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Renegades WIN SNOB! Best Feature Length Documentary!

Logo of the 2012 SNOB Film Festival, which was held in Concord, New Hampshire
The Somewhat North of Boston (SNOB) Film Festival held its 11th annual festival in Concord, NH.  This would be the first film festival to show our long anticipated documentary about our team filmed primarily in 2005.  When the weekend was over, our film, “The Renegades: a Beep Ball Story” won the category for best independent documentary.   Jack and Liz Clancy Lerner of Best Dog Ever Films worked on this film for years and their efforts were rewarded with an amazing night and weekend.
Our own Bryan Grillo blogged about this as well:

Here is a short video of the moments leading up to the film shot from the crowd:

Here are some photos of the event:

World Premiere of a Documentary on the Renegades is November 10th at the SNOB Film Festival

image of "The Renegades: A Beep Ball Story" Documentary's posterOn Saturday, November 10th, a feature length documentary about the Boston Renegades called “The Renegades: A Beep Ball Story” will be having its World Premiere at the SNOB Film Festival in Concord, New Hampshire. The show is scheduled to start at 6:00 pm. You can get information about the event on their web site or purchase tickets here.

There will be future showings of this movie in the Boston area and we hope to have those dates to you by mid November if possible.

This movie is produced by Best Ever Dog Films and the father/daughter tandem of Jack Clancy and Liz Clancy Lerner. The film follows the Renegades primarily for the 2005 season but catches looks in at us as we grow over the following few years. It follows the Renegades as we play tournaments throughout the US culminating with a World Series in Houston. Each player has a story to tell about their blindness. Can a particular player make the team? Will another player finally score his first run in 7 years? Can a female player compete? Can Boston finally beat New York after years of futility? Will the Renegades win the World Series? Are they playing to win or just playing to play? It’s not just a sports movie, it’s a dynamic emotional roller coaster.

We hope that our fans, friends and family will join us for a showing of this film and get a deeper appreciation for the hard work, sweat and tears that go into what we know as the Renegade experience!

The Renegades Return to Chronicle

The Boston Renegades appeared on Chronicle on October 19, 2012 as the theme of the show was called “Abled” and featured people with a disability finding a way to get things done. Our very own Larry Haile and Guy Zuccarello made an appearance on the show. The clip shows the team playing ball but focuses on life outside of the game for two of our abled players as we get a glimpse inside the lives of these two fascinating Renegade characters.

The Renegades March in Woburn Host Lions Halloween parade

Photo of the Renegades marching in the 2012 Lion's Halloween paradeOn Sunday, October 28 the Boston Renegades participated in the Woburn Host Lions 58th Annual Halloween Parade.

The Lions go all out for this event and made the Renegades feel welcomed by building us a float.  We were even the lead float for the whole parade!  We gathered a group of players, coaches and family members all decked out in Renegade uniforms and had a blast.  We waved to the fans, gave away about 1,200 pieces of candy to kids and made some noise.  One would think the Renegade cheers, the beeping balls and the buzzing base would be heard.  It was tough to get over the roar of the crowd and the roar of a race car that followed us in the line up.

The Renegades want to thank the Woburn Host Lions for their continued support of our program.  We look forward to supporting them again next year in both their Lobster bake  and halloween parade!

Woburn Daily Times Chronicle Captures the Lions Supporting the Renegades Beast of the East Title

The Woburn Lions have been playing against the Boston Renegades for three years but this season, they hosted a double header between the Boston Renegades and the Long Island Bombers to crown the Beast of the East champion. The Renegades are very thankful to the Lions for their continued support. They organized a great event that included food, T-Shirts, umpires, volunteers, lining the fields and many more contributions. We hope this may be the start of something even bigger for the future. To view the featured article, please click on links to the following 2 formats:
click here for a readable version of the article in htm format
click here for a version of the article in visual pdf format

Boston Sweeps Long Island to win Third Straight Beast of The East Title!

