ESPN Beepball piece is here…in case you missed it!

ESPN visited the Beep Baseball World Series in 2011 in Indianapolis.  They did a very good piece on the sport.  It may have been the first time the sport has ever had a nationwide audience!  The piece focuses on the West Coast Dawgs, an All-Star team that won plenty of World Series.  It also focused on three players who have owned the Renegades over the years.  The Renegades had faced the Dawgs a few times in their career, never winning a game.  Our history against them is as follows:

  • 2006 Dawgs win 22-7 and invoke the Mercy rule after 4 innings
  • 2007 Dawgs win 18-6 and invoke the Mercy rule in 2 innings
  • 2008 Dawgs win 18-1 and invoke the Mercy rule in 4 innings
  • 2010 Dawgs win 15-8 after a scare in the 4th inning and the Renegades making a game out of it

The three players shown in this footage have done serious damage to the Renegades renting out their services to many teams.  Stats against us are from 2005-2012

  • Lex Gilette has played 3 games against us…all as a member of the West Coast Dawgs and gone 6-15 (.400 avg) with 3 Strike outs
  • Eric has played 3 games against us in a uniform for both the Kansas All-Stars and West Coast Dawgs and gone 6-8 (.750), never struck out and has 13 stops on defense
  • Danny has played 5 games against us wearing three different uniforms, the Kansas All-Stars, the PA Wolfpack and the West Coast Dawgs.  He has gone 9-17 (.529) with 3 strike outs and 9 defensive stops

Two famous highlights in these games were

  • Justin Manjourides making his pitching debut in 2008 and mowing down 4 of the 5 batters he faced (Larry Haile, Steve Houston, Joe Quintanilla and Joe O’Neill) While Evan Silver managed to ground out. It would make the only time in Justin’s career he pitched in a game
  • In 2010, the renegades gave the Dawgs a scare as they pulled to within 1 run down 8-7 after 3.5 innings.  This caused the Dawgs to regroup, call a time out and replace 3 of their players in the line-up.  This definitely was not in their plans as they were hoping to cruise to an easy victory and were trying to rest players for the run to the title

See the 10 minute ESPN clip here:

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