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Woburn Host Lions take on the Renegades

Renegades Vs Woburn Host Lons battling logos


The Woburn Host Lions take on the Boston Renegades in an exhibition game on Sunday, September 23rd.  The game will begin at 10:00am.  It will be played at the Joyce Middle School, located at 55 Locust Street in Woburn.  Come on down and watch some hear the passion of Renegade Beep Baseball!

These Lions have been amazing to the Renegades.  We first established a relationship with them in 2009,  Since then these guys have become one of our biggest supporters.  Not only have we played (beat) them in many exhibition games.  They have helped us run many events including hosting our Movie at the Woburn Showcase cinema back in 2013.  They also have run multiple tournaments for us including the 6 team tournament in 2017 in which they gave all six teams $1,000 for participating!

Their spirit and selflessness and willing to help is truly amazing!


If there is inclement weather, we will update our Facebook event page located here

September 11 – Come join us in Woburn for a game and a party


The Woburn Lions pitch to their own team and we allow them to take their blindlofd off if they can’t hit it…but they must run with the blind fold on…which is normally pretty funny to watch


Taking hacks with a blindfold on is not easy


Its very rare for a Lion to make a play on defense…but it does happen..and they get better every year!


Bryan Grillo is the Renegade who introduced us tot he Woburn Host Lions so its fitting he and the Lion are in this picture.

On Sunday, September 11th at 12:00 in Woburn, the Woburn Host Lions will be taking on the Renegades in a charity beep baseball game.  The game will take place at the Joyce Middle School located at 55 Locust Street in Woburn Mass.  The game will end at 1:30 and after this, the group will go to the Crowne Plaza Hotel located in Woburn at 15 Middlesex Canal Park Dr for a post party.  Come join the Renegades and the Lions for an afternoon of beep baseball and then grab some food afterwards at the Crowne Plaza and celebrate the Renegades amazing 2016 season.

The Woburn Host Lions have been working with the Renegades since the 2009 season.  Every year they run an event with the Renegades.  They have played us in numerous games.  They have sponsored an afternoon at the movies where we debuted our documentary on the screen (and our coach got engaged in front of the crowd as a surprise to all).   They have also hosted multiple games with out of town NBBA teams including the 2015 Beast of the East title tournament.  This year, they are looking to celebrate our success with us.  We invite all Renegade family and friends to join us for a fun game and to celebrate with the Renegades on their successful 2016 season!