Joe Mac Goes Way Back…Earns All Star Honors

Joe McCormick hit.600 in the 2014 World Series and placed himself amongst the Elite hitters in the NBBA.  McCormick, in his third season with the Renegades, busted on to the scene in 2012 hitting .586 on the season and .643 in the World Series.  2013 represented a sophomore slump as he hit a mid summer slump dropping to .458 on the year but hitting just .301 in the World Series (low by his standards).  That slump carried over into 2014 as he hit just .308 in Long Island(again, low by his standards).  The hard work began and Joe was determined to understand his swing better.   It started with his mechanics and his mental toughness.  Joe worked to get an understanding of his swing and learned how to calm himself at the plate.  You will see him step into the box and take a deep breathe to slow things down before he swings.  He then improved to hitting .429 in Philadelphia in July.   This work continued before the world Series and his adjustments and attitude showed him that the game can be hard for this gifted athlete.  His ability to take coaching helped him hit .600 for the week and recapture the All-time Renegade record for All-time batting average at .514 (passing Shayne Cantan at .502).  In this season’s World Series where the batting averages were lower across the board because of the thicker grass, McCormick got stronger as the week went on and he tied for the league lead in runs scored and finished fifth in batting average.  Below are the 2014 NBBA offensive All-Stars and Boston played against all of these great hitters during the week.

Name Team At-Bats Runs Average Batting average -balls in play Performance against Boston
Lupe Perez Austin 27 21 .778 .778 3-4
Tanner Gers Bayou City 28 21 .750 .808 4-5
Mike Finn Austin 23 17 .739 .773 4-4
Zac Arambula Austin 28 19 .679 .731 1-4
Joe McCormick Boston 35 21 .600 .750
Darryl Minor Bayou City 36 20 .556 .588 4-5

When putting the ball into play, Joe McCormick had the 4th highest average in the league as he hit .750.  This is a good indication of the further growth potential he has once he can fully cut out the inconsistency that plagued his swing in the early part of this season.  This is a tribute to his speed and power combination.  We look forward to bringing his strike out numbers down and helping him to attempt to become the number one hitter in the league.

Joe had an amazing week and got stronger as the week went on.  He did not just hit, but he came up in big situations and made an impact.  He hit the first pitch in the bottom of the 6th against Wichita for his first ever walk off hit to propel the Gades to a 5-4 victory.  He also scored  the game tying run in the 5th inning against Carolina before teammate Rob Dias put them ahead 8-7.    Here were his stats for the week:

Opponent At-Bats Runs Strike outs
Minnesota 3 2 0
Wichita 4 2 1
RHI 2 0 0
Southwest 4 3 1
Austin 4 2 1
Long Island 4 1 2
Carolina 4 4 0
Bayou City 5 4 1
Chicago 5 3 1

McCormick becomes only the 2nd Renegade in team history to earn an offensive All Star honor as Luis Marquez also hit .600 in the 2007 World Series on the very same fields in Rochester, Minnesota.  In 2007, Marquez hit .600 by going 18-30 with just one strike out.  Joe McCormick becomes the 7th Renegade to make an All-Star team in the 13 years the Gades have been to a World Series.  Below are the players who have done it

2003 – Darren Black

black_spirnts on D

Daren Black Finished 2nd in 2003 in Denver, Colorado with 28 defensive stops and 5.6 per game

2006 – Darren Black


In Strongsville, Ohio, Darren Black finished 6th in the World Series with 23 stops and a 4.6 average per game

2007 – Luis Marquez

Luis_outof box2

Marquez hit .600 in the 2007 World Series in Rochester, MN by going 18-30 with just one strike out. He placed 5th in the league

2011 – Justen Cantan


Justen Cantan earned 3rd place in the 2011 World Series in Indianapolis, IN by making 39 defensive stops or 5.6 per game placing him 3rd in the league

2012 – Guy Zuccarello


Guy Zuccarello won the defensive MVP by making 36 stops to lead the league in Ames, Iowa with 5.1 per game

2013 – Guy Zuccarello


Guy Zuccarello took 3rd place in the 2013 World Series in Columbus, Georgia by making 41 stops or 5.1 per game

2014 – Joe McCormick


Joe McCormick took 5th place in the 2014 Series in Rochester, MN by hitting .600 and going 21-35 with 7 strike outs