Image of Renegade's and Bomber's logos


Team photo with trophy after winning the Third Straight Beast of The East Title in 2012



On August 11, in Woburn, The Woburn Lions hosted a double header between the Boston Renegades and the Long Island Bombers. In what threatened to be a rainy day ended up being nice out. That sunshine was bright for Boston and helped them to 7-2 and 5-2 victories over the Bombers. These two wins crowned the Renegades as the best team on the East coast for the third year in a row. Many thanks to the Woburn Lions for hosting this game. Please see our game results links for more information about this game (Link to the 2012 Results page)

2012 World Series MVP Honors To Guy Zuccarello

Photo of Guy Zuccarello with blinder onGuy Zuccarello accomplished something no other Renegade has done in team history.  He was named the Defensive MVP of the 2012 World Series.  This was the 5th time in team history a Renegade had made a World Series all-star team, but the first time a Renegade had won the honor of MVP.  Before the tournament started, Guy was handed a new blindfold saying “lights out” and his defense shut down opponents all week long.  Guy finished the week with 36 stops in 7 games. His best game was making 7 stops against the Colorado Storm. His 36 stops in this series topped his previous high for any previous season as he had 35 stops in the entire 2007 season. Guy was not just big on the field as #9 put up a Ted Williams like .406 batting average on the field with an improved swing this season.  He is on pace to have his best season on offense and defense in his 8 year career. Below is the defensive All star team:

Final MVP Rankings

Rank Player Team Stops Avg per game
1 Guy Zuccarello Boston 36 5.14
2 Stanley Griffin Cleveland 45 5.00
3 Matt Puvogel LI 39 4.86
4 Jason Ackiss Indy 36 4.50
t-5 Danny Foppiano Austin 31 3.88
t-5 Steve Rutch NJ 31 3.88

Renegades Finish 9th in 2012 World Series

The 2012 World Series was in Ames Iowa  and the Renegades entered as the 6 seed, the best seed in team history.   In its six games, the Gades were 5-1 but brought the least amount of players in team history to a World Series.  Ames would see record high temperatures during the week as teams were forced to play in temperatures exceeding 103 degrees on fields that cried for water.  Combine these conditions with a day of high winds and the scores of many games would be very high.  Boston started off slow as they blew a big lead to New Jersey and the Lightning came back in the bottom of the 6th to walk off.  The eventual champion Taiwan Home Run would mercy rule the Renegades in 3 innings of play sending Boston to the double elimination round as a three seed.  Boston would play its highest scoring game in team history losing to Chicago 31-21 but would beat Cleveland to stay alive in the double elimination bracket till Thursday. Thursday morning, the Colorado Storm would knock the Renegades into the placement round with hopes of a 9 seed being the best the Renegades could do.  With two games remaining, Boston defeated the Lone Star Road runners and Minnesota Millers to finish strong and capture a nine seed.   For box scores and game recaps for the whole year, please visit this page.


Player Avg AB PO Player Avg AB PO
Mccormick .643 28 5 Sajjad .364 33 6
Haile .600 35 9 Thayer .077 13 0
Zuccarello .406 32 36 Silver .000 3 5
Ward .406 32 11 O’Neill .000 4 0
Quintanilla .379 29 2

Avg= Batting Average, AB= At-Bats, PO= Put-outs on Defense


2012 World Series Final Results

Finish Team Record Team Batting Avg Defensive Stop %
1 Taiwan 8-1 .521 59%
2 Austin 6-2 .580 56%
3 Bayou City 6-2 .579 54%
4 Chicago 5-3 .459 40%
5 Colorado 7-2 .552 52%
6 RHI Extreme 5-3 .534 53%
7 Indianapolis 5-3 .408 40%
8 Southwest 3-4 .330 44%
9 Boston 3-4 .426 42%
10 Minnesota 2-5 .255 42%
11 Lone Star 4-5 .350 51%
12 Long Island 3-5 .345 47%
13 Cleveland 5-4 .392 51%
14 New Jersey 3-5 .311 42%
15 Wichita 1-6 .188 45%
16 Tyler 2-7 .271 35%
17 Iowa 0-7 .192 29%

Renegades Seeded 6th in 2012 World Series

Team photo of the 2012 World Series team


The 2012 Renegade team attending the World Series in Ames, Iowa was:
Front Row: Joe O’Neill
2nd Row: Aqil Sajjad
3rd Row L to R: Evan Silver, Justin Manjourides, Joe Quintanilla, Bryan Grillo
Standing L to R:  Rob Weissman, Joe McCormick, Larry Haile, John Crawford, JJ Ward, Ron Cochran, Rob Thayer, Guy Zuccarello