COVID19 ends season for the Renegades – we are looking for new coaches and players

Due to COVID19, the 2020 Renegade season has been cancelled..  The Renegades were not alone in this fight.  The NBBA World Series and the Beast of the East tournaments were also cancelled.  As the world tries to solve this puzzle, the Renegades chose player and volunteer safety first and foremost.  The Renegades will be back on the field in the future.  We will be looking for new players and volunteers as well.

As one of the longest standing active teams in the league (18 years), one of the main reasons we have thrived is our ability to find new coaches and players annually.  Without the team playing and practicing, finding new recruits has gotten harder.  If you know someone who would be interested in playing or coaching in the future, contact us at [email protected] ASAP.  We want to engage with them as soon as we can.  The goal is  to teach them about the sport and the team culture and get them excited abut the opportunity before they book their summer plans for 2021.

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