Columbus Georgia awaits the 9 seed!

The 2013 World Series will be held in Columbus, Georgia. The Boston Renegades enter the contest as the 9 seed in what is the biggest field of teams we have ever seen in our time in the NBBA. There are twenty teams participating. Of these 20 teams, there are 4 making their first trip and those teams are St. Luois, And three teams from Georgioa -Atlanta, Athens and Columbus.

After looking deep at the rosters there are three types of teams coming to the dance. there are All Star Teams, Home grown teams and teams that have pulled multiple players from other teams to help them (combo teams). Taiwan, Austin, Bayou City promise to be three of the top dogs this year as all star teams. RHI and Chicago have been the top two home grown teams in the past two years. Boston was the third best home grown team in the World Series in 2012. It’s too bad the brackets are not differentiated this way. we will play the games on our schedule and day one gives them two home grown teams (Tyler and Chicago) and one combo team in Atlanta/Cleveland.

Boston enters the dance with a 6-2 record and has potentially one of its toughest roads ahead as they could be between 8-10 games in 4 days. It all starts on Tuesday as the Gades take on Tyler Texas, Atlanta Eclipse and the Chicago Comets. Here is a breakdown of those teams

Tyler Texas: The Renegades have deep history with Tyler as in 2002 they got their first win against this team. In 2003, Tyler got revenge and beat the Renegades in a tight contest in Coach Weissman’s first season. The two teams have not faced each other much since and Boston has won 4 straight and holds a 5-1 life time record last playing in 2010. This year’s Tyler team has many new faces on it but is anchored by Larry Reed

Atlanta Eclipse: they are making their first trip to the series as a team. Many of their players and coaches have been seen at the past two World Series playing for other teams and learning the ropes. This year, the training wheels are off. They have teamed up with the Cleveland Scrappers to form a squad. Cleveland lacked funds for the team to go but 4 Scrappers round out this squad to give them depth including Stanley Griffin who made the defensive all star team last year. Christian Keeley, their big left handed lead off hitter…and the Ageless Wilbert Turner. This may be a new team, but if they play the Scrappers with their own pitcher, Kevin Barrett….they will cause some headaches

Chicago Comets: The Comets last played Boston in Chicago this year. They split up their team in half to give the tournament 8 teams. Boston was the only team to play each half of their roster. The Comets beat them twice by scores of 7-4 and 10-6. The comets have depth for sure and 11 of their 12 starters scored in those contests. The Renegades could not score a run from the bottom half of their line up and had too many mental lapses in the field. Boston has never beaten the Chicago Comets A team bringing an 0-8 life time record into this match. The last time the two teams faced off in the World series was 2012 with Chicago winning 31-21 and that is not a typo. It was a 4 hour contest in which neither team could play defense in 100 degree weather. It was the highest scoring game of the 2012 World Series. Could 2013 be the year to change this? We could see them twice this week if the cards fall correctly.

Our life time records against all of the opponents based on the seed in this years tournament

  1. Taiwan Home Run 0-1 (All Star team)
  2. Austin Blackhawks 2-3 (All Star team)
  3. Bayou City Heat 0-3 (All star team)
  4. Chicago Comets 0-8 (Home grown team)
  5. Colorado Storm 2-7 (Combination team)
  6. RHI Extreme 0-1 (Home grown team)
  7. Indy Thunder 3-9 (Home Grown Team)
  8. Southwest Slammers 0-0 (Combination team)
  9. Boston Renegades
  10. Minnesota Millers 2-0 (Homegrown Team)
  11. Long Island Bombers 11-11 (Homegrown team)
  12. New Jersey Lightning 6-2 (Homegrown Team)
  13. Wichita Sonics 3-0 (Homegrown team)
  14. Tyler Tigers 5-1 (Homegrown team)
  15. Iowa Reapers 0-0 (Combination team)
  16. Carolina Warriors 3-1 (Combination team)
  17. Atlanta Eclipse 0-0 (Combination team)
  18. Columbus Midnight Stars 0-0 (Homegrown team)
  19. St. Louis Firing Squad 1-0 (Homegrown Team)
  20. Athens Timberwolves 0-0 (Homegrown team)



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Renegades work with Kids and teach them the game

