The Renegades at Fenway for Disability Awareness day!

picture of credentials given to the Renegades at Disability Awareness dayOn a cold, windy and rainy April 23 night at Fenway.  The Red Sox hosted Disability Awareness day.  The Renegades were invited to partake in the ceremony for the 2nd time in team history.  Second year player, Joe McCormick and 9 year veteran coach, Justin Manjourides represented the team on the field before the game.

During the game, Rob Weissman, Tim Syphers, Shayne Cantan, Justin and Joe all spoke to people about beep baseball in the concourse with the purpose to educate fans about the team and the game.

We have hopes that we can continue a relationship with the Red Sox in the future in some capacity so we can reach the baseball community about our exciting sport

For pictures of the event, you can see our album on our Renegades Facebook page.  The picture to the left is a shot of Coach Rob’s credentials that got us into the stadium early to work the concourse.

Rookie, Tim Syphers was quoted after the event as saying this was an amazing event that he had fun at.  As someone who had recently lost his sight, he is very excited to be able to be a part of beep baseball and the Boston Renegades.  He never thought he would be able to play sports again.  That is a HUGE part of what the Renegades are all about…Opportunity!


Renegades In the Boston Globe!

Joe Quintanilla takes a cut off the hit stick indoors in Brighton

On April 21, the Renegades appeared in the Boston Globe North Section.  The focus of the article is on the Feature film of the Boston Renegades created by Best Ever Dog Films.  Its been years since we appeared in this paper and we are excited about the press.  Joe Quintanilla is the main subject of this story.  We call him “Q” and you can read a little about what the game and sport means to him as a visually impaired athlete.   Please read the article here