Boston Heads to World Series as the Three seed!

The 2016 Season will now head to Ames, Iowa where the 6-0 Boston Renegades will take part in their 15th consecutive World Series.  This is an amazing feat and only a few teams in the league have been there for more consecutive years than Boston (Austin, Bayou City, Chicago and Tyler).  After an amazing run in 2015, Boston has earned the respect from many teams around the league for their play on the field.  A super dedicated and large coaching staff has led a team of Renegades this season to an undefeated start.

The way the league seeds the dance is based on the standings from the 2015 World Series.  If teams do not attend, the teams all move up a spot.  Since Taiwan is not attending, Boston moved from the 5 seed to the 4 seed.  The RHI Extreme also folded and that caused the Renegades to move from 4 to 3.  There are a few new teams in the league this season (Indy Edge, Seattle South King Sluggers San Antonio Jets). Any team which did not attend the series the previous year is automatically ranked at the bottom of the seed list.  They are placed in order by the date they got their registration fee paid.  This practice is lazy and causes the seeds to be very wrong.  This season, Boston will be impacted by this poor seeding practice.  Let’s take a look at the roster of teams with their seed and the Renegades life time record against them

Seed Team Boston’s record against
1 Austin Blackhawks 2-4
2 Bayou City Heat 0-5
3 Boston
4 Colorado Storm 3-8
5 Chicago Comets 0-10
6 Indianapolis thunder 4-9
7 Southwest Slammers 3-0
8 Minnesota Millers 3-0
9 Lone Star Road Runners 1-0
10 Tyler Tigers 7-1
11 Atlanta Eclipse 1-0
12 New Jersey Titans 1-0
13 BCS Outlaws 0-0
14 Arizona Phenoms 1-0
15 Athens Timberwolves 0-0
16 Rochester Pioneers 0-0
17 Indianapolis Edge New Team
18 San Antonio Jets New Team
19 Iowa Reapers 0-0
20 Seattle South King Sluggers 0-0

This year there are Five brackets of 4 teams each.  They are as follows:

Austin Bayou City Boston Colorado Chicago
Tyler Lone Star Minnesota Southwest Indy Thunder
Atlanta New Jersey BCS Arizona Athens
Seattle Iowa San Antonio Indy Edge Rochester

On Day one of the World Series each bracket will play pool play and then the double elimination rounds will start on Wednesday.  Let’s have a look at the Renegades Pool play opponents

Game #1 – San Antonio Jets

Many Beepball experts look at this as the most exciting game of the round robin bracket.  Both of these teams could finish in the top five of the World Series.  The Jets are a new team by name, but their starting line up is full of familiar faces starting with their pitcher.  Kevin Sibson toes the rubber for the Jets.  He has won multiple World Series championships for the Austin Blackhawks.  In fact, three of his players came with him from the Blackhawks to form the Jets (Zac Arumbala, Axel Cox and Richie Flores).  Yes, three 2015 World Series Champions are on this team plus one who won a championship with the Blackhawks in 2014.  Rounding out their line up will be two others who have plenty of experience in Dave Benney (Former Defensive All-star) and Jason Ackis a former standout for the Carolina Pride.  Mix these veterans with some of the most exciting rookies like Ricky Ruzika and Aaron Alamanza and you have a powerhouse team that should be starting this world Series as at least a 4 seed.  Its a tough draw to start the week but a win here will give the Renegade a boost of confidence and a loss means nothing to the double elimination rounds!

Game # 2 BCS Outlaws

The Outlaws have been in the League for a few years but this will be their 2nd World Series.  Last year they finished 19th but their seed moved them up 6 spots due to RHI, Taiwan, New Jersey Lightning, Long Island Bombers, Canada and the Indy Knights not returning.  This Texas team is led by Dewayne Sparks who hit .433 in 2015 with 12 stops on Defense.  Former Blackhawk, Craig Cotton also will help this lineup score some runs.  On Defense the Outlaws were led by two female players last year in Crystal Stark and Jamie Sibson…but Sibson has left the Outlaws this year to play with Austin. Last year, BCS played two teams the Renegades played.  They lost to the Indy Thunder 18-5 and they Beat the Arizona Phenoms 8-7.

Game #3 Minnesota Millers

Minnesota is a team on the rise.  They finished 10th in the 2015 World Series,  This team was one of the top defensive teams in 2015 and this year has been seen getting the ball into the air on offense.  They are led by Evan Van Duyne who made 23 stops last season and hit .645.  Josh Xiong is also an exciting young player who will likely lead off for them and is built with speed.  The Millers also have decided to move away from being a home grown team and have brought in Jon Akin to play for them as they try to replace the loss of star player, Ben Goodrich who will be competing in the Olympics in Rio.