2014 World Series day 4 Results

Renegades show the NBBA they are  for real losing a great game to Bayou City 12-11

Joe MAc and Guy.  The top Offensive and defensive players for the Gades this weekAll week the renegade players wanted a chance at a big time team but the schedule called for rest. The coaches told the team if they won the games they needed to, they would be playing big time teams Friday. Bayou City awaited the Renegades. A team that entered the tourney as a two seed and who entered this game with 4 wins against 2 losses on the week. The Renegades discussed the importance of playing loose and having fun. They were a significant under dog in the eyes of the NBBA but not in their own eyes. This was a game we thought we could win if we played well and if we were mentally tough. The game was delayed by about 25 minutes as Rob Dias was awaiting a trainer to attend to his wound on his head. During this time, two members of the Bayou City Heat volunteers came to help Rob with their nursing background. While the Heat warmed up with a song, Coach Weissman got in Larry Haile’s face and screamed at him for a good thirty seconds to attempt to drown out the Heat and Keep Haile’s focus on the Renegades. It worked, the team was laughing and staying loose and having fun. Tanner Gers would lead off the game with a hit unlike any the Renegades have ever seen. It went higher in the air than it went out in the field. When it hit the ground in front of Guy Zuccarello, Gers had scored. Daryl Minor then hit a blast to deep left field but Weissman had inserted Aqil Sajjad to start his first ever game as rover and Sajjad made a huge stop as the Renegade team exploded with cheers. In the bottom of the frame, the Renegade bats began to pepper the left side and after one inning Boston was ahead 2-1. In the second inning Guy Zuccarello made two stops on the 5/6 hitters for Bayou and Gers struck out. The Renegade bats stayed hot as Dino Vasile would lead off with a weak hit to the right side and then McCormick, Dias and Guy would plate runs on more hits down the 3rd base zone where Jason Walters was struggling to make stops. On the side lines, Blake Boudreaux was warming up as he had not played much with an injury. Bayou City was trying to sub people out of the game to get some bigger bats into the line up as they faced a 5-1 deficit after two innings. There was more than worry going on, Bayou City started complaining they could not hear the pitcher even though the whole field could hear Weissman yelling “set”. Rule books found the field, Bayou players were complaining and Boston was staying loose and laughing it off on the bench as they knew Bayou was trying to play head games. In the third inning, Daryl Minor plated a run but Zuccarello would make two more stops. In the bottom of the inning, Larry would score a run in the strangest of ways as the base cut out about 70 feet before he got there…but Haile kept chugging and scored on a base that was not buzzing. Bayou City was not happy with this play and Boston was expecting them to patch Haile accusing him of cheating. McCormick and Dias would also plate runs and it was now 8-2. Things were getting ugly. Boston was up big, they were hitting better than Bayou, they were playing loose and Bayou was still complaining about Ron’s cadence. Before the 4th inning started, Bayou did decide to patch a Renegade…but it was Zuccarello they accused. Guy is PatchedIt’s unclear if they thought he was cheating or if they were playing mind games….but they picked one of the most mentally tough players and it had no effect on him. Things got worse as the two teams were at each other, Justin Manjourides called out Joseph Fleeks for not having a blind fold on in the on deck circle and to the chagrin of the umpire, a strike was awarded. Then Bayou City tried to renter Bam Bam Clark into the game as a hitter and a long argument broke out over the legality of the move because Boston thought he had not been out of the game for a full six outs. During this time, Joe McCormick started a rhythmic clapping in the field that soon spread to the entire Renegade team. Bayou City would not like this and eventually drowned it out. Boston was in their heads and the Gades were loving it…especially Weissman who had made the team read a book about mental toughness. Heading into the bottom of the 4th, Bayou was climbing back and the score was 8-5 and Bayou had made a strategic move that was paying off. They moved Walters out of the third base spot and brought Boudreaux in during the third inning. After 4 frames, Blake had racked up 4 stops in the 2 innings he was on the field and Boston now led 9-5. The complaining about Cochran’s low volume cadence was over as the head umpire screamed that it was enough and that everyone could hear Weissman. Bayou City stopped the complaining and with Boudreaux at third…the bats started to wake up. In Boston’s worst inning of the World Series, Bayou City scored 7 times highlighted by a pair of runs from the 6-1-2 hitters in Darnell Williams, Tanner Gers and Daryl Minor (Gers and Minor would make the offensive all star team). Weissman was looking for answers and with two outs decided to make a sub to give Aqil Sajjad a break at rover and allow Joe McCormick a chance to make a stop in deep left. Thanh Huynh entered the game at right shorty in a crucial moment. Daryl Minor would hit a weak pop fly to Huynh and he just missed the play. Weissman’s magical moves had run out of luck. The score was now 12-9. Blake would be on fire in the field and would make stops on Zuccarello and Joe Yee to start the 5th…before Dino Vasile hit a pop fly to the right side to score making it 12-10. Boudreaux had 7 stops in this game and was shutting down the Renegade offense. In the 6th inning, Boston was shuffling Huynh and McCormick around the field but it did not matter as Zuccarello made two stops and Dias made one to shut down Bayou City for the first time since the second inning. Hope was still alive as Boston was the home team. Joe McCormick led off the 6th with a grounder that got by Blake and the Renegades were down 12-11 on Joe Mccormick’s 4th run if the game. There were no outs and excitement rose. Rob Dias would then hit a grounder up the middle and be stopped by Darryl Minor. Guy came to the plate and the coaches decided to try to get him to hit to right side of the Heat defense.  the effort failed as Cochran and Weissman struck him out on 4 pitches for the 2nd out. Joe Yee would be the last hope. Yee was focused and determined but he would ground a ball up the middle that Blake Boudreaux would range way to his left for to end the game. Bayou City had come back to win this game 12-11 on the defensive play of Blake Boudreaux who made 8 stops in just 4 innings of play at third base. It was an amazing game filled with drama and passion. Boston was eliminated and packed their bags to play for 5th place against the Chicago Comets.