On July 20th, the Boston Renegades took a crew into Newton to work at the NAPVI conference (The National Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments).  The weather was hot and the event was held indoors.  After all, this is an adaptive sport.  Rob Weissman, Bryan Grillo, Ron Cochran, Kara Peters, Calista Weissman were joined by Aqil Sajjad, Damon Graff, Tim Syphers, Joe McCormick, Guy Zuccarello and his son, Henry.  We spent about 2 hours with the kids showing them the ball, the base and showing them to hit.  We worked with kids as young as 5 years old and as old as 15.  Some of the kids were from Texas, New York and many from the Boston area.  The kid favorite was when we took the speaker out of the ball and Ron threw batting practice to the kids.  Who says you can’t play ball indoors?  We have hopes as these kids get older they will consider playing beep baseball for a team near them!  See our photo album of the event on our facebook page

Guy and Bryan teach future defensive players Joe McCormick and Calista work on the bases with the kidsIMG_1778

Sullivan & Worcester takes on the Renegades

Many Thanks to Nate Riccardi for his recap of the event:

Here is a short video showing some of the S&W team warming up and learning the game


Beep Baseball Game: Boston Renegades 3 – Sullivan & Worcester 3 (Disclaimer: The Boston Renegades afforded Team S&W between six and eight outs per inning compared to their three, and allowed us to hit without the blindfold after our third strike.  We are under no illusions that this is, in any way, a legitimate tie.)

The evening began with a clinic on base running and hitting, led by members of the Boston Renegades.  Sounds simple right?

In the hitting clinic, in a scene reminiscent of The Karate Kid, Boston Renegades senseis Wrong Way Buizon and Tim Syphers showed blindfolded S&Wers how to use timing and faith to hit a beeping ball out of the air.  Despite detailed and enthusiastic mentoring, only a few S&W players managed to make contact with the ball, with most looking like a four-year-old trying to hit a birthday piñata.  With an impending game against seasoned veterans, things were not looking so good for Team S&W.  However, it is worth noting that Caitlin Fahey and Smita Deshmukh seemed to have the hang of things, as both hit rockets down the first base line.  Also, Kevin Colmey’s consistent pitching inspired hope that Team S&W would be able to turn things around.

In the base running clinic, things were not any better.  Boston Renegades players Inky and Evan Silver demonstrated how to run blindfolded toward, and make contact with, beeping “bases,” which stand 100 feet away and resemble football tackling dummies.  Unique to beep ball, a run is scored automatically if the batter reaches the base before the fielder controls the ball.  S&W players experimented with many interesting base-running techniques, including Michaela Duff’s “wandering zig-zag”, the “sprint and stop and sprint again” of Tom Ahmadifar “a long, long way to run”, and crowd-favorite, Smita’s patented “alligator chomp” when attempting to locate the base.  On a positive note, “Slick” Rick Goulding may have broken the rookie base running record with a time under seven seconds.

Then, ready or not (definitely not), it was game time.  Team S&W led off the top of the first inning with some excitement, with Caitlin ripping a ball up the first base line.  Although Caitlin and the Boston Renegade defender were sprinting aggressively and resembled runaway trains on a collision course, disaster was averted as the ball rolled just foul and Boston Renegades coach Rob yelled “STOP!” Caitlin was unable to continue her hot-hitting streak, striking out on the next pitch.  Next, Nate “Probable” Koslof smashed a line drive to center field.  Although he wandered for a while, Nate tackled the base like an NFL defensive end a millisecond before Boston Renegade Evan Silver controlled the ball, scoring Team S&W’s first run!  After a few more strike outs, Valerie “Sassy” Sussman came to the plate. Demonstrating her patient, “wait & punch” batting technique, Valerie hit a screaming ground ball up the first base line. However, apparently desperate for sustenance, Valerie ran into foul territory, directly toward the beer and cheese coolers, and the inning was over.

In the bottom of the first, the Boston Renegades scored two runs on some great hits.  However, the damage was lessened by some spectacular, frog-like fielding by Matt Riviere.  Boston Renegades 2, S&W 1.