You can follow the Renegade action on Facebook.  We will be posting updates throughout the day as we normally do to let our fans know how we are doing.  If you want to get text message updates, follow the brackets or see the rosters of the teams, the League has invested in a tool called Tourneymachine.  You can download this as an application to your phone called or follow along on the web.  The web site is

We look forward to hearing from you on Facebook so we can hear the cheers & support from afar as we start our quest to make Boston Beepball history!


Renegades win the Beast of the East for the 6th straight time!

Renegades Put out the Fire in Extra innings 17-15

Christian Thaxton scores 6 times, a Team record.  Jamie Dickerson gets his first win ever and Rookie Shawn Devenish scores his first Hat trick to lead Boston over Philly

Christian Thaxton scores 6 times, a Team record. Jamie Dickerson gets his first win ever and Rookie Shawn Devenish scores his first Hat trick to lead Boston over Philly

The Beast of the East is supposed to be a local tournament designed to grow programs on the East coast.  Somehow this message got lost this year as the Philly Fire paid to fly in Johnny Walker from Colorado.  Walker is one of the best ambassadors of the game and a top-flight pitcher.  He was flown in to coach the team and to pitch.  The Renegades would throw Jamie Dickerson in this tournament.  This would be Jamie’s 2nd year pitching but his first tournament he had ever been the sole pitcher.  Boston would get off to a slow start as the top three Renegade hitters would flail and miss on 16 straight pitches.  Walker would have similar results until Scott Hogwood would ground out to Justen Proctor.  Boston would roll out for the first time a 4-headed monster in the line up.  Four players would hold a rotation for a spot in the line up.  Since three of these players are recovering from injuries, this allowed proper rest while contributing.  To lead off the 2nd, the third head of that monster was Tim Syphers who would pop a fly ball to the right side to change the mojo for the Renegades.  Larry Haile would then lace a shot down the first base line and help turn the lineup over.  This time, Christian Thaxton would go opposite field after making an adjustment to his timing and the Renegades would take a 3-0 lead.   In the top of the second, Philly also found their groove. Cody Hogwood (Teenage daughter of Scott) would hit a ball down the first Base line that eluded Joe McCormick and Thaxton.  That run fired up the Fire and when the top of the lineup came up, John Margist and Mike Coughlin hit bombs to tie the game.  With two out, Scott Hogwood laced a bomb into left field which would surely have given them a run and the lead but Joe McCormick was in a special shift we called the Hogwood shift and made the out as he was fired up about our saber metrics.  In the third, Joe Quintanilla would score with two outs and get back to Thaxton who would lined a shot into right field to pull ahead 5-3.  This time the bottom half of the Philly line up would come up empty and go down 1-2-3. For both teams the strikeouts would start to build.  Rob Dias plated the only run as Boston had 6 runs and 7 strikeouts through 4.  Philly would tie again in the fourth as Margist, Coughlin and Cody scored again (we were wondering if she was giving her dad a hard time that she was 2-3 while her dad was 0-3).  Thaxton would lead off the 5th with his third run of the game but Dickerson and Weissman were now puzzled by the number two hitter, Joe McCormick who had 4 strikeouts and only had two foul balls in 16 pitches.  Due to his veteran presence and stellar defense we kept with him hoping it would pay off.  The four headed monster would strike again in the 5th as rookie, Shawn Devenish would rip a grounder down the first base line and Larry Haile would score on a grounder up the middle to make it 9-6.  In the bottom of the frame, Boston got a huge shot in the arm when Christian Thaxton laid out to stop a hard hit ball off the bat of leadoff hitter, John Margist.  With one out, Coughlin would score and Scott Hogwood would also get on the board to make it 9-8.  Randy George would come to the plate and be called out on a bang-bang play that would have tied the game at 9 as Rob Dias charged a ball to put him out. In the top of the 6th, Tim Syphers would pinch hit for Joe Quintanilla and loft a fly ball into the middle of the field that landed on Randy George’s shoe tops.  George scrambled to make the put out.  Thaxton would plate his fourth run of the game on a shot up the middle.  As the Coaches agonized about what to do with McCormick, he struck out for the 5th time in the game.  Mac would go back to the bench and be heard yelling into a bag so people watching would not hear his frustrations at what had happened to him on offense.  Rob Dias would then be put out on a ball that hugged the third base line all the way into the waiting hands of Mike Coughlin.  Up came Shawn Devenish. On the second pitch he hit a frozen rope right up the middle that came 2 inches from hitting his pitcher, Dickerson in the face.  Larry Haile then scored on a gift down the third base line that Coughlin could not real in.  Boston was up by four.  Weissman was feeling confident because Philly had not been able to score four in an inning all day and they were leading off with the six hitter, Gina Natoli. She would ground out to Joe McCormick.  The Philly team would catch fire as Margist would score on a weak pop up that Joe Mac and Justen Proctor had a miscommunication on. Coughlin and Scott Hogwood would plate runs.  Weissman would call time out and explain to the team that the bottom of the line up was less threatening and not hitting as well and to relax and make a play.  Randy George then hit a grounder down the third baseline which Thanh Huynh could not find and Philly tied the game at 12.  In the 7th, Thaxton and Dias would plate runs but Dickerson would strike out three hitters.  Philly would have the top of their order up. They were responsible for 9 of their 12 runs.  Margist would lead off by hitting a ball to the first base side but was stopped by Christian Thaxton for a huge out that would save the game because the next two hitters, Coughlin and Hogwood would tie it up.  Randy George had a chance to be the hero again but this time Justen Proctor stopped him.  The score was 14-14.  In the 8th, Joe Quintanilla would strike out to lead off the inning but Thaxton would pick him up scoring his 6th run of the game.  Joe McCormick would then finally make contact and break his string of six strikeouts but would be stopped by Randy George.  Rob Dias would then come up and launch a bomb into left field but for the first time all day (and only time) the bases would not go off.  This sure run was taken away.  Instead of getting upset, Rob launched the next pitch into left again showing his mental toughness.  Looking for one more run, Devenish came to the plate and scored on a grounder through Mike Coughlin to give Boston a three run lead.  Devenish had his first three run game of his career in a big moment.  In the Bottom of the Eight their 6 hitter, Gina Natoli struck out and john Margist would score to make it 17-15.  Justen Proctor stopped Mike Coughlin who had been tearing the cover off the ball. Scott Hogwood would whiff to end the game.  In the second longest game Boston had ever played it had defeated Philly and was the number one seed in the Beast of the East.  Two milestones happened in this game.  Boston struck out 17 times, which was the most they have ever struck out in a game breaking their 2005 high of 15.  Also, Christian Thaxton became the first Renegade player to score 6 runs in a game.  Keep In mind both of these happened in an 8-inning game.