Comets Make it Ten Straight Against Boston Winning 13-10

The 6 Renegade coaches who helped get the team ready all week longChicago had lost to Colorado 15-11 and awaited the Renegades who were heart broken over the close loss to Bayou city. The Gades would try to pick themselves up but it would prove difficult as they left everything on the field In the previous game. This game was important as it would make the winner a number one seed in the 2015 World Series in New York. Weissman was trying hard to get the guys pumped up and Chicago Coach, JT Herzog was going to start some of his younger players. Herzog had never watched his team lose to the Renegades and he had always acted as a mentor to Weissman on how to run a home grown team. The youth for Chicago would have fresher legs and more energy. After 4 innings Chicago was ahead 9-4. Youngsters, Corey White, Eric Rodriguez and Tyler Rodriguez had plated 6 runs for Chicago and were racking up the stops on defense. Boston’s defense looked tired and Weissman was asking them to pull their heads out of their asses. The offense would not quit for Boston as McCormick and Dias would each plate a pair of runs in the 5th and 6th innings. In the end, Chicago wanted this game more and would win 13-10. the Rodriguez brothers would tally 8 runs for Chicago and make 6 stops on defense. big “G” Francese would also score 4 times. In fact at one point in the game, Weissman asked Big G to thank Boston when he accepted the MVP award for offense…when “g” retorted that he had scored as many runs in this game as he did all week. That summed things up for Boston in this game. They struggled to recover from the Bayou loss and playing 9 games in 4 days finally got the best of them as they ran Into a team that was fresher than they were. Despite the loss, Boston finished with its best ever finish in a World Series as the 6 seed. An amazing accomplishment when you look at the full body of work, the sickness of coach Weissman, the contribution of four rookies and many coaches who had helped out during the 2015 season that had Boston finish 10-6. Joe McCormick would have an amazing day scoring 7 times in 10 trips to the plate. This would give him a .600 batting average on the week and a slot on the offensive all star team for the World Series.

