Boston Heads to World Series as the Three seed!

The 2016 Season will now head to Ames, Iowa where the 6-0 Boston Renegades will take part in their 15th consecutive World Series.  This is an amazing feat and only a few teams in the league have been there for more consecutive years than Boston (Austin, Bayou City, Chicago and Tyler).  After an amazing run in 2015, Boston has earned the respect from many teams around the league for their play on the field.  A super dedicated and large coaching staff has led a team of Renegades this season to an undefeated start.

The way the league seeds the dance is based on the standings from the 2015 World Series.  If teams do not attend, the teams all move up a spot.  Since Taiwan is not attending, Boston moved from the 5 seed to the 4 seed.  The RHI Extreme also folded and that caused the Renegades to move from 4 to 3.  There are a few new teams in the league this season (Indy Edge, Seattle South King Sluggers San Antonio Jets). Any team which did not attend the series the previous year is automatically ranked at the bottom of the seed list.  They are placed in order by the date they got their registration fee paid.  This practice is lazy and causes the seeds to be very wrong.  This season, Boston will be impacted by this poor seeding practice.  Let’s take a look at the roster of teams with their seed and the Renegades life time record against them

Seed Team Boston’s record against
1 Austin Blackhawks 2-4
2 Bayou City Heat 0-5
3 Boston
4 Colorado Storm 3-8
5 Chicago Comets 0-10
6 Indianapolis thunder 4-9
7 Southwest Slammers 3-0
8 Minnesota Millers 3-0
9 Lone Star Road Runners 1-0
10 Tyler Tigers 7-1
11 Atlanta Eclipse 1-0
12 New Jersey Titans 1-0
13 BCS Outlaws 0-0
14 Arizona Phenoms 1-0
15 Athens Timberwolves 0-0
16 Rochester Pioneers 0-0
17 Indianapolis Edge New Team
18 San Antonio Jets New Team
19 Iowa Reapers 0-0
20 Seattle South King Sluggers 0-0

This year there are Five brackets of 4 teams each.  They are as follows:

Austin Bayou City Boston Colorado Chicago
Tyler Lone Star Minnesota Southwest Indy Thunder
Atlanta New Jersey BCS Arizona Athens
Seattle Iowa San Antonio Indy Edge Rochester

On Day one of the World Series each bracket will play pool play and then the double elimination rounds will start on Wednesday.  Let’s have a look at the Renegades Pool play opponents

Game #1 – San Antonio Jets

Many Beepball experts look at this as the most exciting game of the round robin bracket.  Both of these teams could finish in the top five of the World Series.  The Jets are a new team by name, but their starting line up is full of familiar faces starting with their pitcher.  Kevin Sibson toes the rubber for the Jets.  He has won multiple World Series championships for the Austin Blackhawks.  In fact, three of his players came with him from the Blackhawks to form the Jets (Zac Arumbala, Axel Cox and Richie Flores).  Yes, three 2015 World Series Champions are on this team plus one who won a championship with the Blackhawks in 2014.  Rounding out their line up will be two others who have plenty of experience in Dave Benney (Former Defensive All-star) and Jason Ackis a former standout for the Carolina Pride.  Mix these veterans with some of the most exciting rookies like Ricky Ruzika and Aaron Alamanza and you have a powerhouse team that should be starting this world Series as at least a 4 seed.  Its a tough draw to start the week but a win here will give the Renegade a boost of confidence and a loss means nothing to the double elimination rounds!

Game # 2 BCS Outlaws

The Outlaws have been in the League for a few years but this will be their 2nd World Series.  Last year they finished 19th but their seed moved them up 6 spots due to RHI, Taiwan, New Jersey Lightning, Long Island Bombers, Canada and the Indy Knights not returning.  This Texas team is led by Dewayne Sparks who hit .433 in 2015 with 12 stops on Defense.  Former Blackhawk, Craig Cotton also will help this lineup score some runs.  On Defense the Outlaws were led by two female players last year in Crystal Stark and Jamie Sibson…but Sibson has left the Outlaws this year to play with Austin. Last year, BCS played two teams the Renegades played.  They lost to the Indy Thunder 18-5 and they Beat the Arizona Phenoms 8-7.

Game #3 Minnesota Millers

Minnesota is a team on the rise.  They finished 10th in the 2015 World Series,  This team was one of the top defensive teams in 2015 and this year has been seen getting the ball into the air on offense.  They are led by Evan Van Duyne who made 23 stops last season and hit .645.  Josh Xiong is also an exciting young player who will likely lead off for them and is built with speed.  The Millers also have decided to move away from being a home grown team and have brought in Jon Akin to play for them as they try to replace the loss of star player, Ben Goodrich who will be competing in the Olympics in Rio.

You can follow the Renegade action on Facebook.  We will be posting updates throughout the day as we normally do to let our fans know how we are doing.  If you want to get text message updates, follow the brackets or see the rosters of the teams, the League has invested in a tool called Tourneymachine.  You can download this as an application to your phone called or follow along on the web.  The web site is

We look forward to hearing from you on Facebook so we can hear the cheers & support from afar as we start our quest to make Boston Beepball history!


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