Battle of Friends on the mound results in Boston 9-3 victory


Joe Bourque, Dave Mazza, Joe McCormick and Jamie Dickerson…Long time friends face off on the Beepball field

In all the years we have faced the Long Island Bombers they have had only two pitchers face us.  Over the past few years, The Renegades have been using batting cages in Woburn donated to them by The Mazza family.  The Mazza’s are friends with Joe McCormick.  Dave Mazza attended Harvard University and has known many of the Renegade coaches over the past years including an old friend of his, Jamie Dickerson. On this day, the two would be the starting pitchers for the Renegades and Bombers.  Jamie in his second season, Dave in his second month.  Joe McCormick was lost at the plate, but he would play and start as a designated fielder for the first time in his career.  To start the game, Weissman took the coin toss and actually won after the team had lost 5 tosses in a row over the past two seasons (and just the 6th time in the past 20 games). The Boston bats were connecting in this match but the Long Island defense was making more stops around the field.  Rob Dias got the Renegades on the board in the first.  Justen Proctor scored his first run of the day in the 2nd.  Heading into the third, Mazza and The New York bats were struggling as they had 6 strikeouts in 7 at bats.  Nick Esposito would beat out a short hit that Justen Proctor could not corral and heading into the bottom of the third it was 2-1 Boston.  In the third, Boston would bust out for its biggest inning of the day scoring 5 times as Shawn Devenish, Larry Haile, Justen Proctor, Christian Thaxton and Rob Dias plated runs to push the score to 7-1.  In the 5th inning and an 8-3 lead, Rob Thayer would come off the bench and hit a ball up the middle of the field that died between three fielders.  As he chugged down the third baseline, the team held its breathe and erupted in the loudest cheer of the day when he scored his first run of the season.  Then with two outs Thanh Huynh came to the plate for the first time of the day and hit a hard grounder down the first baseline that Braulio Thorne stopped. It was the closest Thanh had ever come to scoring in a game.  Boston would win 9-3.  Dickerson’s final line was 9 runs in 24 at bats with 7 strike outs.  His Harvard classmate, 3-21 with 14 strikeouts.  This year the advantage went to Boston…but keep in mind Mazza had only been pitching for less than 2 months.  We hope this becomes a future rivalry.