2014 World Series Day 3 results

Austin Faces toughest challenge of the week and wins 11-3

Thanh Huynh would make 4 stops on defense while Rob Thayer would plate his only run of the seriesAustin has been the best team in America since the 2012 season as they have been in the finals in 2012 and 2013.  A fun trivia question is to ask who the last American team to beat them was in a World Series game.  The answer is the Boston Renegades who defeated them twice in 2011 by scores of 8-6 and 7-6.  Its rare to find a team who  has a winning streak against the Austin squad!  To be honest though, the Austin team on the field in 2014 was very different from 2011.  Austin came into this game after winning three easy games.  They 12-runned Tyler (13-7), Indianapolis (13-2) and Columbus (14-2).  Boston decided the goal today was to win two games and to  accomplish this they would need to get players some rest as they were faced with the prospect of playing three games again and the possibility to play three games on Friday.  Austin did not take Boston lightly and the 6 guys they trotted out would represent their starting line-up in the championship game later in the week. In the bottom of the 2nd inning with Austin  leading, Joe Quintanilla would dive awkwardly to a ball hit to 3rd base and would not get up quickly.  He would finish off the inning on defense but something was clearly wrong and he would not go back into the field in the third inning.  Austin would score every inning but the Boston defense would hold its own.  Guy Zuccarello would rack up 5 defensive stops.  Thanh Huynh would set a career high for himself and make 4 stops at the right shorty position as his confidence grew with every play.  In fact, he would be responsible for the three outs the Gades would make in the 2nd inning (though Austin would plate 4 runs in this inning).  Aqil Sajjad also played a solid mid field for Boston.  The Renegades would save face when Joe McCormick would score on a fly ball to left field in the 5th.  In the 6th inning, Rob “Hot Tub” Thayer would hit a weak ball down the third baseline which all star Eric Mazariegos would attempt to field as big Rob was chugging down the third baseline.  A cry of “stop” came from the Austin bench as it was not worth risking injury.  Thayer would have his only run of the 2014 World Series on this play.  This would turn over the line-up and get McCormick up again and he would score to make the final 11-3 Austin.  The Renegades were the first team of the 2014 World Series to not face the 12 run rule and would be just the 2nd team Austin would not 12 run in the week.  After the game, Rob Thayer gave everyone a goodbye hug, left his jersey in memory and headed to the airport to attend his fathers funeral as his father passed during the week.  Joe Quintanilla would be visibly upset at the prospect he may not play another inning this week as he was struggling to hold a bat and was having pain in his arm and elbow.  The Renegades needed to win their next two games to achieve the day’s goal. and they would face the winner of Long Island and Wichita which were locked in a 1 run game.

Boston Handles the Bombers for the 3rd time in 2014 winning 6-1

Joe Yee came off the bench to score a pair and Weissman made some great coaching decisions for the RenegadesLong Island played a very chippy game against Wichita which resulted in one of their players, Meghan Fink getting “patched” as she was accused of cheating.  The Bombers held on for a 4-3 win and would next face the Renegades.  Long Island had an easier schedule on Tuesday as they had wins against New Jersey (6-3), Columbus (3-2) and lost a close game to Carolina (8-6).  Bayou City put them in the losers bracket with a 12-4 score.  Long Island was actually happy to see the Renegades as we represented friendly faces after a chippy game.  Prior to the game, Weissman said he was going to patch Fink again and she replied with a sigh”ooooo-kkkk”.  It was a joke and she was relieved.  The strategy would then start as Weissman wanted to shift into a new defense for three of the Bombers hitters.  The decision was not met with smiles from the Renegades spotters and with reluctance they trotted into the field to put the shift into play.  The first batter of this game was Jose Dejesus and on cue he hit a hard shot into deep right field into the waiting arms of Larry Haile who was shifted specifically for Dejesus.  Manjourides and Grillo both pointed to acknowledge Weissman and things looked bright for Boston when the next two batters would strike out.  Haile and McCormick would go back-to-back to start the game and McCormick would get another in the 2nd inning to give Boston a 3-0 lead.  Nick Esposito would score with two outs in the 3rd inning to make the game a tight 3-1 score.  The funny thing was Larry Haile had made three stops in the 1st two innings and he had zero stops in the previous 5 games. In the 3rd inning, Weissman decided it was time to get Joe Yee back into the game and this decision paid off as Yee would finish the game plating runs in the 5th and 6th innings to give the Renegades needed insurance.  Joe McCormick would lead the defense in this outing with 4 stops while playing the right shorty position.  Boston would advance and had guaranteed themselves at least an 8 seed.  The next opponent was unclear as Indianapolis and Carolina were locked in another tight game

