Exhibition Game vs Tewksbury Firefighters

On July 3rd the Boston Renegades  play will travel to Tewksbury, MA  to play in an exhibition game vs the Tewksbury Firefighters Local 1647.  This game is hosted by the Tewksbury Lions club and is designed to show the ability in disability.  The game will be on Tuesday, July 3rd at 6:00 at 352 Livingston St in Tewksbury,MA

The Renegades always encourage others to bring their friends and families to spread the awareness of this amazing sport. This event was put together by one of our longest tenured Renegades Joseph Quintanilla. The proceeds raised at this game will help the Renegades purchase new equipment and help pay for travel costs to the World Series.

This event will also feature three rookies.

  1. David Sanchez who joined the team back in the Winter of 2018 was a former Sergeant in the 82nd U.S Airborne Division.  He has baseball in his blood as he was a bat boy when he was a kid in Puerto Rico and one of his cousins played professionally for the Angels
  2. Daisy Russell who joined the team in late 2017 was the first of the 2018 Rookie class to join the team and is just the 2nd active female player on the roster.  She is our first player who has played for the Vi- stars goal ball team and the Renegades
  3. Tomas De Tuya who joined the team in the spring of 2018 is the youngest player to join the Renegades at just 17 years of age!  This will be his first game action of his career.
David Sanchez

David Sanchez

Daisy Russell

Daisy Russell


TJ De Tuya

It’ll be exciting to see how these rookies compete, as well as all the other players out on the field. This is more than just a game to these players. This is the joy that many thought would never happen. These Renegades look to turn naysayers into believers as their journey to a World Series title continues.

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We hope to see you there!

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