First Ever 7:00 start and the Renegades win in less than 2 hours 9-4


The Renegade team who clinched it in Philly

After waiting nearly 4 hours to play and being told we would not be able to play the game, we found a way.  Two of our coaches were pulled into duty to help umpire the game and some of the Philly Fire were also called into duty to help.  We decided to play the game without any speed up rules.  Philly had just won their last game 11-10 as they came from behind to beat Long Island while the renegades were on a bye.  Due to the time, Johnny Walker would be unavailable to pitch and Dom Natoli would pitch the whole game.  Again, it would be a battle of two new pitchers in Natoli and Dickerson.  Natoli would start hot as John Margist and Randy George would evade the Boston defense and take their first lead of the day 2-0. That would not last as Boston would plate three in the bottom of the frame With Rob Dias, Tim Syphers and Joe McCormick plating runs.  Thanh Hunyh came up and hit a line drive to the right side and on a bang bang play where Boston prematurely celebrated, he was called out to end the inning.  The Renegades thought he had his first ever career run.  For Boston, McCormick was a big part of the story in this game.  After his rough start, he worked with Jamie and Rob Weissman during the break to get his timing down.  That lesson paid off immediately.  Joe McCormick would plate 4 runs and in his last at bat of the day and as he raced back to the bench he could be heard saying “mac is back…mac is back”. McCormick would pace the offense with 4 runs and the defense with 3 stops as Boston would finish this game in less than 2 hours winning 9-4 and becoming the Beast of the East for the 6th year in a row.

Sullivan & Worcester to play the Renegades on July 13th

For the fourth year in a row the Sullivan & Worcester LLP softball team will take on the Renegades in an exhibition game.  The Renegade have owned these Lawyers on the field for the first three years of play.  Its a great opportunity for these Lawyers to try and play the sport of baseball without their vision and a good opportunity for the Renegades to get some work in.  We always have a great time playing this game as we often times let the lawyers play without their blind fold when they hit to make the game more exciting if they can’t hit it with the blind fold on.  Running with the blindfold and playing defense is always the challenge.

A short video from the event in 2013

Sullivan & Worcester is a prominent Boston-based full service law firm with offices in Boston, New York and Washington, DC.  For the law firm, this game is a team building exercise for the summer associate class teamed up with veteran lawyers and staff.    The night will start with a clinic and be followed by a game.  The night will begin at 6:30 PM with warm ups  and we hope to start the game around 7:15 at Filippello Field (The Arlington Street side) located at 110 Arlington Street in Watertown, Mass

The Renegades want to thank this firm for their continued support of the Renegades.  This Law firm is one of the biggest individual contributors to the Renegades fundraising efforts and we are grateful for their support!

The Renegades take the 1st leg of the Beast of the East

The following are short game recaps of the first tournament of the 2016 season for the Boston Renegades.  For more information including box scores click here and follow the hyperlinks

Thanh Huynh made the defensive stop of the Game while Rookie Shawn Devenish scored his first run in this contest

Thanh Huynh made the defensive stop of the Game while Rookie Shawn Devenish scored his first run in this contest

Game 1: Renegades Roll Over Lightning

To start the season, the first game was delayed due to poor field conditions.   The first base line was put in a place deemed dangerous for the runners so we had to reline the fields and faced a 45-minute delay.  Game one of the 2016 season pitted two teams going in opposite directions.  The Renegades are working to be a championship contender while the Lightning are barely holding a team together as it would soon be learned their team would not go to the world series.  As the game was preparing to start, the Lightning were teaching their new people what to do.  Boston would get on the board early with 2 weak hits by Christian Thaxton and Guy Zuccarello and a bomb by Rob Dias.  The inning would end with Jamie Dickerson screaming to Rob Thayer to stop for safety reasons as he was making a b-line to our bench.  Sherlock Washington would score in the bottom of the first on a grounder down the first base line that eluded Rob Thayer.  From there the strikeouts would pile up for New Jersey.  The highlight of the second inning was a grounder down the third base line for rookie Shawn Devenish for his first career run.  In the third inning, Justen Proctor came off the bench and scored a run for the first time in a game since 2011.   What made this moment special was he was working on a new running technique that was helping him to be lighter and faster on his feet.  Christian Thaxton scored a pair and finally found his groove with Ron as the bombs started to fly.  Despite him not hitting well, he would plate four runs in this game and Boston scored 5 runs in the frame to push the score to 11-1.  In the top of the fourth inning, the Lighting brought a new player, Laura Etari on to the field at the right short position.  Tim Syphers would come to the plate and hit a weak shot down the third baseline and take off for first base.  Laura was confused and went to the first base line where she collided with Tim in foul territory in a big crash.  In a collision that looked like an Atari video game, both parties were surprised but ok.  After 4 innings, the Gades were up 14-2 and the 12 run rule was evoked.  In the 6th inning, the Lightning had scored two runs (both by Washington) and struck out 15 times.  In the 6th, the Boston defense finally got some work as Washington hit a hard grounder near Thanh Huynh who made a spectacular play using the new jabba defense technique the team had worked on all spring, which got Coach Weissman fired up.  Rob Dias would then make a play on Doug Winthrop’s ball up the middle to close out the Lightning.  It was the third time the Lightning had been 12 runned in history by Boston (2010, 2015) and the first time Boston had ever 12-runned an opponent in New York.  This would soon become a trend.