Boston plays the role of Warrior and comes from behind to beat Carolina 8-7

McCormick attempting to hit the base in the 5th inningCarolina walked off on Indianapolis by the score of 10-9 and both teams were ready for their third game of the day.  The loser would go to the 7/8 seed game and the winner would still have a chance to win the World Series.  Boston had last played Carolina in 2013 in Long Island and had won a slug fest 15-10.  Weissman was hopeful this would be a different type of game because Carolina did not have a deep roster and they had played as many games as Boston had with much less rest. In the bottom of the first inning, Marlon Stover would put Larry Haile out in deep left field to start the game.  Joe McCormick would score on a pop fly  up the middle of the field to plate the first run as he ran back from the base screaming “COME ON” trying to fire the Gades up.  The flood gates would open in the 2nd inning as Marlon Stover, Tony Merriweather and Jason Ackis would gave Carolina a 3-1 lead that included a double call from Justin Manjourides and Bryan Grillo and some poor defense that gave up chump runs.  Boston’s defense was playing sloppy and Carolina would take advantage of it.  In fact as the game went on, Boston would give Carolina 4 runs on the double call and three poor plays inside 100 feet and after three innings Boston found themselves down 7-4with Marlon Stover providing three runs on a bad hamstring.  McCormick would get some luck on a cue ball hit at Greg Gontaryk on the right side that he could not come up with to make it a 7-5 game as Greg was clearly annoyed with himself.   In the 5th inning Dino Vasile stopped Jason Ackiss (who had scored twice to this point).  Rob Dias stopped James Monza and Guy Zuccarello stopped Stover for the only inning in the game where Boston’s defense would make three stops without letting up a run.  Tim Hibner was pitching well and to this point had only two strike outs. In the bottom of the 5th, Weissman pinch hit Aqil Sajjad but he would go down on 4 swings without making contact.  Larry Haile would then hit a grounder down the 3rd baseline but Jason Ackiss would collide with Monza and Haile was safe making the score 7-6.  McCormick then blasted a ball up the middle and looked like an easy run, but he ran by the base and had to come back and hit it.  The umpires had to huddle as both teams awaited the decision.  SAFE was the call and Boston had tied the game at 7 .  Rob Dias who had a big day against Southwest on this very field strode to the plate and was 0-3 in this game.  He delivered on a pop fly to the left side to give the Renegades the lead.  Guy would then hit a strong shot into left field that Monza would stop.  Joe Yee would then hit a grounder to the third base side and would be stopped by Jason Ackiss to end the inning…but Yee would not get up from the base and he could not breathe.  The original plan was for Yee to go into the field in the 6th inning to sub for Rover, Thanh Huynh.  This plan was foiled as Yee was injured.  Carolina had to send their 5-6-1 hitters to the plate in the top of the 6th.  They were a combined 1-10 in this game.  Guy Zuccarello would make stops on Tony Santiago and Robert Fairfax to start the inning.  Tony Merriweather strode to the plate with the game on the line as Guy screamed “we got two how many do we need”!  Weissman sat on the bench next to Cochran praying for an out.  The prayers were answered as Merriweather would strike out for just Carolina’s third time all game.  Boston was victorious in a come from behind win.  They played some sloppy defense early in the game but the bats and the hearts pulled them through it and for the first time in Renegade history Boston would still be “alive” on Friday.  They were now guaranteed to be one of the top six teams in the nation with a chance to win the World Series


2014 World Series Day 2 Results

Renegades Slam the Door on Slammers 9-1

Joe McCormick, Rob Dias and Ron Cochran were the stars of this game for BostonBoston entered the double elimination bracket as the 8 seed and faced the Southwest Slammers for the second year in a row for game #1 when it counts.  In 2013, the Gades jumped on them and won 13-1.  The team to win this game would have the rest of the day off.  Southwest entered this game 2-1 with a 10-2 win over Athens, a 7-4 win over Iowa and a 13-1 loss to Chicago.  In the top of the first, the first three slammers would put the ball in play but Guy Zuccarello(2) and Joe McCormick(1) would make stops.  Boston would have a big first inning at the plate as Larry Haile would lead off with a run scoring hit to left when Rob Dias would stride to the plate batting third for the first time in the season.  On the second pitch he would drill a deep fly ball to left over everyone’s heads that appeared to be about 165 feet long.  Dias would cruise Into the base when the defense would call for a dead ball.  Justin Manjourides went out with the umpire to inspect the ball and when it was picked up, the ball was completely dead. A rule that should be considered for change since there was no way the defense would have stopped Dias on this play.  It resulted in Dias having to come back to the plate.  The beepball gods smiled upon Rob and on the very next pitch he ripped a laser into left to score.  In the top of the second, Andrew Greene plated a run but then pitcher Dan Greene struck out the next three hitters.  After two innings Boston would lead 7-1 as both Rob Dias and Guy Zuccarello would plate a pair. This is when Slammer starting pitcher Dan Greene came out of the game.  The strike outs would begin to grow.  After Andrew Greene’s run, the Slammers would strike out five straight times and ten of the next eleven hitters.  In the 6th inning, Pete Trejo would hit a grounder down the right field line that Joe Quintanilla would angle back on and make the play of the game on the final play of this match.  Southwest  would trot three different pitchers to the mound in this game.  for Boston, Ron Cochran would have one of his better games with nine runs against just three strike outs. Joe McCormick would get the hat trick and we all will remember the Rob Dias blast to left.  Nine Renegades would play in this win and Boston would next earn a game against the favorite, Austin Black Hawks on Thursday.  this game was what the doctor ordered for Boston as the defense got rest and the Renegades won easily.  This would help Boston as it faced three games on Thursday.  Boston had never played three games on the third day of a World Series and would face a significant challenge.

