Boston Prepares for 14th consecutive World Series on July 28th

The Boston Renegades will attend their 14th consecutive World Series this season in Rochester, NY.  This is a pretty amazing milestone as only 4 other teams in the league have been to every series since the Renegades joined the NBBA in 2002.  Those teams are Austin, Bayou City, Chicago and Tyler. This is a huge tribute to what the Renegades have been able to accomplish on and off the field.  Boston is also one of the only current teams  whom have made a steady descent through the rankings of the league from doormats to a number one seed in a pool play bracket this season.

What separates Boston from most of the teams ahead of them is they are 100% home grown.  Every player on the roster has grown up as a Renegade. Of the five teams ahead of the Renegades only Chicago can say they are similar as Austin, RHI, Colorado and RHI all host multiple players in their starting line up from other teams.

The format of the World Series starts with one day of pool play on Tuesday, July 28.  This year, there are six pools of four teams each.  2015 will be the largest World Series in The time the Renegades have been in the league.  The Seeding of the first 16 teams is based on the finish of these teams in the 2014 season.  Sadly, the league has an awful answer for how to seed the remaining 8 teams that are attending this year who could not attend in 2014.  They are seeded by when their registration fee was entered.  This is a terrible practice and ruins many brackets because teams are seeded incorrectly.  For example, the Taiwan Home Run who won the 2013 World Series are seeded 23rd and are in the same bracket as the RHI Extreme who finished 2nd in 2014.  This represents pure laziness on the leagues part to seed a tournament correctly.

The six pools look like this

Austin Blackhawks RHI Extreme (IN) Colorado Storm Bayou City Heat(TX) Chicago Comets Boston Renegades
Minnesota Millers Southwest Slammers (AZ) Indy Thunder Long Island Bombers Tyler Tigers (TX) NJ Lightning
Atlanta Eclipse Lonetsar Roadrunners(TX) Columbus Midnight Stars (GA) Athens Timberwolves(GA) NJ Titans Arizona Phenom
BCS Outlaws (TX) Taiwan Homerun Taiwan Lightning Rochester Redwings (NY) Canada Indy Knights

After day one of pool play is over, double elimination starts.  These games will begin on Wednesday, July 29th and end with a Championship game on Saturday, August 1st for the two teams who don’t have 2 losses.  For the remaining 22 teams, one great thing the League does is hold placement games.  This allows teams to play others whom had similar paths.  For example, all of the teams whom lost two games straight will play in a small bracket against each other.

The Renegades play three games on Tuesday.  Here is a quick synopsis of who they play as the Six seed

Game 1 – Indianapolis Knights.  Indianapolis now hosts three beep baseball teams and this is their first year as a team.  the Knights have a few players whom played for the Indy Thunder over the years including Eddie Brown who hit .433 and led the Thunder in average in the 2014 season.  One thing the Knights lack is a home grown pitcher.  They have recruited a pitcher to pitch for them whom lives out of state and is a first year pitcher named Lyndsey Woodard.  The Thunder lost all four games they played in bolingbrook this year to Cleveland, Minnesota, Chicago (7-4) and the Indy Thunder.  Sadly, it’s hard to find scores of all their games.

Game 2 – Arizona Phenom.  The Phenom are another brand new team and the second team in Tucson, Arizona.  Four of these players broke off from the Soutwest Slammers to form the team.  Their most known player is Pete Trejo, who hit .281 in last years World Series.  Chris Padilla scored 7 runs for the Slammers as well and he is on this squad as a former starter of his cross town ex-team.  They will also be joined by at least two players from the California Rays team in Jen Boylan and Eric Scholz.  All in all, they have six players who played for the Slammers in 2014.

Game 3 – New Jersey Lightning.  finally a team we know and know well.  The Renegades have beaten the Lightning twice in the 2015 season by scores of 13-2 and 8-1.  They are led by Sherlock Washington who is still an offensive threat and one of the best deep defenders in the game.   They also have Casey Bahn up front to make stops on the junk.  Like the other two teams the Gades will play in this day…they to have been heavily impacted by players forming a new team.  The difference between New Jersey and the Knights/Phenom is most of these players left the Lightning to start their own team (The Titans).  The Lightning finished the Beast of the East tournament with a 1-5 record and averaged just 2 runs a game over the 6 contests.

From there….we have no idea what will happen,  butt we hope the seeds fall correct and that the beepball gods give us a chance to stay healthy and compete at our highest level.  Below is a list of the teams by seed with the Renegades career record against each team

Seed Team Boston’s record against
1 Austin Blackhawks 2-4
2 RHI Extreme 0-3
3 Colorado Storm 2-7
4 Bayou City Heat 0-4
5 Chicago Comets 0-10
6 Boston Renegades
7 Minnesota Millers 3-0
8 Southwest Slammers 3-0
9 Indy Thunder 3-9
10 Long Island Bombers 17-11
11 Tyler Tigers 6-1
12 New Jersey Lightning 10-2
13 Atlanta Eclipse 1-0
14 Lonestar Roadrunners 1-0
15 Columbus Midnight Stars 0-0
16 Athens Timberwolves 0-0
17 New Jersey Titans New Team in 2015
18 Arizona Phenoms New Team in 2015
19 Indy Knights New Team in 2015
20 Canada New Team in 2015
21 Rochester Redwings New Team in 2015
22 Taiwan Lightning 0-0
23 Taiwan Homerun 0-2
24 BCS Outlaws 0-0

Please note that  seeds 17-24 are not seeded with any consideration of their ability as the Homerun won the 203 World Series.  The league chooses to seed teams who did not compete at the prior years world Series based on the date of there registration fee being received.

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