Not Your Average Joe’s supports the Renegades

During the month of May, Not Your Average Joe’s in Watertown is running a promotion to help the Boston Renegades.  If you dine there on any Sunday in May the Boston Renegades will received 15% of your check (excluding tax, Tip and booze) if you give them a copy of this flyer (or show it to them on your phone).  You can click on the image to make it bigger if needed.

Not Your Average Joe's coupon

As many Renegade fans know we have had many players on our roster over the years named Joe…and they are definitely Not Your Average Joe.  It’s so odd that over the 13 years the Renegades have been playing that 15% of our roster has had players whose names are Joe.  We had to give nicknames to everyone Joe…As calling “Joe” resulted in so many heads turning.  At one point we had 7 Joe’s on our Roster.  Below give you an idea of who we have had and what makes them more than the Average Joe!


Renegade What makes them NOT Your Average Joe (and their Nickname)
Joe Bourque

Joe Bourque  (Joe B) with the team from 2013-2014

While attending Boston College, this Joe got involved as a volunteer for the Renegades and did everything we asked of him from working on administration stuff, to catching, hitting grounders and helping the guys.  He became so valuable in such a short period of time that he also rushed back from a vacation in Hawaii and met the team in Rochester, Minnesota for the World Series in 2014 to help the team when they were short on volunteers.  Yes, he cut his trip to Hawaii short to help the team showing how he is not Your Average Joe!

Photo of Joey Buizon

Joe Buizon (Wrong Way) with the team from 2003-2015

Joe lost his sight while he was in High School and battled a lot of anger as he lost his ability to play competitive High School Basketball in the city of Somerville.  In 2003, he joined the Renegades while attending Bridgewater State University and found an outlet for his competitive juices.  He has turned his life around and with a positive attitude has found a job working for the Mass Commission of the blind.  In this job he helps most of the Boston areas college students find internships to help them kick start their careers.  On the field, his passion and the noise he creates running to bases, trash talking with his teammates also makes him a Joe who is not an average Guy!

Photo of Joe Duggan

Joe Duggan (Mr. D) with the team from 2011-2012

Joe Joined the Renegades because his son joined the team.  In our 15-year existence, he is the only father to join the team.  Supporting your kid asperity normal…but Joe stayed with the team when his son left the team!  Also, Joe stayed with the team and pithed while he was struggling through knee replacement surgeries.  Technically speaking Joe also helped us repair all of our bases and equipment because he has the tools and knowledge of electronics to help the Team keep its equipment in working order.  We have hopes he will return to the team in the near future!  Again, Not your average Joe!

Photo of Joey Duggan

Joe Duggan Jr (Hacksaw) with the team from 2009-2012

Joe is not your average Joe.  He seemed like a lost soul in Boston living miles from Foxboro.  For some reason is heart always played with the Packers.  Hacksaw was also always hoping to go barefoot and despised the snow.  What did he do?  He decided to move to North Carolina by himself.  He showed great self-awareness and an outgoing attitude to move to a new state where he did not have a support system in place.  It’s hard for many people to move and start their life over.  Imagine doing that with a visual impairment?  He is not your Average Joe!

Photo of Joe McCormick

Joe McCormick (Mac) with the team from 2011 to 2016

Joe noticed he was losing his sight in High school to a rare disease called Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy.  Most people really struggle with vision loss.  Often times there is years of depression and anger associated with it.  Joe found a way to accept it.  Instead of focusing on all of the negatives of vision loss, he focused his attention on how to adapt his life.  He want on to graduate from Harvard University with a degree in computer Science in just 4 years without any delays or extra time to help him with is vision loss.  On the field he has become an All-Star in the NBBA (National Beep Ball Association) by hitting .600 at the 2014 World Series.  You will be amazed to see what he can accomplish with his vision loss because he is not your average Joe!

Photo of Joe O'Neill

Joe O’Neill (Scooby) with the team from 2003-2013

If you live in Chelmsford and went to school in the 1980’s you all know Joey O’Neill.  Many people say he is a Chelmsford legend.  Joe has led a very hard life.  He was born with Retinal Blastoma and has had his eyes removed and wears prosthetics.  Joe has had over 30 surgeries in his lifetime and continues to have to face health challenges way beyond what he has with his vision loss.  He has had back surgery, facial reconstruction surgeries and most recently heart surgery that has kept him off the field the past 2 years.  What he has endured is not what the Average Joe would ever go through!

Photo of Joe Quintanilla

Joe Quintanilla (Q) with the team from 2002-2016

This Joe ran cross-country track for Boston College against sighted opponents while being a blind runner.  His extensive running experience took him to the Paralympic games as a runner in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.  His love for running inspired him to create a Boston 5K race called the Vision 5K, a unique fundraiser where blind and sighted individuals compete side-by-side, showcasing the abilities of blind athletes. This Joe is a huge advocate of showing the ability in disability an promoting opportunities for the blind community!  He is not your Average Joe!