2014 World Series Day 1 Results

Its Miller Time after 4 as Boston Cruises 8-4 over Minnesota

Four players would score a pair for the Gades in Joe McCormick, Larry Haile,Aqil Sajjad and Rob DiasFor the third time in history the Renegades would face off against the Minnesota Millers, a 100% home grown team located in the World Series host city of Rochester, MN.  One old face on this team is Steve Guerra who moved to Rochester and left the Long Island Bombers.  on Day #1, the Millers would be without their top hitter from 2013, Ben Goodrich.  They would draw first blood though as Steve Guerra would plate a run on a ball Larry Haile could not handle at third base to give the Millers their only lead 1-0.  In the bottom of the first, Larry Haile and Joe McCormick would lead off with a deep shot to left field and a pop fly to the short stop.  Rob Dias would also plate a run (his first World Series run) and the Gades would  go up 3-1.  the Renegades would start to work all of their players into this game in the 3rd inning as Dino Vasile made his first appearance in a game since the 2011 season.  He would  eventually make a stop while playing mid field in the 5th and another in the 6th playing third base.  Than Hunyh who battled back from a knee injury suffered in practice in June would also get his first game of experience in his career at Rover but he would strike out twice.  After 4 full innings the Renegades were in control with a 7-1 lead and all 11 players had entered the game for Boston.  This was important because the goal for the Renegades on day one was to make sure every player had at least 6 innings of rest through the day.  For Minnesota, the story was Steve Guerra who loves to play against Boston.  He would plate three of the Millers 4 runs.  In the end, Minnesota struggled to put the ball in play as they struck out 12 times and Boston had four different players with a pair of runs each (Larry Haile, Joe McCormick, Rob Dias and Aqil Sajjad).  Boston would stay on the field as Wichita moved their equipment on tot he field

