Joe McCormick is Not Your Average Joe

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  As many Renegade fans know we have had many players on our roster over the years named Joe…and they are definitely Not Your Average Joe.

Joe Mac - "the hardest working man in baseball)

Photo by Dina Rudick/Boston Globe

Joe McCormick was a happy, healthy 17 year old high school senior when he was diagnosed with a rare disease called Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON). LHON causes rapid sudden central vision loss and within months Joe was legally blind. Before his diagnosis Joe was at the top of his class, the captain of his Robotics team, and the goalie of the varsity soccer team. He was slated to attend MIT in the fall and study mechanical engineering. He loved spending time with his friends and family, and especially his girlfriend, Ashley. One of Joe’s favorite things to do was drive his car. He loved the freedom of being able to just hop in his car and go.

Most people really struggle with vision loss. Joe found a way to accept it.  He told his friends “I may be going blind but I am still one of the luckiest people I know!” He went on to graduate from Harvard University with a degree in computer Science in just 4 years without any delays or extra time to help him with his vision loss.  Today, Joe is a happy, healthy 23 year old with a great job, a wonderful fiancé, and a beautiful new home. He is passionate about Beepball and loves playing the game with his amazing teammates.

On the field he has grown into one of the leaders of the Boston Renegades.  He is Not Your average Joe on the field as he has set a few team records and been named to league all-star teams in his short 4 year career. This High School soccer player turned beep baseball all star got off to a fast start in 2012 and set a team record by hitting .586 in is Rookie year with the Renegades (a 14-year history).  He never gives up and is always trying to make himself better and in 2014, he was named to the League All- star team when he hit .600 at the National World Series in Rochester, Minnesota.  In 2015, he became just the 2nd player in team history to hit .600 for an entire season as he  hit .606.   You will be amazed to see what he can accomplish with his vision loss because he is not your average Joe!

This Joe was also featured in an article in the Boston Globe in May of 2014.  Theses a must read article to see how he overcame the loss of his sight with a can do attitude and what he has been able to accomplish.

If you would like to hear Joe Talk about his experience you can see him on youtube below


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