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The Renegades Return to Chronicle

The Boston Renegades appeared on Chronicle on October 19, 2012 as the theme of the show was called “Abled” and featured people with a disability finding a way to get things done. Our very own Larry Haile and Guy Zuccarello made an appearance on the show. The clip shows the team playing ball but focuses on life outside of the game for two of our abled players as we get a glimpse inside the lives of these two fascinating Renegade characters.

Renegades Appear on BNN

The Boston Neighborhood Network spent some time with the Renegades in July and produced a piece about the Renegades that explains the game of Beepball and gives you some insight why some of the volunteers participate and why the players play.  In this piece you will get to listen to coaches Nick Bebas and Jason Lenicheck as well as players Darren Black, Sengil Inkiala and Melissa Hoyt.

Also see video of the following Renegades playing the game: Dan Cotter, Dino Vasile, Ron Cochran, JJ Ward, Rob Weissman, Justen Cantan, Bryan Grillo, Matt Nippins, Shayne Cantan, Larry Haile, Joey Buizon, Guy Zuccarello and Joey Duggan.

Renegades Appear on Comcast Network

The Boston Renegades appeared on the Comcast Network on a running loop in October and November. This piece was shot by a new friend to the Boston Renegades, Arlen Showstack. The video was shot during the 2010 Blind Citizens Beep Baseball Championship in July. This six minute video features JJ Ward, John Oliveira, Aaron Proctor and Rob Weissman. The video shows many of the Renegades players and coaches in action and talks about the team, the sport and the players.

Other Renegades in this video include: Nick Bebas, Ron Cochran, Larry Haile, Joey Buizon, Justen Cantan, Darren Black, Joe Quintanilla, Dino Vasile, Guy Zuccarello, Matt Nippins, Shayne Cantan and Joe O’Neill.