Walk-off Time against Wichita as Boston Prevails 5-4

Rob Dias is attended to after gashing his head on defense in the 5th inningBoston was 2-0 lifetime against Wichita but their last match-up in 2012 was a struggle for the Renegade offense as Boston won just 3-0.  At first, the Renegades thought they could win this easily, because Wichita struggles to score runs, but their roster consisted of two players whom were not with their squad in 2013, Charles Anderson and Rob Weigand.  Two names that would make an impact on this game.  Boston would quickly see Wichita has a solid defense led by the “chihuahua”, Jonathan Akin who would make two stops in the first inning.  Rob Dias would plate the first run of the game with a grounder up the middle of the field to lead off the bottom of the 2nd inning.  After two strike outs, Larry Haile would have some bad luck as he hit a line drive up the right side that would just hit Sonic, Ron Smith for his only stop of the entire World Series.  Some Sonic luck and solid defense would keep the Sonics in the game and their bats came alive in the 3rd when Charles Anderson hit a shot to left field.  Rob Thayer appeared to have a beat on it when Mid Fielder Rob Dias angled back and tripped over Thayer vaulting Dias into the air and when he came down on is head things looked bad.  In a scary moment, Dias almost made the play but Anderson was safe.  When the dust settled Spotter Bryan Grillo started walking Dias into the bench with blood streaming from his head. A medic was called over to look at a three inch gash on his forhead/top of the head.  It was determined to not need stitches and Dias would stay in the game.   Jonathan akin would then score to give Wichita a 2-1 lead.  In the bottom of the 3rd, Joe McCormick would lead off with a pop fly to left and even the score at two.  Rob Dias would then appear to score on a pop fly to 3rd base but after the umpires convened, the call was over turned and after three, the score was 2-2.   In the bottom of the 4th,  Dino Vasile hit the first pitch on the ground to the left side and beat it out to give the Renegades a 3-2 advantage. In the 5th, Vasile would make a stop on Chris Humphrey to end the frame.  Rob Dias would plate a run on a fly ball down the 3rd base line to give Boston a 4-2 advantage.  Boston took the field for the 6th inning with confidence. Off the bench came Rob Weigand to hit for Smith who had struck out twice.  Weigand had not played in a World Series in a few years.  He would lead off with a run scoring hit.  Weissman Would walk to the field and call a time out.  There was no panic in his eyes or voice.  He simply just did not like how excited Wichita was.  The team huddled and took a collective deep breathe to calm down.  Weissman left the field and then Kevin Burton would tie the game on a bang-bang pop up to the right side that the umps said McCormick just missed.  Cleo Stephens strode to the plate with the chance to take the lead but he would go opposite field to Dino Vasile for out number one.  Charles Anderson then represented the go ahead run when he lined a shot off pitcher Mike Woodard’s head.  Woodard collapsed in a heap on the mound and when he tried to region his balance he fell again.  The medic was back on the field and Woodard was allowed to continue despite a splitting headache.  Anderson would eventually strike out as Woodard gutted out his “braining”.  Akin would then ground out to Dino Vasile to end the 6th.  Vasile had a huge impact off the bench with a run scored and three stops in his three innings of play.  Leading off the bottom of the 6th was Joe McCormcik who at this time was 1-3 with a grounder to Akin, a run and a strike out.  As the defense set themselves, Coach Weissman leaned into McCormick and asked him if he thought he had made the play on Burton in the 6th, which Joe said “yes”.  Weissman then said, “the Beepball gods will even this out on the first pitch”.  Weissman’s prediction came true as McCormick hit the first pitch into left field and sprinted to 3rd to walk off on Wichita 5-4.  When this game was over, Weissman was caught saying they had the toughest bracket in the tournament as Wichita was a 19 seed and would eventually finish as the 13 seed…while Minnesota would move up to the 7 seed.

Time to Get Rest as the Extreme downs Boston 18-6

Joe Yee plated 3 runs and Thanh Huynh made the first 2 stops of his careerBoth teams entered this match 2-0 on the day and both teams decided it would be smart to get rest for some of their players.  For Boston, Guy Zuccarello and Rob Dias would find themselves on the bench for the whole game as Joe Yee would get his first start in the batting order and Thanh Hunyh would get his first start at right shorty for the Renegades.  Only two players in the Extreme line-up would be on the field when they would eventually get to the championship game on Saturday as they started four bench players agains Boston.  The Extreme would plate 5 runs in the 1st inning and never look back.  Demielle Wright would eventually score four runs against Boston and Steve Michaels would be a perfect 4-4 as well. Clint Woodard would earn MVP honors in this game as he scored three times and made six stops on defense.  For Boston, The story would be Joe Yee who would get his first ever three run game and earn the confidence of the coach to get more playing time for the rest of the week as he made contact on 5 of the 6 pitches he saw in his four trips to the plate.  Defensively, the other question Boston had was how Thanh Huynh would react to game experience at the right shorty spot.  He got off to a rocky start missing the first three chances he had as he was caught backing up on balls when he should have been running forward.  He would eventually get some mojo going as he would make back-to-back stops against Clint Woodard and Brian Christian to end the 3rd inning.  The other positives  for Boston was the play of Aqil Sajjad who made a start at the mid field position and would make stops on three of the four balls hit his way.  Dino Vasile also had continued success and would kick in three more stops to give him a team leading eight stops in the three games on the day (tied with Guy Zuccarello).  When the dust settled, the game went a full six innings as RHI scored four times  in the third, fourth and 5th innings and 8 of their 9 players who batted would score a run.  Day one was in the books and the only injury the Renegades seemed to have to contend with was the gash on Rob’s head and the shell shocked attitudes of Rookies Luis Soto (0-5 with 4 Strike outs) and Thanh Huynh who was seeing live action for the first time.  The team would get rewarded with an 11:00 start time on Wednesday!