In the top of the second, the generous Boston Renegades instituted a new rule, whereby after the third strike, S&W players were allowed to hit without the blindfold but had to put the blindfold back on to run the bases. This introduced a whole new layer of complexity, as no one could remember to reapply their blindfold after making contact.  Laura “It’s” Miller “Time” led off the inning with a great hit, but demonstrated Team S&W’s base running difficulties by running to the wrong base.  Things then took a turn for the worse, when S&W Firm Game MVP Rick Goulding came to the plate. After three blindfolded swings and misses, Rick was allowed a final swing without the blindfold.  Despite Rick’s colossal home run swing, the ball hit the back of the catcher’s mitt for strike four. Boston Renegades’ Evan “Hi Ho” Silver could be heard from right field jeering, “no really, we said that you can take off the blindfold!”

Next, Michaela, blindfold-less, hit a blast to left-center, but right at the fielder, who controlled the ball in only 3.7 seconds.  Summer Associate Tom then hit a shot to the third baseman, who also made a great play for the out.  Rich Jones demonstrated some beautiful and powerful swings, but eventually became a victim of the Boston Renegades stellar defense as well. Finally, Brooke, wife of Summer Associate A.J. “Sergeant” Pepper’s “Lonely Heart Club Band,” may have distracted pitcher Kevin Colmey with her neon batting attire, and ultimately was not able to make contact with the ball.

In the bottom of the second, some stellar fielding by Rick Goulding held the Boston Renegades to only one run.  On a fly ball, Rick patiently waited for the ball to hit the ground, and then pounced like a puma hunting a meerkat to keep the game within reach.  Boston Renegades 3, S&W 1.

In the third and final inning, Team S&W finally seemed to work out some of the kinks.  A.J. Pepper led off the inning with a hit to short stop, and almost scored a run (despite forgetting to put his blindfold back on). Next, Lou Monti hit a long blast to deep left field, but unfortunately the great fielding of the Boston Renegades’ left fielder, Joe MCcormickTeam photo of Sullivan & Worcester and the Renegades after the scrimmage narrowly beat Lou to the base.  Then, Summer Associate Emma “Ice” Melton had a great hit to the Boston Renegades second baseman Wrong Way, who demonstrated an acrobatic “crawling vacuum cleaner” fielding technique to retire Emma.  Following Emma, Matt Riviere smashed the ball to the outfield and displayed amazing speed to score a run in a photo finish to bring S&W within a run! Finally, Smita stepped to the plate with the game on the line.  Never letting the pressure rattle her, Smita hit a rope to right center field and sprinted out of the gate.  As the defender approached the ball and Smita approached the base, it looked too close to call.  Then Smita flew through the air, sacrificing her body, to tackle the base and tie the score, all while blindfolded!  The crowd went wild!  Finally, as the sun set behind Moxley Field, the game was called and everyone rejoiced for team photos and a delightful dinner at John Brewers in Waltham.

We would like to offer a special thanks to Amy and Guy Zuccarello for making this event happen, and Boston Renegades’ coaches Rob and Jason for all of their hard work and instruction.  Also, thanks to Kevin Colmey for pitching a great game and to Dick Hiersteiner for his enthusiastic support from the sidelines.

This was an amazing experience and an event that we all hope becomes a staple of the S&W summer.  Thank you to everyone who came out!

Sullivan & Worcester LLP game rescheduled for Monday, July 15

We have rescheduled our game that was cancelled on June 3 against Sullivan & Worcester LLP

Logo for Sullivan & Worcester LLP


On Monday July 15th the Boston Renegades will be hosting a clinic and charity game with the summer softball squad from Sullivan & Worcester LLP.  Sullivan & Worcester is a prominent Boston-based full service law firm with offices in Boston, New York and Washington, D.C.  As an exercise in team-building, S&W’s summer associate class together with some veteran lawyers and staff members will face off against the Renegades.

Our clinic and game will begin at 6pm at the Moxley field located at 31 Westminster Ave in Watertown, MA

Directions to Moxley field are here:

When you enter the campus by vehicle, there is a parking area on your right in front of the field.

To learn more about this Law firm, their web site is here

Renegades Scrimmage…Come see us play!