Photo of JJ Ward

Joe Ward (JJ) with the team from 2003-2012 & 2015

Nobody who has met this Joe would ever say he is average.  He has a unique ability to talk to anyone, even a tree. Joe lost his sight to Retinitis Pigmentosa and had to make major changes to his life when this happened.  He went from climbing telephone poles for a job to joining a vendor program where he would run is own vendor stand.  There he was in charge of his own business selling food and beverages to the public.  He had to do everything from running the operation, the books, the marketing and the sales to keep his business alive.  All of this without his eye sight.  He is not your average Joe!

Joe Yee

Joe Yee (Yee-Haw) with the team from 2014-2016

Joe Yee is the newest Joe on the team and joined us a 40 something year old rookie.  He had experience with sports as a wrestler back in High School but since he has been blind since a child, he never had an opportunity to play on a team.  When he joined the Renegades one thing he enjoyed was the opportunity to run at 100% speed.  As a blind child, he was always fearful of being able to do this and the sport of Beep baseball has finally given him this chance to run free!  Joe has found a niche for himself as he works at the Harvard Management Company as a Senior Systems Engineer and has been working there for the past 15 years.  He taught himself all the skills to do this job with his visual impairment and that makes him another Joe who is far from average!




Touch the top with the Renegades at Central rock Gym Saturday, April 23

Come Climb with the Boston Renegades!

rock climbing flyer

Have you ever wanted to try Rock Climbing?  Have you ever wanted to support your favorite blind baseball team, the Boston Renegades?  Here is a chance to do both!  Join the Boston Renegades for an afternoon of Rock Climbing at Central Rock Gym in Watertown, Mass on Saturday April 23rd from 1:00-4:00 in the afternoon.  Central Rock Gym is partnering with the Renegades and is offering you a special price that  is lower than if you walked off the street to climb!  100% of the funds go to the Renegades and 100% of the fun goes to you!



Tim Cummings falls of the wall with a smile

All proceeds from the event go to help fund the Renegades as they travel to the World Series in Ames Iowa to compete against the top teams of beep baseball around the country and chase a dream for a World Championship

Included in your $35 experience are:

  • Climbing Equipment
  • Food & Drink
  • Belayer training will be provided
  • Raffle


Coach Lisa Andrews is a huge help on and off the field.  As a trainer at Central Rock Gym, she is the driving force behind this fundraiser!

Coach Lisa Andrews is a huge help on and off the field. As a trainer at Central Rock Gym, she is the driving force behind this fundraiser!

Whether you are a first time climber, or have been climbing for years, support the Renegades and climb with them.

• Challenge yourself and climb with a blindfold
• Create team building experience for your family and friends
• Exercise and have fun and support a great charity!
• Reach for the top!!

Pre-registration is required to help us plan.  Please use this link to sign up.



Central Rock Gym is located at 74 Acton Street in Watertown, Mass

If you have any questions, Please contact us at

You can also follow the event on Facebook here: 



We hope to see you at the top!!!


Luis Soto climbs to the top of this wall

 We would like to thank our sponsors of this event

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The Renegade Report Podcast visits with Shayne Cantan

Our very own Tim Syphers hosts the Renegade Report Podcast

Our very own Tim Syphers hosts the Renegade Report Podcast

Our fifth installment of the Renegade report features Tim Syphers talking with Shayne Cantan who many know as Hawaiian Punch around the league.  Shayne joined the Renegades in the 2009 season after moving to Boston from Hawaii.  We lucked out when we found him in the oddest of ways (listen to the podcast to hear how he found beep baseball).  Shayne played a ton of sports in High school including High School Football.  He played football as a blind person against all sighted opponents.  He never lacked heart…but his team never won a game in the 4 years he played.  The most winning team he had ever been a part of was the Boston Renegades.  Shayne comes from a giant family and has two other brothers who have the same eye disease as he does.  He is part of the only brother combination to play on the Renegades as he and his brother Justen played together from 2009-2011.  Shayne holds the Renegade record for most runs scored and highest batting average in a season with 50 runs and a  .617 batting average in 2010.

To get the podcast started, we have created an account on soundcloud and you can find the podcast here

Please follow Tim and his Journey to tell our stories!

Tim worked with us to develop this podcast to improve his radio skills and to help the team.  If you have a passion you want to pursue whether its journalism, fundraising, project management, design, Public relations…We have plenty of opportunities…just ask us at and maybe we can partner with you!

If you want more…you can listen to our other pod casts below

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