Game #2 Renegades drop a bomb on the Bombers 13-3

Justen Proctor led the team with 3 stops on defense while Christian Thaxton and Joe McCormick paced the offense with 4 runs a piece

Justen Proctor led the team with 3 stops on defense while Christian Thaxton and Joe McCormick paced the offense with 4 runs a piece

The Renegades bats began to heat up as Christian Thaxton and Joe McCormick plated runs to start off the game whole Larry Haile contributed to give Boston a 3-0 cushion to start the game.  In the bottom of the first, Justen Proctor strutted his stuff by stopping a hard hit ball to the left side that left Long Island pitcher shaking his head.  But everyone was shaking their head when the Boston defense shifted for Joe Dejesus and we saw Chris Dejesus in the batters box.  After he swung at one pitch, Coach Weissman and Dickerson screamed foul and called out Long Island for batting out of order.  The first time this has happened in team history.  Things would go straight down hill for Long Island, as Christian Thaxton and Joe McCormick would each score 4 times in their first four trips to the plate.  A 5 run 4th inning put the game into the 12 run rule and Boston led 13-1 but in this inning, Shawn Devenish went over a base wrong and sprained his wrist to knock him out for the day.  In the Bottom of the fourth, Long Island changed pitchers and in strode Dave Mazza.  The importance to this moment is Mazza and his family help the Renegades with batting cage space.  Dave has become a friend of the Renegades and wanted to get involved in the sport and joined the Bombers.  Long Island would score twice against him but that would be it.  Boston would 12 run the Bombers for the first time in team history winning 13-3.


Game #3 Renegades Knock out Titans and Finish The Sweep 15-4

Luis Soto is congratulated by his teammates as he score his 2nd run of the game and the third of his career

Luis Soto is congratulated by his teammates as he score his 2nd run of the game and the third of his career

For the third game in a row, the Renegades would lose the coin toss, draw first blood and eventually 12 run the opponent.  In the inaugural game between these two teams, Boston would be familiar with most of the players who had played with the Lighting in the past.  The first inning started rough for Boston as Christian Thaxton struck out and Ron would help the Titans by striking out Larry Haile and Tim Syphers as Boston plated two runs (McCormick and Dias).  This would be the only time Thaxton would get put all day long on the way to an 11 for 12 performance at the plate for the day. Before the 2nd inning was over, Boston started to reach into the bench and would eventually plate 7 runs in this frame. In the third inning, Boston struggled as Luis Soto, Justen Proctor and Guy Zuccarello would go down 1-2-3 and for the only inning all day, Boston would have a goose egg.  Leading 9-1, the Titans moved to a new pitcher, Lyndsay Woodard who had just joined the team after leaving the Indy Edge.  Woodard would get the ball into play and after the Renegades shook off some rust.  Justen Proctor would rack up three stops in the third inning for the Boston D but the score was cut to 9-3. In the 4th, Christian Thaxton would start the inning launching a line drive into center field.  Joe Quintanilla would then hit a ball that danced on the first base line for over 100 feet for a run.  With one out, Luis Soto would finally put things together after Coach Weissman learned he was listening to the ball.  That correction put the ball into play and Soto had his first run of the season.  Up 13-3 Soto came to the plate again and with his new success launched a blast into right field for his second run and first multi run game of his career.  A touching moment ensued as his teammates mugged him in excitement for his progress as a player and the fact he was finally having fun after weeks of frustration in learning the game.  This new-found information was passed to Thanh Huynh who we found was also listening to the ball.  For the first time that day, he put a ball into play and came close to scoring.  Boston led 15-3 and Coach Weissman forgot to push the pedal to get the 12 run rule…and when the Titans scored in the bottom of the frame, both teams decided to just keep it in the 12-run rule.  The game would end with Rich Koppenjan hitting a hard grounder down the first base line as Joe Quintanilla raced to the line, dove and made the stop.  This was the best Defensive stop of the weekend for the Renegades.  Boston would be 3-0 to start off the Beast of the East.