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Three “Beep” Book signing events coming to Boston area in June!

Beep Inside the Unseen World of Baseball for the Blind

Three book signings will be in the area in JuneWe are excited to announce three book signings coming to our area in June!  The World’s first ever book about the sport of beep baseball was published in April of 2018.  Author David Wancyzk found this sport and decided to check out the finals of the 2012 World Series in Ames, Iowa.  Once there, the sport caught Dave’s attention and he felt he had a story to tell.  Little did he know at this time, that he would get hooked on the sport.  His trip to Ames Iowa was just the beginning.  He traveled to Georgia, Minnesota, New York, the Dominican Republic and even Taiwan to get the scoop on the sport.

Boston Featured in the Book

As Wanczyk was trying to piece together an idea of a story, he needed to find some teams to follow.  The Austin Blackhawks and Taiwan Home Run hooked him with so many interesting back stories to dive into.  After all, these were the two teams he saw face off in that 2012 World Series.  Being born and raised in Massachusetts, he started to dig around about the Boston Renegades. and eventually adopted the Gades as one of his under dog darlings for the story.  He picked up our journey in 2013 in Georgia and spent countless hours on our bench, in our hotel and doing phone interviews.  He dug deeper during the off season and came back in 2014 in Minnesota to see the team make big improvements.  Readers will feel like they are on the Renegades bench during the games.  They will get a sense of what makes the Renegade culture unique and special.  Wanczyk takes you into the team meetings and looks at the competition from many angles that are both enjoyable and insightful to read.

Three Book Signings in Mass in June – Come Join us!

Author David Wanczyk gives a talk

Author David Wanczyk will be reading from his book at three book signings in the Massachusetts area

David Wanczyk will be in the Massachusetts area in early June doing three book signings.  Here he will read passages and answer questions about the book, the sport and his experience.  He will also be very willing to share  some fun stories about his experience with his hometown, Boston Renegades and its players & coaches.   His book tour consists of the following dates and Venues

More about the book and our spin on it

Check out who was interviewed, where to buy the book and much more in a post we wrote in April here

Here is a fun excerpt from the book showing the writers wit and sense of humor in explaining the sport

” Guy Zuccarello, whose slimness and aww-shucks grin make him seem like Captain America before the serum, scores on a three-bounce single through the left side, and the Heat are in disarray.  Gers pipes up again, and a Boston Coach-These guys are like codebreakers with their lingo—calls Zuccarello’s modest smash “a lowercase bomb with double stars.”  He draws a diagram on a scouting report…”

photos of Captain America and Guy Zuccarello

Photos of Captain America before the serum, Captain America and our leader, Guy Zuccarello

Making the Podcast and book review circuit

Beep Inside the Unseen World of Baseball for the blind was one of the top 100 books about baseball on Amazon in April.  It also has drawn interest from media around the country.  To hear Wanczyk talk about the book, listen to a few of his interviews, and read reviews of the book below:

We hope you consider coming to one of these events and/or buying a copy of the book to learn more about this amazing sport, it’s athletes and the Boston Renegades culture.

Renegades Take part in Paralympic Experience

On June 20th at the Newton North High School the Boston Renegades will be a Co-hosting with Adaptive Sports New England in a Paralympic Experience.  We will be giving a demonstration of how the game is played and talking to people about our sport.  the Renegades are always looking for new players and volunteers interested in being part of our team.

The Paralympic Experience on June 20 is a multi-sport introductory and informational clinic. You can try 10 sports and learn about 25 New England organizations that offer adaptive sport programs.  The Paralympic Experience is designed for youth and adults who have visual or mobility impairments. All ages and levels of expertise welcome.

What: The Summer 2015 Paralympic Experience
When: Saturday, June 20, 12:00-4:00 pm
Where: Newton North High School  457 Walnut Street Newton, MA 02460
All people interested in playing sports who have a disability are encouraged to come.  Anyone who is interested in playing for the Boston Renegades should come to this experience to hear the passion that is Boston Renegade beep baseball!
A few inspiring Quotes to get your juices flowing
  • Muji Karim​, Rio 2016 Paralympic hopeful (track & field): “Going to the Paralympic Experience gives you a glimpse of what’s possible.  In November, I experienced a welcoming atmosphere that encouraged learning and competition.”
  • Anna Johannes​, London 2012 Paralympic bronze medalist and Rio 2016 hopeful (swimming): ​“I experienced a passion like no other at the Paralympic Games. I have never felt so connected to my country before. All I wanted to do was make it proud”
  • Andrew Johnson, London 2012 Paralympian (rowing)​: “My advice about getting started in sports is there’s no reason not to do it, and it’s been one of the most positive, rewarding experiences that I have had.  It’s incredibly fun, even if it might be hard, and that’s what makes it great.  You can do hard things, and hard things are the most rewarding.”

Poster for the event