On Sunday, July 14th The Boston Renegades are going to play a split squad scrimmage game to help tune up for the World Series.  We would like to invite all of our friends, family and fans to come see us play.  The Renegades have one of the biggest programs in the country and we will be able to field 2 teams of players, coaches and umpires.  It promises to be a fun afternoon where every Renegade will play.  The game will start at 10:00 and end around 12:00.  We will be playing in Watertown, where we practice at Fillipello field located on Arlington street.  Come on down and see us

  • We have four new players playing this season in Damon Graff, Tim Syphers, Pam Love and Lindsay Yazzolino
  • We have many players who you saw in our documentary playing including: Joey Wrong Way Buizon, Joe Quintanilla, Joe O’Neill, Evan Silver

Come on down and be amazed, inspired and laugh a little as we trash talk our way through this game.  You can be sure there will be some competitive fire amongst this family of Renegades.  We may not be playing another team from another city but we will show you that this team has one of the biggest hearts in all of the sport.  They play hard and they play together as One team supporting each other through the good and bad on the field!

We are the Long Island Champions for the 5th time in 8 years!

Boston made the hour treck to play in Long Island for the 8th consecutive year.  After winning 4 times in a row, The Bombers were now the defending champs as Boston lost to them in 2012.  This years format would be different as there would be 5 teams and a time limit imposed to help keep the tournament on pace.  Boston would end up sweeping all 4 games to be crowned the champions in different fashion each game.  A 10 run second inning would lead the Gades to a 15-10 win over the Carolina Warriors in game 1.  an Exciting Walk off hit would lead the squad over New Jersey (4-3).  A come from behind victory over Long Island and a slow start and strong finish over Pennsylvania would cap them Tournament champs.

Team Photo of the 2013 Long Island Classic Champs

Laying down: Joe O’Neill
Left to right kneeling: Lisa Andrews, Melissa Hoyt, Guy Zuccarello, Joey Buizon, Peg Bailey, Aqil Sajjad, Danny Cotter, Lindsay Yazzolino, Joe Quintanilla, Tim Syphers
Standing: Mike Marciello, Joe Bourque, Pam Love, Bryan Grillo, Ron Cochran, Joe McCormick, Rob Thayer, Larry Haile, Damon Graff, Nick Chisholm, Rob Weissman


Joe McCormick and Larry Haile

Larry and Joe MAc scored 4 times each in this game to pace the Renegade offense

Renegades Slay the Carolina Warriors 15-10
Boston knew it would be important to get off to a strong start because it had the utmost respect for the new Warrior pitcher who had won 3 World Series titles with the West Coast Dawgs.  Tim Hibner would be throwing to many of these guys for the first time and the Gades needed a hot start to beat the 90 minute time limit.  The name of this game was offense as both teams struggled In the field which produced bad hops and tough conditions.  Boston would show the value of having its pitcher with the squad as the bats were hot out of the gate.  The story of this game was the 2nd inning which Boston came into down 3-2.  Rob Thayer would start it off with a deep line drive to the left side but would be put out.  Joe McCormick would ground a ball up the middle and leg out a hit.  Larry Haile would leg out a grounder to the left side.  Joey Buizon would then knock the beep out of the ball before scoring on a grounder to the right side.  Guy Zuccarello would hit a bomb up the middle of the field for the 4th run in a row.  Aqil Sajjad would be stopped on a hard grounder up the middle for the second out.  Rob Thayer would step to the plate for the 2nd time and deliver a line drive down the 3rd baseline for his 2nd run of the year on a play that took nearly 10 seconds where he missed the base and still scored.  Joe McCormick then plated the 6th run on a fly ball up the middle.  Haile plated his 2nd run of the inning with a high fly ball to the left side.  Buizon got his 2nd run of the inning and 8th Renegade run of the inning after getting a late base call and then scoring on a grounder to the right side.  Guy plated his 2nd run of the frame on another bomb up the middle.  Aqil then joined the parade with a line drive up the middle of his own.  Rob Thayer would then pop out to end the inning in his third at bat of the inning.  This would be the 2nd most  runs scored in an inning in team history.  Joe McCormick and Larry Haile would each score 4 times in this contest that would be stopped after 4 innings due to time.

Picture of Aqil Sajjad

A picture of Aqil Sajjad 15 minutes after his first ever walk off hit. His adrenaline was still running!



