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The Renegades in the News

Joe Quintanilla named to the Cambridge Athletic Hall of Fame

On April 29th, Joe Quintanilla was named to the Cambridge Athletic Hall of Fame.  “Q”,  who owns the Renegade record for most games played entered got his start in sports long before he started playing ball in 2000.  Q’s roots as an athlete started long before the Renegades.  He ran 11 different seasons as a member of the cross country and indoor/outdoor track teams before graduating high school in 1994.  Joe Also ran the Boston Marathon, ran as part of Boston College and made the 1996 Paralympics team in Atlanta as a representative of the United States.  Congrats.  You are not an Average Joe!

Thanks to Chris Cavallerano, we have a copy of this video on our youtube channel


Attached is a picture of his article in the program that the Hall of Fame published for that night

Joe Quintanilla's Hall of Fame article from the April 29th induction ceremony



Smartest Player in the NBBA has to be Aqil Sajjad

Picture of Aqil Sajjad in the field with text from the show Big Bang Theory

Who is the Smartest player in the NBBA?  Well, there is no official way to measure this but Aqil Sajjad would likely be at the top of any list.  Afterall, how many NBBA players (let alone how many people) have a PHD from Harvard in Theoretical Particle Physics.  Aqil graduated from Harvard in 2014 and what he has accomplished without his sight is amazing and inspirational for many.  He has been the subject of many articles and recently was part of a podcast.  Keep in mind that Aqil has no usable sight and relies on technology and his big brain to help him with all of the equations.

Aqil On The Field

Aqil Sajjad played with the Renegades from 2009-2015.  He took the 2016 season off to get married and prepare for the next chapter in his life, but has hopes of being able to return to the team in 2017.  In his time on the field, he has been one of the most dedicated players. Through the 2016 season, he ranks 10th all-time in games played with 87.  He also owns a lifetime .282 batting average and has made 39 stops on defense.  He ranks 5th in team history in putting the ball into play at 81.3%.  Beyond the stats, we will always remember him falling asleep on a short van ride back to a hotel and then falling out of the van when the door opened.  Aqil – he is for Real!

Here are some links to get to know the Aqil Sajjad, the smartest guy in the league

Weissman interviewed by IBM about volunteerism

IBM logoIBM recently interviewed Rob Weissman, a 13 year employee of IBM about his work with the Boston Renegades.  IBM has supported the Renegades through Weissman’s involvement over the year to the tune of $18,000 in community grants.  The article was posted internal but they have cerated a PDF for us to share with our fans and can be read here:  IBM PDF

Rob Weissman catching during the title game of the 2016 World Series. Photo by John Lykowski

Rob Weissman catching during the title game of the 2016 World Series. Photo by John Lykowski

Local Belmont Paper writes story about Guy Zuccarello!

Guy Zuccarello flexes his muscle but its his actions and leadership that helps this team!The 2016 season has ended and we had it was historic!  Doug Hastings has had a story on his plate for years to write about a special resident of Belmont, Guy Zuccarello.  After a few years he finally got around to writing it and the story was bigger than he had originally thought.  The story appeared in Wicked local tonight and features quotes from both Guy and his coach, Rob Weissman.  It really is a nice read about what Guy means to the Boston Renegades.  Give it a read on Belmont Wicked Local!

Ubersense Visits the Renegades

Ubsersense, a Boston based company that makes an app for the iPhone paid a visit to the Renegades for a practice right before the World Series to see what Beep Baseball is all about.  They heard about the team because the coaching staff of the Renegades gets good use of their app to help the team improve their game.

In 2013, Coach Weissman was talking to an old friend of his named Brent Olyowski.  Brent was in town on a visit and the two got to talking about coaching strategies.   Brent is a High School Football coach and gets strong use of video analysis.   Brent had volunteered with the Renegades in 2003.  He and his wife, Kara spent a week with the Renegades and helped them in the World Series when it was in Denver, Colorado.  Ten years later, Brent returned to the Gades and saw a few familiar faces at practice.

Brent introduced Rob to Ubersense and how easy it was to use.  Brent went one step further and told Ubersense about the Renegades.  When Ubersense came to practice, they brought with them a camera with the hopes of capturing some videos of the team.  They were amazed at the sport and the players.  They even witnessed Danny get his nose broken (and caught that on film).  The end result of their vist was our appearance in a few promotional videos they created.


Brent Olyowski at the Gades practice just ten years after he last volunteered with them

Brent Olyowksi gets caught on camera at the Gades practice on the night he introduced Ubersense to the Gades

Renegades Featured in the Boston Globe

On Sunday, May 25th, The Boston Renegades appeared as a feature article in a 4 page spread within the Globe Magazine.  The article was written by David Wanczyk who the Renegades met in the summer of 2013.  Dave is professor of creative writing and is writing a novel about beep baseball and the Renegades are one of the teams he is featuring in his book that is targeting 2015 to hit the shelves.  To find out more on this book project, check out Dave’s Facebook page

The article features 3rd year player, Joe McCormick and shows you how he has overcome adversity to recently graduate Harvard University.  It also takes a look inside the Renegades World Series in 2013, which Dave was granted all access to the team’s inner workings for his book.

