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Are you interested in playing or coaching?  Check out this short 2.5 minute video to get a feel of what our culture is about.  Make sure to scroll down and fill out the form or email us at [email protected] to find out more!

If you do not know what Beep baseball is or want to learn more about the sport, we have a ton of content on our youtube channel.

Volunteers and Coaches

Shayne Cantan“In a world where blind people are often expected to do less than their capabilities by society, the Boston Renegades family and the coaches have brought the opposite mentality, the expectation has always been to get the most out of every player both on and off the field. Because of this and because I am expected to do more, I do more, and I make sure that as high of expectations that are set for me by the coaches, I expect every bit as much out of myself.” – Shayne Cantan

Rob Dias“I cannot say enough great things about the wonderful individuals that make what we do possible. Without their dedication and time playing this sport would not be possible. It takes a very special type of person to continue to do what they do on and off the field. Assisting with rides, travel, food, coaching etc. is just amazing. I’m so thankful that our volunteers take time away from their families and friends just to help us out! They make a difference in so many lives. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication to us players and the team as a whole.” – Rob Dias

We are always looking for new volunteers and coaches.  Our season typically starts in February and runs through July.  We will provide training to help you be successful.

For on field coaches we need:

  • A commitment to attend at least 50% of our practices
  • People who want to help others succeed
  • People who understand the importance of exercise and sports
  • Team oriented people
  • People who have a willingness to practice in New England weather
  • People who have baseball/softball experience
  • People who have experience running (Track & field, Sprinting, Distance)
  • People with medical experience (Physical therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers etc)
  • People to be responsive and accountable

For off field volunteers we are looking for:

  • People to help create and produce digital media
  • People to help with media relations
  • People who enjoy project management
  • People who enjoy fundraising for a great cause
  • Those who work in blind services to help with recruitment of new players
  • People to be responsive and accountable

In return for this volunteer time, you will get so much including:

  • Coaching experience
  • Be part of something unique and special
  • Meet new friends and network with a group of nearly 40 people of different ages who are employed in many industries all from the greater Boston area
  • Great resume building material that has already helped five of our volunteers get into medical school and many more into college
  • Ability to help people do something they love and improve their overall health
  • Inspiration and seeing the “ability” in disability
  • Be part of a team and compete at a national level


We are looking for new players to join the Renegades.  Playing for the Renegades means  a lot to many people.  We have had over 40 players suit up for the Renegades since we formed in 2001 and went to our first World Series in 2002.  The only requirements we have are

  • Be visually impaired or blind
  • Live within the area so you can attend practices in Watertown, MA
  • Be ready for physical activity
  • Be a good teammate
  • Be respectful
  • Be willing to learn and have a desire to improve

 Email the Renegades Here!

If you have any interest in playing or coaching with the Renegades, please contact Rob Weissman.  No previous playing experience is necessary.

If you have any interest in sponsoring the team, please contact John Oliveira

If you are interested in checking the team out, please look at the schedule page (in the header of the web site), and take note the schedule may change.  Contact Rob Weissman to verify the schedule

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