The Beast of the East concludes July 12 in Haddonfield, NJ

Four teams head to Haddonfield, New Jersey to determine who the best team on the East coast is. This is the second leg of a two leg tournament between Boston, Pennsylvania, Long Island and New Jersey. The Pennsylvania Wolfpack are the host of this leg.

Below are the standings and results of the games from Long Island

Team Record Vs Bos Vs PA Vs NJ Vs LI Defensive runs allowed
Boston 3-0 ——- 5-4 (Win) 9-5 (Win) 9-4 (Win) 13
Pennsylvania 2-1 5-4 (Loss) ——- 5-4 (Win) 12-6 (Win) 15
Long Island 1-2 9-4 (Loss) 12-6 (Loss) 14-3 (Win) ——- 24
New Jersey 0-3 9-5 (Loss) 5-4 (Loss) ——- 14-3 (Loss) 28


The tie breakers are as follows

The winner will be determined by the following rules

  • Team with the best overall record in the 6 games
  • If there is a tie
  • Tie breaker #1: head to head between teams tied
  • Tie breaker #2: Head to head in previous season including the World Series
  • Tie breaker #3: Lowest defensive runs allowed – head to head
  • Tie breaker #4 Lowest defensive runs allowed in entire Beast of the East

Right now the Renegades are in the driver seat with three wins. If we end up in a tie. The Renegades would move to tie breaker #2 and we were 1-0 against all three teams in 2013. Boston is looking to improve on its performance in Long Island

Boston is 11-3 lifetime in this tournament winning it in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. The games will be played at the Crow’s Woods Soccer Complex located at901 East atlantic Avenue in Haddonfield, NJ. Games will be at 9:00am against Long Island, 11:30 against Pennsylvania and 2:00 against New Jersey

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