Series.  One of those articles was about our very own Joe Quintanilla.  The article was titled “Leads by Example” and was subtitled “Nearly blind, Boston man has blazed an inspiring trail”.  The article is no longer available on line but we have a picture of the article that appeared in print with a full color picture of Joe in his batting stance and blind fold on.  We apologize for not having the text in a format for screen readers.  Click the photo to read the article.


2010 -Great Article on the Renegades and Beep Baseball in the MetroWest Daily News

Check out the latest article on the Boston Renegades from the MetroWest Daily News from July 25, 2010. Here you can see some great photos and they created a good youtube video that you can see to the right that features JJ Ward. JJ was instrumental in helping the Renegades find Licoln Sudbury High school as the home for the 2010 Blind Citizens Beep Baseball Championship. Click this link to read the article.

What is in a Beep Baseball?

Coach Rob Weissman takes a beep baseball apart and explains what makes it beep

2010 – Renegades Appear on Comcast Network

The Boston Renegades appeared on the Comcast Network on a running loop in October and November. This piece was shot by a new friend to the Boston Renegades, Arlen Showstack. The video was shot during the 2010 Blind Citizens Beep Baseball Championship in July. This six minute video features JJ Ward, John Oliveira, Aaron Proctor and Rob Weissman. The video shows many of the Renegades players and coaches in action and talks about the team, the sport and the players.

Other Renegades in this video include: Nick Bebas, Ron Cochran, Larry Haile, Joey Buizon, Justen Cantan, Darren Black, Joe Quintanilla, Dino Vasile, Guy Zuccarello, Matt Nippins, Shayne Cantan and Joe O’Neill.

2010 -Renegades Appear on BNN

The Boston Neighborhood Network spent some time with the Renegades in July and produced a piece about the Renegades that explains the game of Beepball and gives you some insight why some of the volunteers participate and why the players play. In this piece you will get to listen to coaches Nick Bebas and Jason Lenicheck as well as players Darren Black, Sengil Inkiala and Melissa Hoyt.

Also see video of the following Renegades playing the game: Dan Cotter, Dino Vasile, Ron Cochran, JJ Ward, Rob Weissman, Justen Cantan, Bryan Grillo, Matt Nippins, Shayne Cantan, Larry Haile, Joey Buizon, Guy Zuccarello and Joey Duggan.

Boston Beats the Pennsylvania Wolfpack

In 2008, the Pennsylvania Wolfpack traveled to Boston for a doubleheader. This was only the 2nd time in the history of beep baseball that two teams from the NBBA played each other in the Boston area. The Renegades won both games with an exciting finish to the second game. Check out the action as we bring you the last inning of play in the second game of this match-up. The video is shot using the Boston Renegade coach-cam

2008 – Boston Renegades on Chronicle

In June of 2008 (and replayed in September of 2008) the Boston Renegades appeared on Chronicle. Chronicle did a piece about giving back to the community. The Boston Renegades success is partly a result of their dedicated volunteer coaching staff. The Renegades are unique in that as of 2008, none of the 13 volunteer coaches are related to any of the players. This makes for a unique organization in the NBBA.

2008 – The Holbrook Sun Writes About the New England Patriots Award to Rob Weissman and their Grant to Help ABC

In June, 2008 the Association of Blind Citizens nominated Rob Weissman as a candidate for the New England Patriots Community MVP award. The award was presented to Weissman at Gillette Stadium. Click here to read the article about how the Grant will help the Renegades

Renegades Make The Watertown Tab in 2007

The Watertown Tab visited the Renegades at their intrasquad scrimmage on Saturday, July 14th. The Renegades were on the cover of the paper. Their reporting staff put together a great piece on the team including a two minute audio Slide show. Visit their paper’s web site and make sure to check out the audio slide show. Click Here to go to the article

Image of the front page of the Watertown Tab from July 19, 2007

2006 – Weissman Interviewed by the “Beep Baseball Guy”

In November 2006, Steve Guerra (The Beep Baseball Guy) interviewed Head Coach Rob Weissman on the Beep Baseball Pod cast. The interview covers Weissman’s background, how the Renegades are operated, What the team is working on for the upcoming season and more.

2006 – Red Sox Stories spend the Day with the Renegades

In the Fall of 2006, Red Sox Stories came to an event to film a piece on the Boston Renegades. This aired on UPN 38 in the Boston area. The piece explained the game of beepball in detail and how the team plays the game. The second portion of the video featured the anchor of the show actually strapping on the blindfold and trying to hit, run and field. The Renegades thank Red Sox Stories for coming out and helping spread the word about the team and the sport!

2006 – Renegades Invade Fenway as a Guest of the Red Sox

In August of 2006, The Renegades visited Fenway Park as guest of the Red Sox. The Renegades were part of Disability Awareness Day. As part of the pregame festivities the team lined up on the first base line during the national anthem and was introduced to the crowd. Before this festivity, the team got an up close look of the Green Monster. A camera Man from the centerfield bleachers caught some of their visit on video without any audio.

Emerson College Visits a Renegade Try-out

In October of 2006, We had a video crew from Emerson College come to one of the Renegade try-out/player orientations. At the end of the video on the try-out is an interview with Renegade All-star, Darren Black. Darren discusses the game and his defensive All-Star awards

2006 – ESPN Visits the Beep Baseball World Series

ESPN was at the 2006 World Series in Cleveland Ohio this year. They put together a great production explaining the game and some of its players. Boston was very familiar with the players mentioned in the video as they faced off against all of these teams in 2006. The West Coast Dawgs were represented in the video by Lupe Perez and Chance Cranford. Perez scored 5 times in 6 trips to the plate and led the Dawgs in put-outs with 4 against Boston. Chance Cranford was a perfect 6 for 6 against the Renegades in 2006 and 5 for 6 in 2005. This Dawg Combination was responsible for 50% of the runs scored in their game against Boston as they banged in 11 of the Dawgs 22 runs. Kalari Girtley from the Chicago Comets was 1 for 9 with 2 put-outs against Boston in 2006 after she went 3 for 6 against them in 2005. (Click the image below to see the 10 minute video on ESPN, Make sure to turn those speakers on.)

2-Link to ESPN video 'Love at first beep'

2004 – The Value of Volunteering

In 2004, A crew subcontracted from IBM came out to take a look at the volunteer work that Coach Rob Weissman does. This clip was a scaled down version of the film designed for the Boston Renegades. If you are interested in the value of volunteering, take a look at this video.

The 2007 Boston Renegades

First Row Lying down: Joe O’Neill Second Row left to right: Rich Welch, Melissa Hoyt, Kae Rausch, Guy Zuccarello, Luis Marquez Third Row Left to right: JJ Ward, Nick Bebas, Joe Quintanilla, Joey Buizon, Dino Vasile, Darren Black, Steve Kasha, Kristen Kirk Fourth Row standing left to right: Rick Myers, Dave Fardo, Matt Nippins, Ron Cochran, Bryan Grillo, Larry Haile, Rob Weissman, Evan Silver, Jason Lenicheck, Justin Manjourides

2007 team photo

2006 Boston Renegades after their 2nd place finish in the First annual Long Island Classic

From left to Right: front row Luis Marquez, Joe O’Neill, Guy Zuccarello, Rob Weissman, Joey Buizon, Dino Vasile, Nikki Myers. Second Row Kneeling is Joe Quintanilla. Standing: Steve Houston, Bryan Grillo, Rick Myers, Dave Fardo, Justin Manjourides, Ron Cochran, Kae Rausch, Steve Kasha, JJ Ward, Darren Black, Larry Haile, Sengil Inkiala, Evan Silver

2006 team photo