Boston walks off on Jersey 4-3
Coach Weissman huddled the team and warned them to not over swing after the success the team had against Carolina.  That message was not received as Joe McCormick and Joey Buizon struck out In the 1st inning on bad swings. After 3 innings, the score was tied at 2.  New Jersey had a new pitcher in Toni Gunn and she was firing as she had 7 strike outs through the first three innings and Sherlock Washington had plated their only two runs.  Doug Winthrop would then hit a weak pop fly that Zucarello could not come up with to give Jersey a 3-2 lead.  Joe McCormick would blast a line drive Into the next field to knot the score in the 4th.  Each team would send their 4-5-6 hitters up in what would potentially be the last inning as the tournament rules were 5 innings or 90 minutes.  Because of the poor hitting there would be time for a 6th inning if needed.  Toni Gunn struck out the side in the top half of the frame.  Zuccarello would lead off the ining with his 3rd weak grounder to Paul Daye.  Up stepped Aqil Sajjad who Boston knew would put the ball into play. On the second pitch of the at bat, he roped a ball down the 1st base line and raced toward first base. He was safe and the team exploded!  Aqil would say after the game that he was still on an adrenaline rush from the experience.  This was the 2nd consecutive walk off game the two teams had New Jersey did it to Boston in the 2012 World Series.






Joe McCormick and Pam Love starred in this game

Pam Love lit a fire under the Renegades as she led the team with 3 stops in the filed. Joe McCormick paced the offense with three runs



Long Island gets banged up and runs out of time losing 8-6

After losing 7 straight games against Long Island the Renegades would even their life time record at 11-11 winning 7 of the last 11 contests since the documentary was filmed in 2005.  The Bombers limped into this game as their all-star defensive player, Matt Puvogel was injured.  The lunch coma was a concern for the renegades….as was the poor hitting performance against New Jersey and the defensive struggles the team had in both previous games.  The story of this game would be a decision by coach Weissman and Ron Cochran to try and get Joe Quintanilla going at the plate.  With hitting coach, Mike Marciello on this trip, the plan was to have them work in between innings as Q was slotted as the DH.  This decision opened up a spot for Pam Love to play first base.  Both decisions would pay off.  Pam Love lit a fire under the team as she made a huge defensive stop on a ball hit by Jim Hughes deep down the first base line.  she angled back and made a diving stop to put Long Island down 1-2-3 in the 1st inning.  In the top of the second she did it again to the Bombers fastest player, Jose Dejesus on a pop up between her and Joey Buizon.  Down 4-1 going Into the 2nd inning, the bats caught fire led by game 2 walk off hero Aqil Sajjad who scored a pair of runs in a 5 run inning.   Joe Quintanilla would also score his first run of the 2013 season on a bomb down the 3rd base line.  Pam Love would make another great stop on a ball In the 3rd inning.  The game would be called after just 3.5 innings due to time with Boston holding an 8-6 come from behind victory.  Pam Love was the star of the game as she made 3 stops in all 3 chances she had while the rest of the team managed 4.  In this game, she became the all-time leader In Defensive stops for a female Renegade.



Joey Buizon, Melissa Hoyt and Nick Chisholmwalk off the field

Joey Buizon, Melissa Hoyt and Nick Chisholm walk off the field victorious as Buizon waves his shirt in the air!

Renegades sweep beating Wolfpack 11-3
Boston has beaten Pennsylvania more times than any other team in the league as the two teams have faced off 20 times with Boston winning the last 10 contests.  The story here was both teams entered the game undefeated as Boston was 3-0 and Pennsylvania 2-0. Danny Cotter got the nod to start the game as the Renegade pitcher.  He has thrown more BP than anyone in team history and was looking forward to the start.  The problem was the hitters were unsure of the cadence and struggled to adjust without any time for a quick BP session.  Heading Into the 2nd inning, Boston found themselves in a 3-1 hole.  The first 5 hitters in the line up had struck out 4 times. The high pitch count, time limit, the deficit, the fact the Wolfpack bats were improved called for a change back to Ron Cochran and the bats got going again as they scored three times to take a 4-3 lead and never looked back.  The good news in this game was that Guy Zuccarello would find his defensive groove again after struggling all day.  The reigning MVP on defense had just 2 stops entering the game but would walk away with 6 in this contest.  The surge of runs also allowed many other Renegades to get Into the game as all 12 active players played. The victory would give Boston it’s 5th Long Island Classic Championship

Wrong Way gets it RIGHT

Eleven years of beep baseball and Joey “Wrong Way” Buizon finally gets it right.  Coming into the 2013 season, Buizon was the all-time career leader in strike outs, foul balls and impressive bombs at the plate.  He had struck out 128 times in his career which was one of the highest rates on the team at 43.2%.  Despite this, his lifetime average was .355.  The team had joked over the past few years that he was more valuable to the team on defense than offense and he even was a Designate fielder at times in 2009.  With Reigning MVP, Guy Zuccarello unavailable for Bolingbrook, Buizon was given a chance to play up front in the team defense for the first time.  His practice focus was on defense.  He had also worked hard at improving his running technique which was aided by a competition to lose weight.  Going to Chicago, Buzion would get slotted into the 3 hole in the line-up.  What would happen was something nobody could have predicted.

Defensively, his hard work paid off as he compiled 13 stops in the 4 games the Renegades played leading the squad against St. Luis with 4 stops and Chicago red team on Sunday with 5 stops.

Buizon caught fire at the plate.  He led the Renegades on offense against Wichita scoring two of the three runs the team had in the game.  He then had a 4 run performance against St. Luis which was just the 4th time he had achieved this feat in his career.  He plated just one run against Chicago on Saturday but followed it up with three runs against Chicago’s other team on Sunday.  When the dust settled he had scored 10 runs in 15 trips to the plate for a .667 Batting Average.  His 10 runs scored were the most runs scored of any player in the tournament and his average was the 2nd highest of any player with at least 10 at bats.

But what did Buizon get right?  He did not strike out the entire tournament.  For a player who has struggled to let the Strike outs eat him up, he and his battery of Ron Cochran and Rob Weissman made the needed adjustments to keep him a hitting machine throughout the day.  His slimmed down body and work on base running also paid off as he scored plenty of runs by beating out ground balls.

This is the 2nd time Buizon has won an award at a tournament as he was named the all offensive star of the Philly Hall of Fame Classic in 2008.  He also became the third ever Renegade to make the all-offensiuve team in Chicago.  That list is below:

2007 Luis Marquez placed 2nd with a .600 average (12-20)

2010 Shayne Cantan placed 4th with a .625 average (10-16)

2013 Joey Buizon placed 2nd with a .667 average (10-15)


the All Offensive team poses with their medals

4 of the 5 top offensive players pose with their awards. from left to right: Jerry Windell and Demeile Wright of the RHI Extreme, Buizon and Richie Schultz of Chicago. Warren Richardson wad the Tournament leader but was injured and was not available for the picture

Picture of Wrong way, Rob Weissman and Ron Cochran with Wrong way wearing his medal

Coach Weissman and pitcher Ron Cochran had a hand in helping Buizon to his .667 average as his catcher and pitcher

Buizon hits a base to score a run.  Picture taken by John Lykowski jr

Buizon hits a base to score a run. Picture taken by John Lykowski jr





PHD, Aqil Sajjad Featured in article with Learning Ally

While many people in the United States laugh at a television hit called the Big Bang Theory, The Renegades have a team mate that may fit into that show.  Aqil Sajjad is a blind athlete for the Renegades who up until a few days ago had never heard of this TV show.  Aqil is a Theoretical Physics student at Harvard with his PHD.  You think hitting a baseball without sight is tough…how about working some of those equations?  We have a smart team, but Aqil takes it to another level.  The only big bang we really care about though is the Bang off his bat!  Read the article on our media page or on the Learning Ally web site


The Renegades have a theoretical Physicist that could be on the big bang theory.  Of course his "big bang" was the walk off hit he had against New Jersey last weekend!  How can he do physics without his sight?  He is WICKED SMAHT!

Renegades appear in Local Baseball Magazine

The Local Baseball community is starting to hear more and more about the Renegades.  We have Brett Rudy to thank for that.  He came out in June of this year to take part in a charity game against Sullivan & Worcester Law firm.  Bunker Hill Community College cancelled the game on us…but we found a way to meet with Brett to help him with the story on our team.  He wrote an article that appeared in both the New England Baseball Journal and  You can see this story and more on our media page.  Or you can go right to to view it

While there, Brett shot a few videos that may interest you

Joey Buizon

 Joe McCormick

Aqil Sajjad


Tim Syphers


Rob Weissman


Joe McCormick and Aqil Sajjad take Batting Practice


Brett Rudy, our reporter straps on the blind fold and takes some hacks