The photo shoot was done by the Boston Globe on a dreary day that threatened rain the whole afternoon.  Joe was like a supermodel with the cameras following his every move for nearly two hours.  The lead picture (shown below) was amazing as the photographer, Dina Rudick was literally in the wet grass and mud looking up at him

The article is entitled “the hardest working man in baseball and can be found here on the Globe’s site.  If you are visually impaired and would rather listen to the article you can hear it here on soundcloud


Joe Mac - "the hardest working man in baseball)

Photo by Dina Rudick/Boston Globe


Sajjad featured in Harvard Gazette article

Aqil Sajjad in the batting cages

Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer

On October 1, 2013, the Harvard Gazette published a piece on our very own, Aqil Sajjad.  They even question if he is the hardest working player in the game.  This is a fantastic piece that explores both the baseball side and the personal side of Sajjad who is the Renegades only player from Pakistan but the 4th person in team history with ties to Harvard.  In fact, two of those people are quoted in this article as Joe McCormick and Nick Chisholm add some spice to the article  Read the piece at this link

PHD, Aqil Sajjad Featured in article with Learning Ally

While many people in the United States laugh at a television hit called the Big Bang Theory, The Renegades have a team mate that may fit into that show.  Aqil Sajjad is a blind athlete for the Renegades who up until a few days ago had never heard of this TV show.  Aqil is a Theoretical Physics student at Harvard with his PHD.  You think hitting a baseball without sight is tough…how about working some of those equations?  We have a smart team, but Aqil takes it to another level.  The only big bang we really care about though is the Bang off his bat!  Read the article on our media page or on the Learning Ally web site


The Renegades have a theoretical Physicist that could be on the big bang theory.  Of course his "big bang" was the walk off hit he had against New Jersey last weekend!  How can he do physics without his sight?  He is WICKED SMAHT!

Renegades appear in Local Baseball Magazine

The Local Baseball community is starting to hear more and more about the Renegades.  We have Brett Rudy to thank for that.  He came out in June of this year to take part in a charity game against Sullivan & Worcester Law firm.  Bunker Hill Community College cancelled the game on us…but we found a way to meet with Brett to help him with the story on our team.  He wrote an article that appeared in both the New England Baseball Journal and  You can see this story and more on our media page.  Or you can go right to to view it

While there, Brett shot a few videos that may interest you

Joey Buizon

 Joe McCormick

Aqil Sajjad


Tim Syphers


Rob Weissman


Joe McCormick and Aqil Sajjad take Batting Practice


Brett Rudy, our reporter straps on the blind fold and takes some hacks 

ESPN Beepball piece is here…in case you missed it!

ESPN visited the Beep Baseball World Series in 2011 in Indianapolis.  They did a very good piece on the sport.  It may have been the first time the sport has ever had a nationwide audience!  The piece focuses on the West Coast Dawgs, an All-Star team that won plenty of World Series.  It also focused on three players who have owned the Renegades over the years.  The Renegades had faced the Dawgs a few times in their career, never winning a game.  Our history against them is as follows:

  • 2006 Dawgs win 22-7 and invoke the Mercy rule after 4 innings
  • 2007 Dawgs win 18-6 and invoke the Mercy rule in 2 innings
  • 2008 Dawgs win 18-1 and invoke the Mercy rule in 4 innings
  • 2010 Dawgs win 15-8 after a scare in the 4th inning and the Renegades making a game out of it

The three players shown in this footage have done serious damage to the Renegades renting out their services to many teams.  Stats against us are from 2005-2012

  • Lex Gilette has played 3 games against us…all as a member of the West Coast Dawgs and gone 6-15 (.400 avg) with 3 Strike outs
  • Eric has played 3 games against us in a uniform for both the Kansas All-Stars and West Coast Dawgs and gone 6-8 (.750), never struck out and has 13 stops on defense
  • Danny has played 5 games against us wearing three different uniforms, the Kansas All-Stars, the PA Wolfpack and the West Coast Dawgs.  He has gone 9-17 (.529) with 3 strike outs and 9 defensive stops

Two famous highlights in these games were

  • Justin Manjourides making his pitching debut in 2008 and mowing down 4 of the 5 batters he faced (Larry Haile, Steve Houston, Joe Quintanilla and Joe O’Neill) While Evan Silver managed to ground out. It would make the only time in Justin’s career he pitched in a game
  • In 2010, the renegades gave the Dawgs a scare as they pulled to within 1 run down 8-7 after 3.5 innings.  This caused the Dawgs to regroup, call a time out and replace 3 of their players in the line-up.  This definitely was not in their plans as they were hoping to cruise to an easy victory and were trying to rest players for the run to the title

See the 10 minute ESPN clip here: