Columbus Georgia awaits the 9 seed!

The 2013 World Series will be held in Columbus, Georgia. The Boston Renegades enter the contest as the 9 seed in what is the biggest field of teams we have ever seen in our time in the NBBA. There are twenty teams participating. Of these 20 teams, there are 4 making their first trip and those teams are St. Luois, And three teams from Georgioa -Atlanta, Athens and Columbus.

After looking deep at the rosters there are three types of teams coming to the dance. there are All Star Teams, Home grown teams and teams that have pulled multiple players from other teams to help them (combo teams). Taiwan, Austin, Bayou City promise to be three of the top dogs this year as all star teams. RHI and Chicago have been the top two home grown teams in the past two years. Boston was the third best home grown team in the World Series in 2012. It’s too bad the brackets are not differentiated this way. we will play the games on our schedule and day one gives them two home grown teams (Tyler and Chicago) and one combo team in Atlanta/Cleveland.

Boston enters the dance with a 6-2 record and has potentially one of its toughest roads ahead as they could be between 8-10 games in 4 days. It all starts on Tuesday as the Gades take on Tyler Texas, Atlanta Eclipse and the Chicago Comets. Here is a breakdown of those teams

Tyler Texas: The Renegades have deep history with Tyler as in 2002 they got their first win against this team. In 2003, Tyler got revenge and beat the Renegades in a tight contest in Coach Weissman’s first season. The two teams have not faced each other much since and Boston has won 4 straight and holds a 5-1 life time record last playing in 2010. This year’s Tyler team has many new faces on it but is anchored by Larry Reed

Atlanta Eclipse: they are making their first trip to the series as a team. Many of their players and coaches have been seen at the past two World Series playing for other teams and learning the ropes. This year, the training wheels are off. They have teamed up with the Cleveland Scrappers to form a squad. Cleveland lacked funds for the team to go but 4 Scrappers round out this squad to give them depth including Stanley Griffin who made the defensive all star team last year. Christian Keeley, their big left handed lead off hitter…and the Ageless Wilbert Turner. This may be a new team, but if they play the Scrappers with their own pitcher, Kevin Barrett….they will cause some headaches

Chicago Comets: The Comets last played Boston in Chicago this year. They split up their team in half to give the tournament 8 teams. Boston was the only team to play each half of their roster. The Comets beat them twice by scores of 7-4 and 10-6. The comets have depth for sure and 11 of their 12 starters scored in those contests. The Renegades could not score a run from the bottom half of their line up and had too many mental lapses in the field. Boston has never beaten the Chicago Comets A team bringing an 0-8 life time record into this match. The last time the two teams faced off in the World series was 2012 with Chicago winning 31-21 and that is not a typo. It was a 4 hour contest in which neither team could play defense in 100 degree weather. It was the highest scoring game of the 2012 World Series. Could 2013 be the year to change this? We could see them twice this week if the cards fall correctly.

Our life time records against all of the opponents based on the seed in this years tournament

  1. Taiwan Home Run 0-1 (All Star team)
  2. Austin Blackhawks 2-3 (All Star team)
  3. Bayou City Heat 0-3 (All star team)
  4. Chicago Comets 0-8 (Home grown team)
  5. Colorado Storm 2-7 (Combination team)
  6. RHI Extreme 0-1 (Home grown team)
  7. Indy Thunder 3-9 (Home Grown Team)
  8. Southwest Slammers 0-0 (Combination team)
  9. Boston Renegades
  10. Minnesota Millers 2-0 (Homegrown Team)
  11. Long Island Bombers 11-11 (Homegrown team)
  12. New Jersey Lightning 6-2 (Homegrown Team)
  13. Wichita Sonics 3-0 (Homegrown team)
  14. Tyler Tigers 5-1 (Homegrown team)
  15. Iowa Reapers 0-0 (Combination team)
  16. Carolina Warriors 3-1 (Combination team)
  17. Atlanta Eclipse 0-0 (Combination team)
  18. Columbus Midnight Stars 0-0 (Homegrown team)
  19. St. Louis Firing Squad 1-0 (Homegrown Team)
  20. Athens Timberwolves 0-0 (Homegrown team)



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