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20/20 Access: Our Online Newsletter

20/20 Access

Published by the Association of Blind Citizens

Spring Snippets 2005

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Plain in Maine

We renamed The Advocate 20/20 Access, and we hope you enjoy this mini spring edition. Find links to interesting articles in our Blindsided column and a list of helpful resources in our Marketplace section.

While working on this issue, I thought about how technology affects our lives. With scanners or closed-circuit televisions, we can read the printed word. With screen readers or large-print software, we can access computers. And with artificial-vision systems or bioptics, some of us can even drive.

But great gain comes with at least some loss. How does technology negatively affect you? I admit that when my home loses electricity, I usually take a nap or just stare into space hoping the power will quickly return. Does that mean I'm dependent on what's supposed to help me be independent?

If I listen to Talking Books too often, does that isolate me from my family? Or does being accustomed to that eloquent-sounding narrator make me discontent when a family member mispronounces a word when reading to me? Along these lines, I came up with five good reasons to become Amish:

5. The end of telemarketer calls!
4. No more spam!
3. Keeping up with fashion becomes obsolete!
2. No electric bill!
1. You don't need a license to drive a horse and buggy!

And now on with the rest of this, er, electronic newsletter...



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